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 Beast: Origins

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PostSubject: Beast: Origins   Fri May 16, 2014 3:38 am

Subject#: 634681-6E
Former Name: Adam, Frederick
Codename: Beast
Age: 25
D.O.B: Unknown
Height: 6'2”
Weight: 240 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

Origins Log 1:

Frederick Adam, or more commonly referred to as, Subject-666, is a test subject that was captured from his hometown of -UNKOWN- and brought to Krys Research Base Delta. We have started to prepare him for project INTER-Dimension, through mental, physical, and emotional torture. The subject seems to respond with no sense of lack for better words, care. When we found him, he was picking fights with random groups of people, decimating their numbers and beating a good amount of them within inches of their lives. We for sure thought that this was a subject who was damaged mentally to create a firm foundation for preparation. We were wrong. Tomorrow, Dr. Curia Bella will have a therapy session with the young man to see what makes him tick.

Curia Bella's Origins Log 2: -Frederick's Psyche-

This is Dr. Curia Bella. I'm reporting on a recent evaluation I've conducted on Subject-666, that he's completely... Stable. Our preparation tests haven't been working due to the subject's ability to create a sort of husk within his mind. This husk he creates shuts away any and all mental emotional contact, rendering him into a lethargic and vegetated state. Physical torture yields no results, due to the lack of a real response from the patient. However, an interesting note that patient did decide to share with me, is that he gained a nickname among the patients. Thanks to his violent outbursts, size and strength, he is known as, “Beast.” Calling him this instead of his birth name seems to yield more responses from him. I will continue to evaluate with this information.

Curia Bella's Origins Log 3:

He's different from other patients. Subject-666, otherwise known as, Beast, is much more powerful and intelligent than we have realized. Thanks to the clearance I've been given from the higher-ups, Beast has indeed been able to analyze other test subjects and equipment used for mentioned tests. He claims that he has had no prior experience of this knowledge and has shown genuine astonishment over his own genius. I'm submitting this to the higher-ups and want him on the development team.

Curia Bella's Origins Log 4:

Beast has joined the development team after months of arguing. They see his genius, but are worried about his violent outbursts due to him sympathizing for a majority of patients he and I end up seeing on a daily basis. However, thanks my close relationship with him, I am able to soothe his savage side, letting him know that these are all tests to improve the lives of many. Being a former patient himself, I can't possibly imagine what its like for him to start testing on people with similar situations such as his own.

Curia Bella's Personal Log 200:
I've grown attached to him. This log is secured so that only I can access it. The truth of the matter... Is that I love Frederick. He and I work so closely and are able to talk about a myriad of topics, that it's starting to blossom more than it should have. His outbursts have been taken down to a minimum and the higher-ups are taking note of this. They want to put him back into testing, but this time, they want to try the Duvhenimere Project on the man. I cannot let that happen... I know my own personal feelings are getting in the way of this, but for the sake of the three of us, I won't let that man die in the process of that procedure.

Incident Report 30:

List of Casualties:

Dr. Everret Asin
Dr. Hope Kines
Dr. Joseph Newman
Dr. Kevin Price
Dr. Antonio Velazquez
500+ Staff and research members

List of M.I.A:

Dr. Curia Bella
1,000+ Other members

Cause of Incident:

Subject-666 underwent successful procedure in the Duvhenimere Project, but due to interference played in part by Dr. Curia Bella, the subject attempted to escape. Salvaged recordings showed the two trying to escape, with the subject wrecking havoc and trying to contain their warping abilities. Subject-666 now known as, “Beast,” has become a target of interest. They were nearly stopped, with Dr. Bella being shot by a commando under our company. However, this caused a violent reaction within the Beast, and it created a large dimensional warp. This was on par with an EMP field during initiation, destroying equipment, killing many others, but both the bodies of the subject and Dr. Bella have yet to be found.

Summary of Events: Beast's Summary

I awoke after what seemed like... Hours, days, weeks even? I wasn't too sure, but upon awakening, my SAT-Link was still on my wrist and functioning properly. I downloaded several files from the ones available and found I had barely a clue of what was going on. Right after, a rush of information of swelled through my mind and I blacked out once more, but probably for several minutes this time. Even with all of the images and information, there was... Locked “files” as I called them. I can only recall several things, my name, age, and a few other things. The best I can do now is just wander this new place, this unknown world. I have nothing to my name and all I can do is just travel forward feeling the... Beast within me begin to surface.
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PostSubject: Re: Beast: Origins   Sat May 17, 2014 12:20 am

I like this guy. Complete a weapon and talent list and wait for approval.
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Beast: Origins
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