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 Beastly Abilities

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PostSubject: Beastly Abilities   Sat May 17, 2014 8:36 pm

Pre-Duvhenimere Operation:

The Beast had the necessary body and build that earned him the name, Beast. He is naturally strong, on par with a superhuman subject. He can lift several thousand pounds with ease, his running speed can accelerate to a maximum of 15 mph, his senses have heightened to near superhuman. Beast had picked up and mastered several martial arts, along with gaining information on bio-engineering and picking up on certain scientific equipment and terms. Where all of this came from is unknown, other than the fact he is naturally a genius and a natural born fighter.

Beast has the ability to empty his mind, body, and soul. The man can prevent any sort of mental, physical, or emotional harm by simply "shutting" the areas off. This simulates a sort death-like situation upon his body. When Beast does this, he his still conscious and aware, able to hear and get a sense that someone or something is there. However, his emotions, brain signals, and nerves are all reduced to near none-functioning statuses. This is used to play dead in a literal sense or for infiltration operations into otherwise heavily guarded areas.

Post-Duvhenimere Operation:

After the catastrophic incident, Beast truly became his namesake once he made his escape from the facility. Below are a list of his current abilities:

Sensor: Beast's senses were heightened beyond superhuman, gaining him the Duvhenimere, the Alpha Hunter of his world, senses. He can sense nearly all types of energy from literal miles away, gaining him a sixth sense towards ninja, magicians, ghosts, "gods," etc.

Heightened: Staying true to becoming the new alpha hunter/human hybrid, Beast has grown stronger in terms of strength, agility, speed, adaptability, defenses, etc.

With his strength, Beast can lift up to 5 tons with both hands and slightly feel the encumbrance over his body. He can easily stop heavy, fast moving objects, with just a hand and throw it back with twice the acceleration and force. This strength can also start putting dents into defense heavy opponents, with his constant and relentless assaults upon their defenses.

Beast's agility enables him to have quickened reflexes. Coupled with his Sensor's granting of a sixth sense, Beast can easily avoid bullets, thrown objects, or projectiles that would have otherwise caught him off-guard. This heightening of agility also enables him to expend a bit of chakra to leave behind an afterimage of where he dodged, to create the illusion that he had stood there all the while, and further distract the opponent.

Beast's speed now easily allows him to accelerate up to 40 mph within a few seconds. Not only is his running speed superb, but his movements speed can be hard to track on equal leveled foes who mistake his size as a vulnerability. With the expenditure of chakra, Beast can cause his body to go into overdrive and he can begin to punch/kick as fast as he can run (40 mph).

Beast's adaptability makes it harder for poisons to take effect or affect him at all. During a battle in which the Beast was supposed to be poisoned, he can use his chakra to help his body's metabolism, red and white blood cells to match up with said poison, and diffuse the pathogen within his body. If he cannot get rid of it through that mean, he can still render it less effective by doing the same, but slowing its progression throughout his body by a great deal (the progression is still slow even if he moves).

Beast's defense includes his skin becoming stone hard in a literal sense. There needs to be repeated blows or one strong shot to damage the Beast's sturdy skin. Beast's bone structure and his organs are similar in terms of strength. His bones are even denser than before, causing hits towards his ribs to even hurt the opponent. His organs can withstand several strikes that would otherwise prove fatal or lower his advantage towards the opponent. Genjutsu can be rendered useless against him should he sense that he's caught in one, and empty his mind. This will disillusion the genjutsu and cause him to snap back into the real world. After that, with more chakra usage, he can start creating a wall against the leveled genjutsu and have it be ineffective for the remainder of battle.

Beast's body is also resilient towards temperatures. He can withstand being in heats higher than 1000 degrees before literally feeling the burn. His skin is resistant enough to shake off the heat as well or he can use the chakra in his body to help keep his own temperature within tolerable means of survival. Likewise, his body temperature in sheer amounts of cold can be increased so that he can burn through ice that he's been frozen in (note, he can do all of this without having to be in sweltering heat or frozen. He uses more chakra the more he is within these environmental hazards).

Interdimensional Teleportation: A Duvhenimere, the alpha predator of Beast's world, is a creature who hunts in the night using its olive black skin, its golden eyes that can see in virtually any weather or light, and its deadly use of interdimensional teleportation. Beast has accessibility to this, and can generate a small teleporting field around him (up to 15 in diameter), quickly convert it into a small ball of light. The ball of light disappears soon after and there is no sign of the Beast (no chakra signature, heat signature, nothing), as he is currently traveling between dimensional planes. His readings will then flare up when he reappears. This requires a large amount of chakra to use and he can only use it three times per battle, with a maximum amount of distance being 10 feet anywhere, and with the fact he can only stay within another plane for a second (one post).

Beastly Intimidation: Should an opponent lock eyes with Beast, he will attempt to create a genjutsu by changing his black eyes, to gold. An opponent who doesn't catch on, will become immobile with fear. A shock greater than the intimidating presence of Beast can cause the opponent to break out of it. Those who quickly catch on will be able dispel it before it is too late.

Curse of the Beast: When Beast gets close to an opponent, he can grab them and forcefully stab his claws into their body. The black of his claws then becomes a poison that infiltrates the opponent's body. This poison will immobilize them immediately and inflict them with a status that prevents any sort of casting, chakra/energy usage, etc. for three posts. This renders the opponent to only using their physical might against the Beast (note, after Beast inflicts them with the poison, they will regain their mobility and he will back off for them to start noticing the effects).

Duvhenimere Overdrive: When Beast is pushed to his absolute limits, he will completely go berserk and become a Duvhenimere, both in appearance, cunning, and in mercilessness. Beast undergoes this transformation by pushing himself beyond what he can do. This causes his blood, his Duvhenimere blood, and his will to either win or survive, to change his body, strength, and mentality completely. When this happens, he becomes a Duvhenimere and becomes vastly stronger to the point of where he can shatter the strongest of defenses in just mere seconds. His body also becomes resilient to the point of where he is in constant super armor that can't be broken. When entering this mode, all of his chakra, health, etc. will be replenished completely for the duration of the move (this form lasts for 5 posts). Once this form is over, he will lose all of his chakra and become immobile for a day. His powers will also be locked up tightly for another day, causing him to use strictly his physical prowess (he will revert to Pre-Op Beast for two days, basically).
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Sevyn Tyn
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Gran Maestro :::: The Lightning Shadow

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PostSubject: Re: Beastly Abilities   Sat May 17, 2014 10:22 pm

Rad, Any admin wanna try and have a go at this list before I do?
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PostSubject: Re: Beastly Abilities   Sat Jun 07, 2014 5:34 pm

All in all, I really like the concept of this character. But I'm struggling to see how anyone but a kage would be able to hold their own against this tank of a character. Beast is a perfect combination of strength and whit. I have a few questions though. I don't want to be too hasty to approve this character.

To what extent of mental capacity does the beast have? (Why is it so easy to block out Gennjutsu for the beast?)

If beast is man-sized, how is he able to be able to carry up to 5 tons without even sweating?

Is the stone hard skin an adaptation of some sorts?


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Sevyn Tyn
Gran Maestro :::: The Lightning Shadow
Gran Maestro :::: The Lightning Shadow

Posts : 47
Age : 26
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PostSubject: Re: Beastly Abilities   Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Beastly Abilities   

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Beastly Abilities
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