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 Dusk of the Reprogramming Brothers

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PostSubject: Dusk of the Reprogramming Brothers   Thu Jun 12, 2014 2:09 am

Arc Limit: Reprogram
Description: Etrius and Etrian have the ability to Reprogram the world itself. Everything from physics, the laws of theories and everything else in-between. Currently, this is limited to a 10-meter radius to each brother (with together becoming 20-meters). These effects are currently temporary... For now.

Untyped Magic:


Pause Button- Etrian and Etrius use the Pause Button on their World Controllers, to pause space and time within their Reprogram radius. Currently, it only lasts 5 seconds and when one of the brother's pauses, the one who paused becomes frozen within their time freeze along with the enemies, while the other is able to move freely.

Turbo Button: Etrian and Etrius use the Turbo Button on their World Controllers, to speed up each other respectively, within their Reprogram radius. The move serves to heighten the character's “playing” speed (this enables them to input commands on their controllers faster) and lasts 3 seconds.

Back Button: Etrian and Etrius can use the Back/Select button on their controllers, to teleport one another from a hair situation. This can only be done within their Reprogram radius and can only be used twice per brother.

Delete Button: Within the Reprogram radius, they can delete any move they previously made. Any attack deleted, gives the brothers back the chakra used to create it.


Habrouken!: The brothers can input a quarter-circle and a punch button, to create a semi-large untyped projectile towards the opponent. It flies at a moderate speed and can knock back an opponent, along with dealing a good deal of damage.

Broyuken!: The brothers input a forward-quarter-circle and a punch button, to perform a high flying, multi-hitting, uppercut. This uppercut will automatically knockdown all airborne enemies and prevent them from taking flight for few seconds.

Brotsumaki-Senpukyaku!: The brothers input a quarter-circle-backward, to perform a spinning air-kick that can hit an opponent at a maximum of three hits. This attack can be used to somehow deflect/avoid most projectiles thrown/shot at them. When used in the air, the brothers can have the move propel them across a good ways.

Etrian Only:

Etrian's Love Stance!: A provocative stance initiated by inputting forward-drive button. Etrian's immediate area becomes flooded with civilian women from all over the continent pining to lose their virginity to him. The longer the women stay near Etrian, the more his sexual tension meter builds up. As long as at least one woman stays before Etrian, he can continue the rest of his inputs. As Etrian grows in strength, the women will also grow in strength, reaching even Kage leveled females pining for his attention, and increasing the amount sexual tension he intakes.

Vanishing Love: By pressing a punch button and if there is at least one woman still around Etrian as he performs his love stance, Etrian will seem to vanish and appear anywhere else within his manipulation radius. The women will immediately track him down and trample any and everything in their way to get to him. While rushing towards Etrian, the females are physically unstoppable. Uses 1 bar of sexual tension.

Love Hurts: By pressing a kick button and if there is at least one woman still around Etrian as he performs his love stance, Etrian will fake being struck by the opponent. The remaining woman will then unleash their righteous feminine fury on the foe. Consumes 1 bar of sexual tension per post of women attacking.

Confutatis Maledictis: Etrian will cause a barrier of untyped magic to expand over his body. The barrier will reflect an opponent and their attacks, physical, spiritual, or otherwise, and pin them to another barrier of untyped magic. Etrian will then unleash his built up sexual tension on the foe for massive damage. Uses all of Etrian's gathered sexual tension. The more tension gathered, the stronger the attack.

Sexual Tension Overload: By inputting quarter-circle back two times and any punch button, Etrian will unleash all of his sexual tension as an aura around his body. All females attracted by Etrian's love stance become invincible, however, they also become so horny they are unable to move. Etrian becomes able to perform his love attacks endlessly for as long as the aura remains. Etrian can also perform Confutatis Maledictis as if it is fully charged. Etrian must be at max sexual tension to perform this technique, as well, it only last for three post.

Ultimate Attacks:

Brogokusatsu!: By inputting low-punch, low-punch, forward, low-kick, high-punch, the brothers will enter a rare killing intent stance. When in this stance, they will glide across the ground at high speeds and attempt to grab the opponent. When they do, it is too late, you cannot escape. You will then experience one thousand trolls in sixteen hits, and those sixteen hits in one second, and take an extreme amount of damage. This attack is almost always, fatal. This attack takes up all chakra.

Black Heart Onslaught: By inputting quarter circle forward twice and all heavy, while in Sexual Tension Overload, Etrian will make a scythe of sexual tension before breaking all of the women's hearts in the area. Each slash will replenish Etrian's health and leave his sexual tension meter at full. Then he will unleash all of the pent up sexual tension and broken heart energy onto the foe. They will be engulfed in the tears of the heart broken maidens, sucking away all of the foes sexual energy, before being struck with Etrian's full power. The foe will undeniably be completely obliterated, with nothing left. There is no escaping after getting caught and this move is just as fatal as the fabled Brogokusatsu! This moves takes up all chakra.
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Shadow Uchiha
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True Uchiha :: Tsuchikage

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PostSubject: Re: Dusk of the Reprogramming Brothers   Thu Jun 12, 2014 4:01 am

Um.. what?

I don't get this one.. What's a World Controller? What's up with Sexual Tension? And reality alteration sounds a little OP for a genin.. anyone else want to say something?


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Jaden Yamada
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Veterano :: DM Veteran

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PostSubject: Re: Dusk of the Reprogramming Brothers   Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:33 pm

I think its fine.
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PostSubject: Re: Dusk of the Reprogramming Brothers   

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Dusk of the Reprogramming Brothers
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