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 Chusin's Bio

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PostSubject: Chusin's Bio   Chusin's Bio EmptyTue Aug 26, 2014 5:14 am

Name: Chusin 

Birth-name: Chusin Xu'chilbara

Origin: Not important 

Race: Di-Zu-Chi, Witchling and whatever else she wishes to be.

Other last names before: Chusay, etc.

Titles: Gravitational index, and a bitch.

Age: Changes to much to matter, so any age will do.

Height: 5'8 

Weight: 120lb

Eye color: Whatever comes to mind, since her eyes are never the same color twice.

Hair color: Also changes to much, so whatever it is at the time.

Sex: Female, Male, Genderless at one point, but as of now she is a "she".

Blood Family: Ni're Xu'chilbara (Father/Location unknown) Chusin Xu'chilbara (Mother/Location unknown) Anju Xu'chilbara (Daughter/Location, somewhere in hell)

Dislikes: Things that don't turn her on and or make her smile, people that are weak, people that won't let her kill them, people that have silver hair, people that are overly annoying, and short people.

Hates: Not getting what she wants, when she wants it.

Former Occupations: Green and Yellow lantern, but the job was passed on to her daughter.

Goals: To fill her need for power and become a Master Witch.

Important things to know: Chusin does what she please and cares not for what people say about it, for the only rules she follows are her owns.

Peraonality: Oh the many personalities Chusin has. Chusin's overall personality is all personalities, because she acts every possible way. She acts smart, stupid, stuck-up, etc. She's every personality in one, so there really isn't any acutal personality for her...

Appearence: Much like it every other thing, Chusin has no one set look, her looks change way to much for her to have just one appearence. She looks however she wishs to look at that point in time, when she changes her mind and wants a new look, she looks different and so on.

Magic useage/Jutsuish useage: Gem magic and Light Jutsu

The background history:

So you wanna know where the mentally ill chick known as Chusin came from huh? Well just let me tell you something, this won't be one of those old ass "My clan died and I'm all that's left, but come to somehow find out that the clan isn't completely dead." Or one of those "My clan's been around since forever and ever, cause that makes perfect sense." Or the "I don't know who or where my clan is." And many other cliched back stories which make little sense.

No, this is a story about a kid who lived in a house on a lake, so sit back and enjoy, tho I don't really care if you do, so meh.

It was a simple yet normal day is the house of Xu'chilbara, nothing new was going on and Chusin's parents were simply doing what they normally do, fight with each other of the smallest of things. This was the "norm" for little Chusin, hearing her parents yell at each other everyday for a good ten minutes or so, but one thing she never got was why fight over something so small? Couldn't things be delt with in a much cooler manner or was fighting always the answer? It must have been.

After listening to the fight for quite awhile, little Chusin made her way into the living room, only to see her father doing what he normally does after a fight; "leave the house." And her mother who always just sat in a chair and smoked a whole pack of blue rocks. Yes, this was the "norm" every fight ended like this every time.

Soon enough a beating would take place and the person who got beat was little Chusin, now who would beat her? Her mother? Her father? Herself? No, no and more no. The person that beat on little Chusin was her stuffed animal Joe. Joe was a small lion who for some reason was able to walk, talk and do things for itself. 

Joe was Chusin's best friend and her only source of saneness in the house, tho she wasn't sure how Joe was talking, but she sure did enjoy him being there with her. However, she didn't enjoy the beating she always got, it was like being hit with a million stuffed toys, it didn't, hurt at first, but then it got kinda painful. Now the only reason why Joe hit Chusin so much was because she would always come back into her room crying because of her parents little fights. 

And Joe was trying to make her tough up and stop crying so much. Now unknown to Chusin was she was the one who brought Joe to life, how? Who knows, but the day must go on.

On to the next day, as soon as she woke up, all she heard was more fighting again.

(This isn't the full version, it's just a quick write. TBC)
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Chusin's Bio
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