A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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PostSubject: A Grievance...   A Grievance... EmptySun Sep 21, 2014 10:04 pm

Shi Ren Kou: City of man
Bhāva: Valor

The air was cold due to the energies of death and despair that the ancient empire of necromancy breathed into the lands. Thousand laid dead and silent where they once stood proud and shouted promises of victories yet to come...

Victories that were lost...

Lost in the coming flood of passionate flames wrought from the hatred of the dead. The legion came with such strength such power that even the mightiest of men fell and had succumbed to their might. The Shiren kou those known as the greatest that man had to offer, beings of valor and strength and whats more...beings of free will! Were crushed at the hands of the great King of death and decay...

Methusael He who Demands death...

A man.. no a God who demanded the deaths of every Shiren Kou warrior, and not because they were men, not because they had grieved him to their own understanding of doing so. No all because he cannot stand to see the light of human determination. He sought to snuff them all out, but only they for now for they were the pinnacle of human vigor. The righteous light that humanity offered when faced with the most perennial of darkness's. Twas the problem with most beings who reigned over man as gods. Such petty reasons often cause the deaths of so many. Fathers, brothers, children turned to dust and from dust to memories.

Was this the inevitable fate of all men? Of the generation and existence of every child who once held on to a father's limb that no longer exist? Tears streaming from their faces as the last light of humanity was being devoured by other and under worldly demons and concoctions of malevolent magic? The gods of the land of Bhāva preferably Nacale the goddess of fate watched as those who once served her city valiantly were slain, even though her treasure was Alan she could see that death as not the fate of man...and so she two would create.But she needed a vessel.

A being who could take on the fury of a god and the passion of a spartan. Thats where her eyes met the soul of the Shinren Kou. A child no older than the tender age of 12. Brought up in the ways of the great Shiren kou, but not just any child, the only son of the Great Shiren kou King Valeray. At the age of only twelve the boy was found in the midst of the carnage. Blade in hand, rusted from the foul spill of paranormal ooze and corrosive energies. He fought it was clear to her that the Soul of the Shi ren Kou lived in this boy.

She had found her vessel A child who would posses the body mind and soul of the lost men of Bhāva yet the vitality and the Strength of a god. The ability to defy death and free Shi ren kou from the grip of Methusael with the vigorous force of his soon to be immortal soul. For after he Murdered the Majority he entrapped them within the city of death choosing to devour this light bit by bit, turning their once proud ambition and values into little more than fodder.

A Champion!

The child stood amongst the carnage, his eyes witnessing first hand the death and decay of his brethren. Methusael knowing of this boys origin sought to crush him as well. The proud Bhāvaian child stood before him, fist clenched and tears streaming as Methusael approached with his fathers head firmly entrapped with the palm of his hand. The towering colossus of a god stood before him breathing in the unnatural and perverse energies that fulled his existence, eye like maned crimson orbs of disgust peering at the child. This supposed savior was nothing more than the myth the Kou had created from feeble hopes and idles dreams. Shi ren kou was his and soon all of Bhāva would be as well.

Passion Burned within the young Kou's heart.

Furry unbound

Rage unprecedented.

Methusael Sought to end this before it could even begin. But as he reached to defile the soul of this young being the boy lashed out, rage and furry blistering forth creating a shield and blade of untold power, a furious aura that glowed and burned with such intense ferocity that it reduced his hand to cinders. A light came an with the coming of this light a voice rang out into the dead palace Methusael had created through the bones and death of the people of Kou and those who he had vanquished long before them...

Death will not befall this one Methusael. He will reject you and your perverse Kingdom, and in due time he will be the wind of vengeance to clean and purge your perverse ways and existence from this realm... Enjoy your reign whilst is last, for it will all be over...with the coming of the next passing gale of freedom...

The light would then fade and the boy was gone, not a single trace of him remained other Methusael's memory of the blistering flare that took his hand.The dead God King would chuckle to himself taking note of the bold being as he turned his back, sucking in the molesting air of death around him rejuvenating his lost limb as the gates of Necorpolis opened. He stepped forth clinging the head of one dead Kou, the deceaed king.

It matters not Nacale, the feeble words you speak. This minuscule child of Kou cannot forestall my ambitions. The darkness has consumed all of Kou and soon Bhāva will join, the gods, not even the first himself has the power to stop me, a mere hume child stands not in my way... Death had come to this realm...

A eerier calm embraces the land,as if everyone and everything froze to bare witness to these next words...

Necropolis is upon you all and war is eminent...

And the doors to the fabled city of decay closed shut...until they next were to open...
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A Grievance...
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