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 The Vulcan God

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PostSubject: The Vulcan God   Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:30 pm

I am Kyoki, and what you probably know about me is little to nothing at all. This is due to the fact that my birth had been concealed for over some 800 or so years. It was in fact the same time ago that the very first Vulcan was defeated by the hands of Cleanser,death by means of skinning him alive and sealing him away. All traces of his madness and soul were thought to be diminished and dealt with...all accept one...My name is Kyoki and I am the daughter of the Fist Vulcan,Draken. My father was obsessed with his fear of being defeated so much so that after he was released he sought to preserve his soul alive through the body and soul of another...and thus he chose my mother.

A Powerful sorcerss, it was not out of love, or kindness that I was conceived. It was out of manipulation and chaos that my existence came to be. I had no choice, born with the soul of a Vulcan inside of me the last of a dying race. Though just a small piece, it was enough to shape my life and destiny before i could even comprehend words. I was suppose to bring terror to the wold in his stead, I was supposed to bring about the twisted utopia he yearned for, a place where he could be reborn and thrive without having to worry about being defeated...but no...it had not happened as he had planned...not yet anyway. When I was but a small child my mother would have given me up to quite a powerful woman...Sulphura a time witch. Sulphura could feel the overwhelming force of madness within my soul, yet instead of killing me as it might have been reasonable to do she instead choose to create a world for me...a world that would keep my soul under control and allow me to live a normal life, Free of my own fears...the fear of being devoured by my own mind.

It was in this place that I felt secure. Even if I never knew any of the explained events. I grew up in the dimension she had created and she taut me many things. Never once did she mention my magic nor did she mention my father. She embedded within me as a child a powerful Soul protect like spell that would lock away all those supernatural forces allowing me to grow up like a normal little girl. It was a beautiful place...but ...i started to get lonely in the place...all by myself, and that...that's when the whispers started. Whenever i went to sleep...whenever i woke up...whenever she wasn't with me i could here these faint sounds...as if something was calling me or...someone. I didn't know how to handle them...all i knew was that i was so lonely in this big ole pace all by lonesome...so...I talked back to it...the voice..it began telling em of things like Fear, pain and madness,philosophies and concepts I had never heard of before , things she neglected to tell me.

Eventually me and this voice became very acquainted and because of it I matured mentally and began to question a lot of things about my own existence. It was not until she returned one day to find me speaking to "Myself" It was then she started to notice the changes in my attitude. I had become more stern, more analogical and far more curious about what the voice had called the "Outside World". When i told her of this she prompt began to tell me just where i came form...and why I was here. She must have sensed it...the Blood and soul of my father starting to awaken within em...slowly but surely.It was surprising to know indeed...but as the question grew in numbers so did the number of unanswered ideals and theories . It began to make me feel odd...something that caused a feeling in my heart...and at that point in time...on that day My father was release from his prison and tried to unleash his madness on the world.

It was a fierce battle between him and those who sought to stop him. But in that day, when his madness had transcended the norm, I could feel the shackles on my soul being ripped apart. My mind went blank for only a few second...but in those few seconds I had already shattered the dimension Suplhura had created for me. Upon my shattering of it for the first time i could hear things so clearly, see the world around me for what it truly was...and illusion. Everything i had though i knew while in that pocket of space and time was nothing more than a fabricated facade by a person who acted out of what? Fear. It was the fear that danger was afoot by my birth. It was the fear of the end but the compassion of the heart that caused Sulphura to do what she had done. But sense my escaping from the dimension i had lost all contact with Sulphura. I'm not sure what has become of the witch nor her followers but what I do now is that I have been classified as a Rouge witchling and the mass is seeking to capture me, no doubt to put me back in that pocket of theirs...something I pridefully will refuse! And on that same day...the day my mind was finally given a taste of liberation form illusion it was then that it all went quiet. The voices...the doubts everything was silenced, and I learned that Draken had been defeated.

Beings known as Cleansers had taken his life and. His madness had been cleaned from the lands that they once plagued. All had been return to normal...all save for one little girl who now Walks the path to her own understanding...trying to dispel the illusions cast over the world...her fear...her madness...it will become her power, it will cause to become her wisdom, her anger it will be her adrenaline in times of distress. And it is through the deepest depths of the endless void of insanity deep within her that she will bring about order to her chaotic Soul...or will her life take on a different purpose? Would she instead find or awakening something that would keep her out of the downward spiral of becoming the next Vulcan God? A guiding light within the tunnel? It all remains to be seen... My name Is Kyoki and now...it's time for me to wake up...
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The Vulcan God
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