A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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Aliyah Rozalyn
Timeless Child of the Moon :::: Yoruichi
Timeless Child of the Moon :::: Yoruichi

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PostSubject: Locked and Preserved    Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:48 pm

Arc Limit

Living Construct: Aliyah is the daughter of a man made weapon known as a living construct. A living construct is able to take the form of a weapon or vehicle, though they have mostly all the properties of a human. Aliyah is only capable of turning parts of her body into bladed weapons at the moment.  

Fractured Soul Heart:: The heart of Aliyah's soul is fractured, therefor she takes on different persona's with different abilities. It's as if she has multiple personality disorder. All of her personalities have a specific level of their own and some cannot be accessed until she grows both mentally and physically.

Current Personalities: Happy Aliyah (Genin, predominant), Sad Aliyah (Genin, rare), Playful Aliyah (Genin, common), Serious Aliyah (Genin, common), Angry Aliyah (Special Jonin, rare), Wise Aliyah (Chunin, extremely rare). Recovered Soul is when she has completely repaired her soul and has fixed her fractured soul heart.

Chakra Natures: Water, Lightning, Storm

Chakra Nature Usage: Aliyah is beginning to use her elemental affinities more, but to conserve chakra she usually only uses her pre-made seals.

Innocent Soul/Infinite Soul (Recovered Soul only)

Both of Aliyah's soul are two parts of one whole, making her soul extremely rare, unique, and powerful. They work in tandem, giving her soul an auroran glow of colors never before discovered. The glow indicates the purity of her soul, never able to be corrupted nor defiled, even by the most powerful insanity or darkness. This soul fully manifested after her emergence from the hatred of her soul, having completely cast out all of her emotions, both negative and not. Therefor, she has transcended all human emotions and her soul is a pure essence of the universe itself.

Due to this, her second soul fully manifested as well, the Infinite Soul. Just as its name says, it is infinite. She is able to take in all knowledge and forms of reality, comprehend it, and use it, just as her other half, Alraune. Having traveled through time, she even has knowledge of the future's that is yet to come. Her soul is the literal by product of the beginning of creation and can continue even after creation is no more.  

Precise Wavelength (Serious/Happy Aliyah: Genin)

A wavelength that allows Aliyah to have pinpoint reflexes, mental capabilities and accuracy, inherited from her father. She is able to use her wavelengths physically as well to loosen or tighten her muscles at will, giving her high defense, high speed, high strength, and even high flexibility. A product of this is her Soul Flare technique which allows her to concentrate the wavelengths just enough to precisely deal damage to the opponent. Allows her to easily be able to move her wavelengths to the precise level of the opponents to cancel them out.

Mentally, the precise wavelength allows Aliyah to have complete calm and focus, down to the most precise detail within her own thoughts and of the world around her. Aliyah's intellect is great enough to comprehend over a million different minute details in a situation in a fraction of a second. This also ties in to her chasing as well, making her a master trapper.

The precise wavelength, when used with resonance, allows her to perfectly resonate with anyone and anything. However, due to the double soul, doing so with those of a substantially weaker soul than her own could overwhelm and kill them.

Flowing Wavelength (Serious/Happy Aliyah: Genin)

A wavelength that allows Aliyah to easily resonate, as well as adapt to the opponents energy/aura/wavelength etc. If she intakes the opponents wavelength, she can circulate it throughout her body, coupling it with her precise wavelength to instantly and precisely mold it to her own wavelength. While doing this, the effects of that wavelength are weakened, not canceled, depending on the strength of her opponent. She is then able to take on the traits of the wavelength herself, making it even harder for the opponent to use that wavelength against her. This also allows her to eradicate and become immune to certain types of poisons, energies, and wavelengths used against her.

Infinitely, Aliyah has complete control over her own flow of reality and destiny. She is able to flow in and out of reality and even change the direction of destinies flow with concentration. This is not perfect as Aliyah has yet to reach perfection herself.

Singular Resonance (Serious/Happy Aliyah: Genin)

A complete resonance, far more powerful than Self resonance. It gives Aliyah the complete effect of a normal resonance, meaning she doesn't need a partner to resonate. However, due to the precise wavelength, she can resonate again, initiating a Stacking Resonance.

Singular Resonance: Cantata Mortis (Song of Death) (Serious/Angry Aliyah: Chunin/Sp. Jonin)

A preferred resonance of Aliyah that allows her to use the abilities of Hira and Rai, the mothers of another her within a different timeline, in tandem with her soul abilities.

Sorbere (Absorb): Allows Aliyah to absorb physical, meta-physical, and mental based energies within her scythe. Afterward, Aliyah breaks down the energies into information, allowing her perform the attack herself.

Dimittere (Release): Takes all of the stored information and unleashes it back at the foe, however, Aliyah loses the ability to perform the attack again.

Delerent (Annihilate): Creates a wall of wavelengths meant to stop an opponents attack and reverse the force back on them times three. Can be shattered and used as projectiles that have the same effect if the opponent tries to stop them or block them.

Ruptis (Burst): Unleashes her wavelength in a powerful swing meant to severe wavelengths of any strength, mainly used for destroying barriers and so that her Delerent won't backfire on herself if she shatters it.

Claudicatis (Halt): Aliyah creates a pulse of wavelengths that can halt the ability and movement of any wavelength within a mile radius of herself for 10 seconds.

Vexata Tenabrae (Overrun Darkness): Using her mothers ink, unleashes several tendrils of ink infused heavily with her own wavelengths to ensnare the opponent and place ink on them. Can also place hidden seals with the tendrils. She is able to manipulate the ink up to a microscopic level.

Soul Abilities (Recovered Soul Only)

Infinite Exchange: Due to the universe infinitely expanding, Aliyah is constantly learning, but is also constantly being given more questions. As such, her soul is constantly growing, infinitely.

Goddess Bond: Aliyah's innocent soul has the ability to remove all forms of corruptness from those around her, instilling into them an unbreakable innocence as long as they are within range of her. A powerful amount of insanity or other form of iniquity can break the bond, but can never effect Aliyah or those physically in contact with her. In addition, those effected by the Goddess Bond can not lie.

(Water: Sad/Serious Aliyah. Electricity: Happy/Playful/Serious Aliyah. Storm: Sad/Angry Aliyah.)

Water Seal-Needle Storm: Aliyah makes a puddle of water with a seal in it. Once the opponent either steps in it or comes close, the water shoots at the opponent like needles.

Great Flowing River: Aliyah spews a lakes worth of water to swamp the area, maneuver, attack the foe, or to create cover.

Great Flowing River Prison: After succeeding with the GFR, or by having the opponent in or on some form of water, uses another hand sign to trap the opponent in an orb of pressurized water. Only with enough chakra to equal or exceed the pressure can they escape. (Matching or beating of a dice roll)

Great Flowing River Collapse: After the prison has been created, can create one last hand sign to have the pressure increase and crush the opponent inside.

Heart of the Mermaid: Allows Aliyah to become water and move great distances in split seconds while in water, almost as if teleporting. Can also be used between different bodies of water.

Storm Figure: Aliyah calls forth a storm that last for 1d6 post. Every turn, the opponent must roll a dice to avoid being struck by semi-guided lightning, by beating Aliyah's roll each turn.

Acid Rain: Aliyah calls forth a storm that last 1d6 post. As long as the storm is raging, the opponent has their chakra/wavelength/ki etc. drained. If Storm Figure was used before hand, the chakra drain is three times as fast and drains chakra from the opponents attacks as well.

Static Pulse: Sends a pulse of static outwards that spreads. Magnetizes the opponent for a short while.

Lightning Vortex Jutsu: Sends out small sparks of electricity that shock the foe. When foe is magnetized, the sparks track the foe, and can spread over a field if enough metal is present. (EX. if kunai and shuriken are spread around the field, then will electrically charge all of the weapons lying around to expand the range of the attack.) Can also control large amounts of steel and metal with tendrils of electricity this way, moving them at lightning speeds for defense and damage.

Lightning Seal-Neural Entanglement: Creates a seal on any surface that when the opponent touches it, a jolt of electricity paralyzes them for a short time.

Trap Seal-Impale: Creates a seal on any solid surface that when she creates a hand sign, spikes erupt from the object instantly.

Trap Seal-Entangle: Creates a seal on any solid surface that when she creates a hand sign, snares the opponent in a net when close enough.

Chain Lightning: Shoots a continuous stream of electricity that moves from one opponent to the next, connecting them all and continuously shocking them. Can create a barrier with lightning rods to trap the foes.

Chain Lightning-Mega Volt Magnet: Charges a chain lightning attack with a lightning rod (for 1 or 2 post, depending on the strength). When done charging, releases a high powered bolt of electricity at the speed of light that expands over the field and deals heavy, continual electric damage to all enemies. The enemies effected by this attack will be drawn towards the lightning rod by the powerful magnetism of the metal, and the closer the opponent is to the lightning rod, the more damage is done.

Reverse Polarity: Aliyah manipulates the static in the air and around her body to change gravity around herself, allowing her to fly. Coupled with her altering space sonada gives her perfect control in the air. She can also use this with her lightning rods to create a field where the opponent cannot enter do to opposing force.

Chidoriha: Literally meaning '1000 birds wave', Aliyah unleashes a pulse of electricity with the force and power of a chidori, able to track the opponent if magnetized.

Raikiriha: 'Lightning blade wave', a more powerful version of the chidoriha. Aliyah unleashes a funnel of electricity at the speed of light that is able to destroy mountains.

Ink Clones: Creates clones of flammable ink that can move on their own but cannot actually fight the opponent. Each clone can be detonated into an explosion, big or small, at will.

Sticky Ink: Can fire a strand of ink at a surface that is sticky enough to support over 500 pounds of weight.

Gas Chamber: Using her lightning nature, Aliyah can heat her ink to the point where it turns into flammable gas and creates a smog over the area.

Ink Seal Substitution: Aliyah can instantly substitute with any of her ink clones in the blink of an eye as long as they have been partially or fully created. She can do this from any distance.

Atmospheric Manipulation: Using her storm ability, Aliyah creates her own atmosphere in a moderate radius of herself, allowing her to be able to breath and move in any whether or condition normally, even underwater or in space.

Storm Warning: After a post of charging, Aliyah will bombard the opponent with concentrated storms from the palm of her hand. Can be used from long range or from melee range to deal astronomical damage.

Passive Traits
(All Personalities)

Sealing Prodigy: Aliyah is a prodigy at seals of all kinds. From attack seals, timed seals, to seals on sealing scrolls, she has an expansive knowledge of seals and what they do. Her seals under the jutsu list are chakra seals, not written on paper while her pre-made seals are paper with chakra inscriptions, making it impossible to destroy the seals by covering them in ink or tattering them.

Aliyah has gotten tactical training from her parents, and while she may not be on par with her father, she is catching up swiftly because of her love of traps.

Like her father before her, Aliyah's martial arts are unnaturally well. While only learning one of her fathers fighting styles, she has been training with another suited to her own ways. Due to her fighting styles and precision wavelength, she has almost god like accuracy.

Martial Arts
(All Personalities)

Hakke-kin/hitan-sho-An extremely fast and flexible martial arts used for countering, subduing, and with hitan-sho, attacking the opponent with precise strikes from either a weapon or finger tips. Due to the accuracy required by this fighting style, Aliyah has also gotten a higher sense of accuracy with throwing weapons and trap projection.

Altering Space Sonada: A fluent martial arts created by Aliyah and her mother with help from the person who sent her back in time. Aliyah uses her wavelengths to bend time slightly while fighting. By doing this, a strike that may have hit once can hit several times in a single blow. This fighting style gives for easier dodging by allowing the person to change their center of gravity to any place on their body, also giving the illusion of a distorted body, as well as letting her bend time around attacks as if slowing them down. While utilizing her wavelengths this way, Aliyah can prevent outside forces from entering her mind and even dispel time based jutsu or effects.

Branching Ability- Time Displacement Barrier: The lowest form of time manipulation Aliyah possesses now, she can create a clear barrier of displaced time in two places, allowing her to warp from place to place by traveling through the displaced time. She can redirect weaponry and chakra based attacks this way. (Wise Aliyah only)

Persona Techniques
(Wise Aliyah Only)

Dia: Lightly heals 1 person.

Agi: Deals small fire damage to 1 foe. (Spell level fire)

Me Patra: Cures Fear, Confusion, and Berserk on entire party.

Maragi: Deals small fire damage to all foes. (Spell level fire)

Media: Lightly heals entire party.

Agilao: Deals powerful fire damage to 1 foe. (Spell level fira)

Recarm: Casts raise on 1 person, reviving them to half their full strength.

Fire Break: Takes away 1 foes immunity to fire.

Diarama: Greatly heals 1 person.

Maragion: Deals powerful fire damage to all foes. (Spell level fira)

Mediarama: Greatly heals entire party.

Fire Boost: Increases Fire damage output 25%.

Agidyne: Deals devastating fire damage to 1 foe, or over a large area. (Spell level firaga)

Diarahan: Completely heals 1 person.

Samarecarm: Casts life on 1 person, completely restoring their life.

Mediarahan : Completely heals entire party.

Maharagidyne: Deals devastating fire damage to all foes. (Spell level flare)

Salvation: Removes all status afflictions from entire party and completely heals them.

Fire Amp: Increases Fire damage output 50%

Blue Magic
(Wise Aliyah Only)

Night: Reduces the entire area to darkness to make anyone and everyone except for the user go to sleep.

Holy: Can use pure holy magic, not affiliated with light. Can infuse into objects, other magic, and traps as well.

White Wind: Causes a wave of healing wind to blow over self and allies, healing physical and spiritual wounds by great amounts.

Green Magic
(Wise Aliyah Only)

Slow: Slows down the space and time of the foe to make them slow.

Stop: Stops the space and time around the foe to make them not able to do anything.

Stopga: Stops the flow of space and time in a large area to cause everything to completely Stop.

Reflect: Creates a powerful barrier that can reflect most non-physical attacks back at the caster for double the power.

Relfectega: Creates an immense barrier of magic over self and allies that can reflect all non-physical attacks back the caster for triple the power.

Haste: Increases the flow of time around self or ally to make everything they do incredibly fast.

Hastega: Speeds up the flow of space and time even MORE around self or allies to make everything they do SUPER fast.

Protect: Lowers the power of physical attacks severely.

Shell: Lowers the power of non-physical attacks severely.

Blind: Hinders vision via magic that is completely black and lingers around the eyes continuously.

Oil: Releases magical oil that increases the power of Fire attacks to triple their original potency, making ANYTHING it touches flammable.

Spellbound: The effects of magic/anything else last much longer.

Sleep: Releases magic that will put a foe to sleep on contact.

Tranq: Increases speed and accuracy by a GREAT amount to ensure that the spells hit a larger radius and also always hit their foe when they make contact.

Berserk: Releases magic that causes the foe OR self to go Berserk.

Disable: Uses magic to render the foe useless and Disable them.

Immobilize: Uses magic to Immobilize the foe and keep them from moving.

Silence: Seals the voice of the foe and steals it away temporarily.

Vanish: Turns invisible and intangible, becoming immune to all forms of attack and harm. Cannot attack or perform any action other than moving, however.

Float: Causes self or allies to lift off of the ground and be able to float for a short period of time, making them immune to any type of Earth abilities.

Charm: Charms the foe into doing whatever you want with magic.

Confuse: Confuses the foe to attack themselves and allies alike.

Sap: Magic that will leech onto the foe's health and chakra/soul energy/etc. and drain it constantly into the caster, restoring their own.

Regen: Bestows curative and regenerating magics onto self that will restore health and heal wounds gradually.

Curse: Curses the foe with Magic causing them to become weak to any element the user wishes, regardless if they are Immune to it or if they Absorb it.

Doom: Condemns the foe's life with magic.

Magical Absorption: All non-physical attacks will be transformed into energy for the user on contact with them, regardless of what it may be.

Death: Magic that will cause the foe instant Death.


(Angry Aliyah Only)

Disdain: Hatred's abilities allow her to repulse objects and enemies that come near her with sheer will.

Dislike: Hatred unleashes pulses of sheer emotion out around her on the physical plane to push all emotions, including potential of attacks to the highest degree.

Distaste: A wave of foul emotions pushes all forms of attacks down to the lowest degree of power, including Hatred's owns. Reduces all emotions in the same way.

Loath: A powerful attack that descends upon the foe to crush them under sheer loathing.

Detest: Hatred's target becomes her primary focus and her abilities focus on them and them alone to seek and destroy them through all means, going through time and space to make sure they do not see the light of day again.

Despise: Hatred unleashes a powerful wave of emotions that draws the essence from any person or ability that uses a form of energy to work, including chakra and wavlengths.

Hate: The sheer emotion draws from all beings, dead and alive, including the planet. Effects of power are unknown.
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