A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 Blood Roses Thorns

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Magistra Iram :::: Reiji-Archnin
Magistra Iram :::: Reiji-Archnin

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PostSubject: Blood Roses Thorns   Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:38 pm

Magnus: A soul powered weapon that channels and utilizes the wielders chakra to attack. By absorbing more souls, be it from humans or beast, can achieve new forms and get stronger. Each form of gun has specific abilities that grow stronger with the more souls Magnus has absorbed.

Magnus Gun Machine Revolvers: Automatic revolvers that act as both a suppressant and amplifier for Vermillion's power. She fires her own chakra and can suppress the output while maintaining its power. However, the more suppressed the chakra output, the shorter range she can use them. Has a fire rate of 15 shots at a time.

Machine Revolvers Abilities

Recall: Even if the revolvers leave Vermillion's hands, are destroyed, or warped to another dimension or plane of reality all together, she can always call them back or reforge them through her soul.

Divide and Conquer: The Machine Revolvers have the ability to produce a solid chakra replica of Vermillion that fights on its own with one of the revolvers. It consumes one soul infused into the weapons and is treated like a perfect replica of Vermillion, not a clone.

Eagle Eye: As long as Vermillion can see, she will always be able to shoot at her opponent(s), even if she can't see them herself.

Splurge (15 souls): For every bullet that misses her opponent, her accuracy grows. After more than 50 consecutively missed and/or blocked shots, her 51st shot will always hit no matter what. Process repeats up to the 102nd bullet and so on.

Lingering Distortion (35 souls): While using gravitational fields, Vermillion will become shrouded in a chakra distortion that makes her invisible for a bit, and also masks her chakra signature. (Dice roll)

Shadow Blade (50 souls): A powerful shot that cleaves through the air and is able to break through chakra/elemental barriers and shields of all power. Fires at the speed of sound.

Machine Revolvers Atlus 2 (75 souls): The machine revolvers become longer and form chakra blades on their ends. For every hit on the opponent, their chakra is drained and increases Vermillion's speed, accuracy, and fire rate.

Wild West (100 souls): A gravitational field expands over the battlefield and effects all but Vermillion. Her accuracy goes to its peak and divide and conquer activates for five clones instead of just one.

Magnus Gun Machine Cannon: A large ballistic machine gun, transformed from her revolvers. The weapon is so heavy that she must remain in place with it. Has a fire rate of 50 rounds per second at the speed of sound. Can also be used as a shield to block against powerful physical attacks.

Machine Cannon Abilities

Juggernaut: Machine Cannon is indestructible. If it sustains too much damage, it simply reverts back to Machine Revolvers. While wielded by Vermillion, emits a chakra shell around her, increasing her defense three fold.

Controlled Force: The force of the machine cannon is controlled directly by Vermillion, allowing her to increase or decrease the power of each shot and control where each individual shot goes even after it has fired.

Heavy Weight: The Machine Cannon weighs exactly 4,666 tons, making it the heaviest single personnel weapon in existence. It can only be wielded by Vermillion.

Gravity Defiant (15 souls): Allows Vermillion to freely move at her normal speed while holding Machine Cannon.

Dead Zone (50 souls): A rapid fire attack that targets the opponents soul/chakra instead of physically damaging them. If the opponent is in a weakened state, will instantly rip their soul out and absorb it into the weapon, so long as one of the bullets hit.

Long Shot (75 souls): No matter how far away from the opponent, the Machine Cannons shots will overlap a dimension to attack as if Vermillion were 30 feet away.

Code S.O.L (100 souls): While holding Machine Cannon, will deal triple damage to all opponents. Induces a chakra skin that increases her overall speed by two times and burst shots have expanded reach. Fire rate also triples.

Magnus Gun Heat Seeker: A bazooka that fires off single fire homing chakra missiles. The burst can cause an E.M.P effect and also temporarily paralyze the opponent if they are close to the explosion. All shells are completely chakra, so deals chakra damage only, not fire.

Heat Seeker Abilities

Air Support: Allows Vermillion to fly courtesy of chakra wings on Heat Seeker.

Disable Friendly Fire: The explosions from Heat Seeker's shells does no damage to Vermillion or any of her allies.

Lock-On: If the opponent has at least three heat seeker seals on them, then this attack will never miss.

Pandora (15 souls): Allows Heat Seeker to fire up to 8 missiles at once instead of 1.

Flail (50 souls): Charges a large missile shell and fires it in the air or at the opponent, where it expands into a meteor sized chakra sphere. Creates a gravitational field and then induces a black hole effect, sucking the opponent and any others in the vicinity into the heart of the attack to receive massive damage.

Air Strike (75 souls): Flies high into the atmosphere, most likely out of opponents range at top speed and then unleashes a volley of highly explosive missile rounds onto the general vicinity of the opponent(s).

Predator Missile (100 souls): A hit or miss attack. Flies high into the atmosphere and becomes shrouded by chakra to leave the opponents senses all together. Fires a devastating missile round onto the battlefield that will detonate and obliterate everything.
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Blood Roses Thorns
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