A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 Tools of the rogue

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Alex Rockefella
Yamiichi : Terran Genin
Yamiichi : Terran Genin
Alex Rockefella

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PostSubject: Tools of the rogue   Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:07 pm

Mechanized-Pressure Daggers- Alex's first ever invention. Two 6 inch daggers made of titanium. The steel has been folded three times over and coated with ambipolomar steel, making them insulated towards heat and cold, and also slightly magnetic. The insides are hollowed in the middle and contains a replaceable roll of titanium ninja wire. The dagger hilts are made of black iron, so they are heavy and the insides are mechanical. With a click of a button, Alex can fire the daggers out with a small bubble of air pressure between the guard and hilt. There is 100 meters of ninja wire within each dagger.

Bloodwood Bow/Bloodwood Arrow: Not really an invention as more so a craft. Alex has a bow made of Bloodwood. Bloodwood is a very rare wood that's as light as a feather, but as hard as steel, even if just a toothpick. The properties of bloodwood allow it to use air to exfoliate itself, making it actually move faster the longer it travels. As well, due to it's light weight, it makes absolutely no sound as it travels through the air. Alex spent over 9 years of her life crafting the bow as well as thousands of arrows in which she keeps in sealing scrolls. The arrow heads are hollowed titanium with ambipolomar steel coating on the inside and out. she uses it to pour liquid magic into the arrow heads, giving them the properties and abilities she wishes. Alex uses chakra to form the string of the bow so that the fetch does not make a sound when she releases the weapon.

Chastity Chest/Chastity Belt: Alex vowed to save herself for the right man or woman when she was 12. She created chakra powered chastity clothing that prevents anyone other than herself, her true love, or someone of extreme greater power from removing her clothing, even with jutsu or magic. The clothes also act to siphon her chakra and add weight as a training mechanism. If she removes her clothes, she will become much faster and stronger, as well as gaining access to more abilities due to her chakra not being siphoned.

Small Daggers: Small throwing knives she uses for fun.

Skywalkers: Two six inch titanium wheels that are bladed like chakrams. Alex uses these on her feet to skate at high speeds. The wheels spin at such a high frequency that they can even displace air and allow Alex to skate in thin air. She has not found a way to make them make no sound yet so they constantly release a high pitched whining sound.

Muted Scarf: Another craft of Alex's, the scarf she wears is actually mechanical. Made with one of the rarest metals in the universe, Silkiron, Alex also used magic susceptible fibers in its craft. Silkiron is as it's name suggest, silk like iron. It moves, feels, and even exfoliates like silk, but can be as hard as iron and soundproof. The scarf is used to completely mute the sounds of her breathing or speech. She used a communication spell within the fibers that allows whoever is connected to her through the spell to hear her when she speaks through the scarf, but not her enemies.
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Tools of the rogue
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