A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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     Supreme Representative, William Cressman Sywyk the 3rd

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    PostSubject: Supreme Representative, William Cressman Sywyk the 3rd   Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:38 pm

    Profile - kwandrivia.net/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=29

    Name: William Cressman Sywyk the 3rd
    Aliases: the General
    Birthdate: February 11th, 1988
    Birthplace: Brantford, Ontario, Canada, Earth, System Sol, East Quadrant, Milky Way
    Current Home: Sanctity Flotilla
    Occupation: Supreme Representative of the Sanctity Treaty, Commander In Chief of the Earth Alliance Naval Forces

    Sex: Male
    Race: Construct Type Human
    Height: 173 Centimeters, 5 Feet 9 Inches
    Weight: 150 Pounds
    Hair Color and Style:the General's hair is kept brushed and well maintained. He brushes his bangs to the right to almost cover his right eye. The rest of his hair flows the way it naturally grows. The length of his hair is around 4 inches long.
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Tone: Caucasian
    Outside of battle the General can always been found dawning the custom made Sanctity Treaty Representative Style uniform. During battle the General will dispel the uniform only leaving a pair of skin tight white or grey boxers and a white unbuttoned dress shirt, both for movement reasons.
    the General is the kind of person that tries to hide his emotions and feelings. By hiding his emotions and feeling he believes himself to be stronger and better suited for the position of leader of the Sanctity Treaty. He is the type of leader who wishes the best of his people and that all species in the galaxy in the universe be united under the Sanctity Treaty.

    On the inside the General is a cowardly weasel who tries his best to stay out of fights and talk his way out of getting attacked. Fearing his own death is the main cause of this and tends to get him into confrontations that cause the other Representatives in the Sanctity Treaty to have waning thought and opinions on him. If someone dislikes him and the General knows about it. He will do his best to offer what he can and offer what he's even got to try and solve the situation. He even tries to weasel his way into positions by faking respect which in the end leads to argument and dishonour. He often uses his power and position to sway the favour of many things.

    the General is always aiming to expand the Sanctity Treaty and assert more authoritative positions and roles, despite his frequent and staunch opposition. the General from his child hood has an odd attachment towards technology and things he likes. He often and almost always holds onto things he owns. Some examples are the Faith of Heart star ship, his sketch box, some old earth rocks, and various other trinkets. He is often seen rescuing old outdated things because he feels emotions towards them wanting to grants the things another life and chance.

    Personal History: .
    the General was born in 1988 in the small north American town of Brantford, Ontario, Canada. He lives his normal childhood. At age 19 he goes to meet Ashleigh an internet love interest only to find out she has been killed by someone wearing masks and black clothes. . He then goes into a massive depression. 3 years later the General enlists in the Canadian military two years before the events of ww3 because he doesn't care if he dies. Two years after joining the army the 3rd world war breaks out. the General and a team of his soldiers are sent to reinforce the Winnipeg Defense line when America introduces a new type of reactor into the war complete changing the face of Earth. This new reactor would give America ultimate power and eventually lead to the domination of the world and the formation of the United States of Earth

    the General who is now a member of the USMC is sent to Canada to deal with rebel forces trying to form an anti US terrorist militia. Due to good military service and interest and knowledge of space the General is chosen to be one of the crew members for the Faith of Heart a space exploration ship to be completed around 2063. He eventually becomes captain of the Faith of Heart shortly after the General is killed by king erik and his soul is placed inside an ancient artifact know as Purification Ice in 2080 and a false android body is built so the soul bound sword can connect to it. Erik has Kristi clone him and implant memories before Kristi dies.  the construction of colony 44 designed by Erik and the General is started.

    the General and King Erik are given messages from a small science group that they had discovered messages originating from the Proxima Centuri System. the General and Erik send a group of scientists in a small vessel to make contact with the source of the message which came to be called the Pengain. The scientists send messages back and immediately after the General and Erik are pulled away and the American Government takes control. Soon after the Earth is dragged into a planetary battle. the General and Erik spearhead a new project to build an advanced supersoldier. Little did the General know this supersoldier was a demon summoned using magic Erik had learned from Kristi.  After only 3 months in battle the United States of Earth falls to the alien forces. the General also learns that the aliens be them stronger in all ways had suffered massive casualties after the USE had sent protected nukes to their homeworld. the General and his Faith of Heart then witness the destruction of Earth as alien vessels come out of warp and begin a suicidal glassing of Earth. Erik then convinces the aliens to join up with what remains of the humans. First official contact is made and the General would come face to face with the alien learning that they were human, human in all ways. Both side would eventually come to a cease fire and a pact, the General would have both the remaining fleets take what they had left and drift the cosmos searching for a new world. the General would call this new alliance the Earth Alliance.

    In 2300 Nchuleft is discovered, the Earth Alliance lead by King Erik and the General writes the Sanctity Treaty that forms the Sanctity Treaty. the General is one of 4 people are chosen to hold absolute authority over the Real Hologram after its mass creation. Thanks to him helping to create the Real Hologram this becomes possible. In 2563 the General an his EAST Empire have grown to a population of 40 quadrillion people encompassing 1/8th of the milky and holding more that 100 terraformed worlds and 3 natural life bearing worlds. On a routine run back to the Zion System the General and his vessel would be swept up by a temporal anomaly and sent to Vescrutia.

    17625 - Month 1: the General and his ship arrived in Vescrutia where a massive wave of cosmic rays would over take the General allowing him to use the same style abilities as a Kulazian known as Alieth. He trained and trained for that month honing in on his power and eventually surpassed even the power of Alieth.
    17625 - Month 2: After gaining all his new power he engaged a great demon known only to him as Unicron and was eventually forced from the Vescrutian time line and sent hurdling back to his own but at a different time.

    3209 - Month 1: the General would arrive on a strange world in the Andromeda Galaxy. He would upon arriving loose all his abilities he gained on Vescrutia and attempt to fit in with the people here.
    3209 - Month 2: After living on Escellsia for a month the General would become very sad and protective of what he had left. With only his ship and blade he began to let his former role take over his mind and acted as though he was the ruler of the Galaxy. Scared of dying he treated all other people on the planet as though he had more power. This in turn angered the god's which cause them to freeze him in the Glacial Depths.
    3209 - Month 3- 6: Sometime later the General was unfrozen from his tomb in the ice. Here he finds the dead body of Alieth and General Revil missing. As Time passed on the General came to know a man named Gig. This Gig tricked the General into taking him to Rozalyn where he almost did in a battle. Gig later met with the General were battle would take place only to get interrupted by Gerold.

    Gerold the God is unknown to the General and had taken him to his ship extracted his Kydarin Crystal and Banriu Blade replacing them with a single unstable Kydarin prototype and imbedding the General with a fake soul and implanting it into this fake soul that he should disband the E.A.S.T. and join the Kiez nation. Gerold had planned this in fear that the power the General had unlocked by Chizuni might one day kill him. Gerold had stolen the memories of all the warriors the General had faught and built a clone of him called the Hero's Shade or Shadow General.

    Gerold has now attracted the General's attention towards the Bane of Blowing souls. A sword that once belonged to William Suwhenzetie that was lost in a battle with an Unknown warrior.
    3209 and 3210 Month - 7-14:  The General would settle down as a shrew of Keiz and would decide to help their nation.  During a battle with Gig and Sheng the General dies and his spirit and systems are sent to Seinvocc. Loosing his rank, part of his memory and all hi connections with the shrews

    ???? - Month 1 - 3   Over the R months he spent in Seinvocc he would travel around meeting others. He fought dragons and cloud guys as well as faced off in a coliseum.  After a battle with a Mist Dragon his body was destroyed and he was sent back to the Excel Sefer time line a year later in the Excel Sefer Timeline.

    3211 - Month 1 the General would arrive in Keiz's dungeon and would be helped by Ezekiel's pokemon. Ezekiel would restore the General's mind and teleport the General to the Creed where he would register and rank up. The General would then head north encountering many old freinds. He would reach the mountains and begin a 6 step journey to cross them. While travelling the General learns that Revil has left the East. The General sends manyshot to look for Alieth forgetting she was dead. On part 3 of the journey he would encounter Faith who had been alive but hiding inside another body the whole time. The two would face off in combat with Faith coming out victorious despite the rank different. The General would loose connection with the Faith of Heart. After a short battle with Zekiri the General would head over the mountain and discover a new continent where 3 factions ruled the lands.

    32?? - Month Unknown
    After finding these new lands the General would turn around to see the world of Escellsia engulfed in a light, which would then result in him going into a coma.

    3215 - Month 1
    the General would awaken sometime later in the middle of the Shattered Wastelands, where he would meet Sate Strike a man similar to himself. After hearing Sate's story, the General would join the Holy Natural Empire and then depart from Sate to take a ranking exam and win gaining 5th rank. After passing the exam the General headed to the Red Gorge to set up his base of command the Anti Empire United Group.

    Seta Vesa
    17630-Month 1
    After discovering a certain anomaly, the General would find himself smack dab in the centre of the Freshwater Sea. Here he would head to the Itervillage Battlegrounds and spar countless times before taking ranking exams.

    17630-Month 3
    the General would accept a mission with Alex Star, this would take him into his first layered Genjustu, something that would ultimately take him down. Failing the mission he and Star would head back to Atra and Kham to prepare for the next steps.

    While meditating with Atra to get Kham back up and running the General's False Kydarin Crystal would overload causing him to break down. Tactical Arms would reveal it's true self and with that would kick toss the General's Real Kydarin Crystal to Kham. After being returned to the General the General would dream for the first time in a long time.

    After his meeting with Kham and Atra the General would head to the Freshwater Lake to get back the ship that he had lost there, or rather the ship that FAITH had hid there so the General would not find it. Tactical Arms would suddenly make it's return and take back the weapons of it's former master.

    After spending an unknown time frame on Kwandrivia, the General come sacross Mylania while traversing the dimensions and makes his way here.
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    Supreme Representative, William Cressman Sywyk the 3rd
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