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 The Story of Clyde Kusanagi

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Clyde Kusanagi
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PostSubject: The Story of Clyde Kusanagi   Thu Nov 06, 2014 8:28 pm

Name: Clyde Susanoo Ivalice de Kusanagi
Age: 19 (looks 15 due to circumstances)
Height: 5'7”
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: Brown hair
Hair Style: Shaggy and unkept
Appearance: Clyde stands around average height for a male and has a light skin complexion. Clyde has already started growing facial hair and has a light patch of hair growing around his chin. His eyes are always half-closed and seem as though he's always sleepy. He has dark-blue eyes and his eye shape is round. Clyde has a lean build and does have some muscle tone, when he has his clothing off.
Personality: Clyde Kusanagi is a prideful, yet lazy person. His status as a Kusanagi makes him feel as though he's enabled to a lot of things in life, while he personally feels that he doesn't have to work hard for almost anything. Despite these traits, he's a calm and collected guy, usually a smartass, but is capable of having a caring side.

Clyde Kusanagi was born in the world of Ivalice. His parents, Komiko and Dante Kusanagi, raised their newborn son in a time of prosperity for the Kusanagi Clan. Clyde grew up in a relatively comfortable life. He trained with his father in the ways of using weapons and martial arts, while he learned how to control his Chronos Trigger through his mother. Though both parents were capable of doing both, they decided to split the work, and create a better bonding environment for their young son.

Clyde was much weaker when it came to other Kusanagi's and their ability to manipulate the Chronos Trigger. While others could stop time indefinitely or perform feats like hopping through time, Clyde only had the ability to slow it. A lot of children made fun of him for his lack of temporal growth, but he simply did what he was better at, and that was beating some ass. Yes, Clyde physically, was stronger than most peers of his level. He was able to take on groups of five and come out with a few scrapes and bruises.

The young Kusanagi was a bit of an introvert, due to all of the harassment, and decided to dedicate much of his time to learning the Chronos Trigger as much as he could. However, when he grew older, there was chaos among the Kusanagi Zaibatsu and the Phoenix Clan. The two were at war with each other and Clyde wanted to join the front lines to help out his home as much as possible. His parents were adamantly against this and prevented him from ever leaving the house. Clyde was devastated by this and wondered if it were because his parents thought of him as weak as well. He spent the next few months alone in his room and brooded over the fact that he couldn't be stronger.

Calamity struck once more when, Kokonoe Izanami Ivalice, attempted to raze the entirety of the Kusanagi Clan. There was a displacement in the timeline, which Clyde's parents picked up on. They saw the moment of their doom and raced to their son's room. They huddled around him and explained that he was going on a short journey and that they won't be joining him. Clyde was scared when they told him this and pleaded with them to tell him more. They explained that they didn't have anymore time and began to seal their son in a Time Crystal. This crystal had the integrity and power to withstand the coming flames of the phoenix and preserve their son's life, as he would be exposed to whole new world at the end of everything. Clyde felt his body freezing up and started to cry out for his parents to stop and come with him. They didn't listen and they continued to encase their son in the crystal.

The last thing Clyde was able to see and hear, was the sound of flames that rushed forward and eviscerated his parents completely. He was frozen in that same moment and his tear filled eyes remained, frozen for the many years to come. Clyde was 15 when this happened.

Thousands of years later and the time crystal began to crack. Clyde broke out of his preservation prison and cried out all of his tears and anguish. He was on the continent of Mylania and it had changed drastically in the years that had follow. Strangely enough, even though Clyde wasn't armed with anything before the freezing, he awoke with his weapons of choice: a pair of stainless steel claws. His legs shook as he realized that what happened to his parents, must have happened to everyone else. There was somebody responsible for this. There were only a few people who could have had a hand in all of the death and destruction. Clyde felt it in his chest and his tears soon burned away, as he growled, and vowed for vengeance against those who had taken his life away from him...
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The Story of Clyde Kusanagi
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