A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 Lazy Fighter

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Clyde Kusanagi
Genin-Level Member
Genin-Level Member

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PostSubject: Lazy Fighter   Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:39 pm

Arc Limit:
Chrono Trigger: A dormant Arc Limit of the Kusanagi family. The user can look into the past and future, and manipulate any happening of their choosing. The user can slow, speed up, and stop time. The user is also able to freely travel throughout time at Jonin rank and higher.

Kusanagi Ripple: Fires dozens of small flame projectiles that when they hit, traps the foe in a small orb of fire that either slows time or reverses it within. When reversed, foe re-ages until they become a fetus.

Opposite Clone: A different take on the shadow clone jutsu. Clyde will create a clone in the direction that he is facing, but it will be placed behind the opponent, rather than appearing right beside Clyde. The clone will be able to use synchronized movements and techniques that Clyde uses during its duration.

Spicy: A inherent ability that Clyde grew up with. Flame or heat based attacks that are thrown at him at any given time, are absorbed by him, and strengthen his other abilities for a few minutes. Later on in rank, the absorption of flames will heal him, and even allow him to take those specific moves from people and reshape them into a different technique altogether.

Lightning Rod: Another inherent ability Clyde developed. Lightning based attacks are all directed towards Clyde no matter who they're aimed at and will allow him to absorb the energy from it. He can use all of the built-up lightning to speed himself up to great speeds for a few minutes.


Flame Embodiment: Coats his claw weapons in flames and allow them to take on the properties of fire. This also grants him extra attacks.
-Flame Claw: The claws can be swiped in the air, to let loose fast, homing, flaming claw-like projectiles towards the opponent.
-Just Burn it!: When contact is made between the claws or flaming claw projectiles, they will continuously burn away at the opponent until the battle is over. The flames will also eat away at chakra armors and barriers.

Swathe of Flames: Clyde will look towards an opponent and swipe his hands in a horizontal manner. A rushing torrent of flames will chase after the opponent and will continue it's pursuit, as long as Clyde is able to see them. When the flames make contact with an opponent, they'll be subjugated to a large explosion, and burned heavily (contact with these flames will burn away at chakra armors and barriers).

Flaming Defense: Clyde summons eight, small fire balls that surround his body and spin rapidly around him. These fireballs act like anti-projectile missiles and when a projectile is shot towards Clyde, with the guarantee of a hit, a fireball will quickly loose itself to meet the opposite projectile and detonate in an explosion to cancel each other out. People who physically touch any of the fireballs, will be blown away and have the Chrono Trigger burn away at their flesh.

Pew Pew: Fires off a cluster of up to 20 small fireballs. They will all fall to the ground and in an instance, blow up all at once. The fireballs generate a light so blinding, that it has the chance to permanently blind opponents, and the explosions are akin to that of several cluster grenades.

Burning Wheel: Clyde envelopes himself in flames and quickly rolls around the battle arena like a wheel. His flames when doing this, cut into the earth with ease, and can easily shred into an opponent.
-Burning Follow-up: Clyde, if successful in hitting an opponent, will quickly kick the opponent into the air and in the same moment, drill into them with his claws coated in fire.

Thor's Hammer: Clyde performs a series of movements with his arms, that call down fast and powerful bolts of lightning, to stream of the sky, and strike the opponent multiple times. A hit from any of the bolts has the chance of paralyzing the opponent and leaving them open for further attacks.

Lightning Stream: Clyde swipes his claws against the ground, to create six, large lightning waves that travel towards the opponent. During any given time, Clyde can split these waves into smaller projectiles that travel even quicker along the ground. The projectiles can have their trajectories and courses changed at any given moment.

Thor's Embrace: Coats Clyde's claw weapons in lightning and allows them to take on specific properties, such as vibration, and other traits.

Thor's Strike: Clyde will jump in the air, channel lightning into his claws, then slam down upon the battlefield. Anything within a 100 foot radius, will be trapped within a lightning arena, and continuously subjected to being electrocuted when inside.
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Shadow Uchiha
True Uchiha :: Tsuchikage
True Uchiha :: Tsuchikage

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PostSubject: Re: Lazy Fighter   Wed Nov 12, 2014 5:11 am

I never was a fan of the time element, but hey! Why not I guess..


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Lazy Fighter
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