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 Lonesome Road

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Saruwatari Hayato

Saruwatari Hayato

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PostSubject: Lonesome Road   Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:34 am

Name: Hayato, Saruwatari
Age: 22
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 158 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Pale complexion

Appearance (Clothing): Saruwatari is a foreigner from an island of hunters, who specialize in making clothing fit for the weather and terrain of their homeland. With this in mind, his cloth of his clothing, which consists of his coat sleeves and the coat itself, are made up of a thick, leathery, hide from a creature whose body adapts to both the cold and the heat. The sleeves and coat are a dark-gray in coloring, with the sleeves being cut-off near the shoulders and having symbols and words embroidered along their length. The coat itself has a fluffed collar along its length, with the fur of the same creature.

Saru's hands are clad in gloves made of a special type of steel, with leather padding on the palms and fingers. The steel has a composition that allows it to resist conductivity from electricity and giving it the ability to resist magnetism. The gauntlets are in the shape of claws, not just for its aesthetic appearance, but for the fact that the claws can help grip into different materials, and enable him to climb/attach onto different surfaces. The padding is made from the same leathery hide to keep his hands protected from any temperatures, that might affect his claws.

Beneath the coat and sleeves Saru wears, is a plain white cotton shirt. The cotton is picked from a plant that survived the many extreme weather patterns on an island, off East on the continent Saru comes from. The cotton's material as the ability to keep water excretion, like sweat, from leaving the body. The material uses the moisture from the outside environment and Saru's own sweat, to effectively create a cooling system which releases cooling air when the temperature rises beyond acceptable levels. The material also works vice versa. It'll trap and store any heat from Saru's body or the outside environment, for later use when the temperature drops beyond acceptable levels.

Saruwatari wears a pair of black, stainless steel boots, that are made up of the same steel as his gauntlets. The boots serve to protect the feet, shins, and legs of the wearer, but are also cleeted to provide better traction and keep Saru grounded. The boots are boots are topped off with a thick fluff of animal fur, that is used mainly for decoration purposes and are tied around his thighs with chains. Beneath the boots and fur are a pair of white pants, that are made of the same cotton material as his shirt, but has a layer of thick animal hide, to protect any exposed lower areas from harm.

Biography: Saruwatari Hayato was born to Evangeline Hayato and Tai-Ro Hayato, on the continent of Samui. Samui was a continent that raised many strong and independent warriors, who mostly followed a samurai's code. They had clans who had their own sense of justice and lifestyles. Saru was born under the Hayato clan and served as nothing more than a simple huntsman of his village. He excelled at his trade and even had several other skills that he became adept at. Because of this, he became a jack-of-all trades, and was hired many times over, to do odd jobs for the residents of his village.

One day, his village was attacked by a vicious bird creature known as, Yatagarasu. The creature was a three-legged crow who was dubbed as the Embodiment of the Sun. Yatagarasu was hunted as a religious ceremony by all clans and villages of Samui, because of his ability to constantly reincarnate. However, Yatagarasu arose too early, and decided to attack the Hayato clan, because of their legend of leading all of the other clans against the Sun God's revival. The sudden attack rendered most of the villagers killed, along with Saru's own mother and father. Being one of the other several survivors of the attack, Saru gathers the remaining groups, and goes off to begin another Crow Hunt.

Saruwatari eventually goes to the villages across Samui, only to find them in similar states. Taking any survivors with the wills to fight, he forms the next Crow Hunt group, and eventually takes a liking to one of the members. This member, Yuki Fuma, was a powerful samurai of her own, who rivaled the main leaders of the Crow Hunt. They connected with each other immediately and fell in love with one another. For many months to come, the two spent their time slaying the foul minions of Yatagarasu, saving other villages, and keeping the morale up of the Hunters, while also enjoying the passion of each others company.

Eventually, the Crow Hunt finds out that Yatagarasu plans his final attack on the capital city of Sanada, in a bid to take it over and reign as emperor over the land. The group confronts the Sun God at the Emperor's Pagoda. A fierce battle incurs where members of the Crow Hunt fall one by one due to Yata's sheer power. The remaining members of the group, including Saruwatari, Yuki, and a few others, all combine their power, to strike a mortal blow to the crow. Before he succumbs to his wounds, however, he reveals a startling revelation.

It is revealed that Yuki had aroused Yatagarasu from his slumber, by offering her body and lifeforce, as payment for the power he held. He used this to be reborn from her body hundreds of years before his actual rebirth and wreaked the havoc the group had witnessed. Yuki showed her true colors in that moment and finished off the beast before everyone's eyes. She explained to Saruwatari and the remaining Crow Hunters, that it was her plan from the beginning. Yatagarasu had come to her in a dream one night and promised her power to rule over the entire land, as long as he ruled by her side. However, through their deal, Yuki deemed Yatagarasu a relic and felt that he was no longer needed. She planned a coup to overthrow the emperor, have him killed, then use the Crow Hunters to weaken Yata, so she could fully absorb his powers.

Saruwatari was crushed when he learned of this and felt the rage boil within. Despite the protests of his remaining friends, Saru charged at Yuki. She easily defeated him and rendered him incapacitated. Yuki then forced Saru to watch, as she mercilessly tortured and killed off his remaining friends. She did this to weaken Saru completely and destroy any hope of actually beating her. This would render him the perfect empty shell to accompany her on her campaign to rule the rest of the continent. Yuki released Saru and attempted to take his mind under her control with a kiss. However, Saru's hope rekindled when he reflected on the words and memories of his friends and family, giving him the strength to run his bare hand through her chest, to grip her heart.

Yuki was surprised and enraged that even in death, the Crow Hunters managed to piss her off one last time. Yuki planned for this to happen, however, and threatened to detonate her body in a vicious explosion, that would potentially wipe out the entire continent. Saruwatari was faced with the decision to keep her alive and have her reign over the people, or have everything destroyed for the sake of a better world. He closed his eyes for what was going to be a final moment to see his friends and family, before he crushed Yuki's heart. Yuki's body did detonate like she said, but due to Saru's will to keep the future of Samui safe, he tapped into forbidden usage of spiritual arts, to absorb Yuki's mind, body, and spirit, which prevented her violent energies from destroying the capital and all of Samui.

This came at a price. Though Saruwatari managed to prevent the destruction of the entire continent, he had effectively sealed Yuki inside of him, making him the only survivor of the coup. Because of this, when the emperor's son and the rest of the imperial army showed up to the audience room, they found the dead and mangled bodies of the Crow Hunters and the late emperor hung on the walls. Saru was rendered unconscious because of the entire ordeal and his hand was cursed with the power of Yuki's and Yatagarasu's power.

Saruwatari was captured, tried, and sentenced to execution by the new emperor under the pretense that he murdered the late emperor, and the members of the Crow Hunters. Before the date of the execution, while Saru slept and became content with his life being traded away for the safety of Samui, Yuki came to him. His being was still weakened from everything and the woman used this as a way to take over his body. She possessed him for a moment to escape from the prison he was housed in, killed several guards, and stole back Saru's weapon and armor. From there, she planned to escape from the capital and start again from scratch, using Saru's body. However, Saru's will played another factor in the internal struggle, and he fought for his body back. He was successful in the endeavor, but the actions of it left him weak. He collapsed in the wilds just outside the capital, where death was finally certain for him.

But death did not come. Instead, he was saved by a wondering priestess known as, Okuni. The woman brought the scarred Saruwatari back to her shrine and nursed him back to health. She sealed in his left arm through the use of a bandage soaked in the blood of a god and numerous prayer tags. When Saru finally awoke, Okuni briefed him on his situation. She said that the seal Saruwatari did had changed his appearance completely. He now had white hair and even had the same blue eye color Yuki had. She also told him that the best she could do was seal his forbidden powers away. However, she gave the samurai hope and explained that there is a continent much more adept with the use of magic and other rituals, where he could find a person to separate the evil Yuki represented in his being. Okuni described that Mylania was his only hope of surviving and said he should use it as a means to start over.

She gave Saruwatari several weeks to think it all over and he came to a decision on the midnight of his final day. He decided to go on the quest to get rid of the power of Yuki and Yatagarasu completely, much to the happiness of the priestess. Her reward to him was a ceremonial sword used in the slaying of wicked spirits, demons, and even gods. Secondly, she clad his left hand in a crimson gauntlet, made out of an unknown metal. The metal was made out of the blood and bone of a fallen god and would serve as a way for Saruwatari to tap into the power of the Sun God, free of any sort of possible possession by Yuki. However, he was still at risk for having his mind and spirit taken over by the evil woman, should he ever falter in his quest to rid his body of her.

Once he was suited up and armed, Okuni granted him a safe passage from Samui Wilds, to the harbor. From there, Saruwatari boarded a boat that was making a trip to Mylania, and bid farewell to Samui forever. He also thanked and bid Okuni farewell, but she assured him they would meet again. After the goodbyes, Saru turned his eyes towards the horizon of a new land. Though he was scared and unsure of where to go when he arrived, he knew that he would find his way, and break the curse over his body.
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Wheel of Fate
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Wheel of Fate

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PostSubject: Re: Lonesome Road   Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:17 pm

Deep, detailed, and with chick deserving to get stabbed. Approved.
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Lonesome Road
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