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 The Path of Blades

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Saruwatari Hayato


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PostSubject: The Path of Blades   Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:57 pm


Path of Blades: The First Path is a samurai discipline native only to the continent of Samui and can only be utilized by members of the Hayato clan. The Arc-Limit is special for it grants Saruwatari the ability to wield any weapon, regardless of its height, weight, previous master, or any other special requirements. Saru also gains better understanding through constant use of weapons he wields in battles, granting him knowledge about previous owners, latent powers within the weapon, and giving him a better understanding of how to use the weapon as a whole. Essentially, this makes him a weapons master.

The Second Path enables Saruwatari to tap into his spiritual arts and grant him the ability to sense all forms of life and death, on a spiritual plane. This grants him a sixth sense, the ability to discern a person's intentions through the use of seeing their spiritual alignment (also auras), and the ability to track the residue left behind from a soul or spirit. This path also allows Saru to coat his body in spiritual essence, to give him greater resistance to all forms of Chi and Ki type energy.

At the moment, Saruwatari only has access to the first two paths and only through constant meditation and growth, will he be able to access the paths beyond.


Path of Cherry Blossoms: Saruwatari disperses into a large array of cherry blossoms. These petals then move around quickly on the battlefield to cover the opponent in their presence. Should the petals be successful, they'll melt onto the body of the person and when Saruwatari reappears on the battlefield, the opponent will receive slashes up to the amount of melted cherry blossoms on them.

Path of Radiance: Thanks to absorbing the power of Yatagarasu, Saruwatari can coat his blade in a blinding, white-hot, fiery light and use it against an opponent. When hit by the weapon opponents will have their skin seared and the rest of their body go through a slow, agonizing burn, until the fight has ended, or they have died. Opponents who are demonic, monsters, or evil in nature, will receive double the damage from the blade. (Not available as a Genin).

Path of Endurance: Saruwatari braces his body (skin, muscles, and bones) with spiritual energy to receive half the damage from an attack and quickly follow-up with an attack of his own. This is usually done in an instant.

Path of Edges: Saruwatari heightens his movement speed by conditioning his muscles, through the use of spiritual energy. This allows him to become more agile and makes him fast enough to strike at an opponent several times, in one slash.

Eye of Yatagarasu:

The eye that was embedded within Saruwatari's left palm has the ability to absorb all forms of energy. The gauntlet takes this energy and stores it within its own six nodes, to grant Saru different moves depending on how much energy he has absorbed in a battle.

Eye of Greed: Saruwatari uses the power in his left hand, to grab hold of an opponent, absorb all of their buffs and make them his, while also absorbing a bit of their own energy to replenish his. Afterwards, Saru will toss the opponent away.

Eye of Conquering: Saruwatari holds out his left palm and absorbs any chi or ki based projectile that comes in contact with it. This enables him to store energy faster and at a safer distance from an opponent. Larger projectiles or beam-styled projectiles, will have half their energy absorbed, to weaken their overall damage output.

Eye of Desolation: When Saruwatari has absorbed enough energy he can release a powerful beam of destructive energy, that has its damage scaled on how much energy Saru expels into it.

Eye of Opposition: Saru creates a mobile, frontal shield of energy that has the power to deflect and halt physical and magical attacks. The shield is as strong as the energy used to put into it, and lasts for however much energy Saru has left to keep it up.

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Wheel of Fate
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Blades   Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:18 pm

Absorption will be regulated. Approved.
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The Path of Blades
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