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 Untold Potential

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Alethea Rezmak


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PostSubject: Untold Potential   Fri Jan 23, 2015 3:24 am

Arc Limit: Baneful Blessing
An ability bestowed upon the Amazons after their creation from their  ancient ancestor. Through their culture, Alethea and her people were taught in the ways of worship, granting them abilities in the form of magic gifted to them by who they worship. In their case, they worship a god in which they are descendant from; Ares, the god of war. This gift was a way to reflect Ares' ferocity and viciousness nature in battle into the Amazons once created.

Savage Vehemence: An ability that calls upon the inner strength of an individual in order to push one to their absolute limits. It is a condition Alethea enters after acknowledging her god, Ares, through some form of worship. After which, her physical capabilities are greatly enhanced. Her strength will be double of what it is naturally and her defenses bolstered to the likes of which can reduce physical damage immensely. This would include seeing little to no results in from the use of blunt weapons against her and piercing/slashing weapons scraping against the skin. Of course, this also depends on the wielder of the weapon and their skill concerning it. Now, the most notable change can be seen in her speed and agility. These aspects are enhanced to a point that make her highly maneuverable with quick reflexes considering her enormous size in comparison to that of a human. Energy drain is constant as long as this technique is active and, currently, Alethea can only last in it for about thirty seconds as it is quite taxing to maintain.

War Cry: An abnormally loud shout that can be heard from up to three miles away. It is a technique that, once executed, suddenly instills a sense of overwhelming fear in all who hear it. This will render them immobile for about five seconds while wiping away current thoughts and replacing them with those which add to the feeling of fear that the target is overcome by. After the mobility of the target is restored they may still be in a state of shock and need a bit of time to regain their thoughts. It can also be noted that this technique is most effective the closer the target is to Alethea once it is executed. It can also be considered to be an illusion type technique, meaning that the skill and mentality of the target is a factor in how resistant they are to it.

Notable Traits
Combat: In her training Alethea became proficient in both the bow and the double-bladed axe. Her skill with them rival those of an expert level though she is by means a master of them. Even so, what she excels in the most is hand-to-hand combat. While she specializes in no specific fighting style, Alethea is known to perform brutal/rapid attacks using her arms, legs, elbows, knees, and body.

Strength: Alethea hails from a race of beings with great strength to complement their enormous size. She has undergone intense training since her early years as a toddler in order to achieve the level of peak physical condition she has now. As it stands, Alethea's strength allows her to exert a force up to three and a half tons for lifting objects and allowing her to deliver devastating blows in combat that could detrimental if hit. No doubt these attacks would be deadly to the average human being. Her grip is also nothing to take lightly as it alone is able to crush bones with a mere squeeze of her hand.

Defense: Being as physically built as she is, Alethea is able to withstand excessive amounts of blunt damage with minimal effect depending on the type of attack. Her dense muscle can also prove challenging for normal weapons to pierce in to given the wielder. Alethea's bones are extremely dense as well, much more so than those of humans.

Speed: In her physical condition Alethea is able to reach speeds of up to forty miles per hour. This is, of course, gradually gained after seconds of running at lower speeds. Her awareness and reaction time are relatively average.

Healing Factor: While Alethea doesn't have the best of healing factors it certainly is extraordinary in its own right. When it comes to deep wounds inflicted unto her, Alethea will heal with rest and time like most others yet it will take significantly less time depending on the severity of damage done to the body (about two or three days in the worst of cases). This goes for her organs and bones as long as the damage to them is non-lethal. Once fully repaired there are no visible signs of scarring both internally and externally.
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Untold Potential
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