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 That Sunny Kind Of Sand~!

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PostSubject: That Sunny Kind Of Sand~!   Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:44 pm

It was just another beautiful day as the radiant sun shined down upon such a magnificent beach and its many visitors all hoping to enjoy the day with a bit of fun in the sand. Among them would be a rather peculiar individual sitting in what looked to be an old beach chair soon to see the end of its days. At first glance one could mistake this person for a rather young girl though, upon further examination, this would not be the case. Instead, they would hear the soft voice of a male as they passed by his relaxing little setup and hopefully come to the conclusion of his gender on their own. Still, they were sure to keep on their way from this fellow for what the average individual would call a good reason.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, this is the life! Nothin but the breeze through your hair and the sand at your feet. All this in front of a magnificent lake! Ya know what...? We should build ourselves a fine beach house! I bet it'll be quite the marvel. Ain't that right, Pierre?"

He exclaimed while raising a glass to the sight of the glistening lake he faced in front of him. Now you're probably wondering things like, 'Hey, da fuk did he get that glass from?' or 'Who is this Pierre guy?'. Just don't worry about that for now and let's continue with the story. I mean, hopefully you've figured out the main character in all of this at least. Ya know, that guy talking? Yeah that's Azazel... Sorry for the rather informal introduction but that seemed like the best possible time to let you know and well... now you know~! Anyway, let us continue.

"I could sit here all day..."

Azazel spoke again, this time raising his glass beside him as if there were someone next to him to tap it with before putting it down next to his chair. He made sure not to put it under the blood stained shirt that hung from its back. A clear deterrent that went well with his lonesome ramblings for those who chose to walk his way.
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Izanami Tomoe


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PostSubject: Re: That Sunny Kind Of Sand~!   Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:38 pm

After finally leaving the ruins that were Nemesis City, Izanami was astounded to see how much the world had changed. For her, Nemesis City was a technological utopia. But now the world seemed to have forgone common technology and decided to focus more on arcane based things. She hadn't seen a single road or car since she'd left Nemesis City. She had taken the Forest Path to Esperanza and was actually confused at the sight of the city. It looked modern enough, even having a movie theatre. However, the roads were brick and didn't look like they were meant for vehicles other than bikes or carriages to drive on.

Then the large castle that sat at the head of the City made her think it was more of an empire than anything, though she had heard of it before. She knew what to expect for the most part, but seeing something first hand is a lot different than just hearing about it. She had wandered around Esperanza for a while before deciding to take some time to actually experience the world outside of Nemesis. She could go to the King and Queen, but her ignorance of the world would probably not go over so well with them. So instead, she ended up at the beach, admiring the large lake.

After a while she had simply sat in the sand near the water, enjoying the relaxing breeze, spray of the lake, and feel of the sand between her toes. It was only after a few moments to did she hear the words being spoken by Azazel. She glanced back at him and rose an eyebrow.

'Is she talking to herself?' She wondered. From her position she couldn't see the bloodstained shirt on his chair. "Hey, are you talking to me?" She called with a small hint of annoyance, though more curiosity than anything.
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PostSubject: Re: That Sunny Kind Of Sand~!   Mon Feb 09, 2015 1:00 am

"I mean, just look at it! Not every day ya get to see such a beautiful sight... But it could be! It'll be like ge-"

He continued on with his senseless chatter before abruptly stopping upon hearing the voice of another. It was quite an unusual occurrence to be spoken to. One that Azazel rarely found himself in with people other than kinsman of his own. Still, he was certainly one to talk to those who decided to speak with him regardless of how often they chose to do so. So, after giving a rather confused look to the space next to him, he'd turn his attention back towards the girl.

"Of course not, woman! I'm talking with my good pal here, Pierre!"

He spoke with delight in response to her less than friendly tone while pointing his thumb to the side as if suggesting someone were there to fit his description. She was an average looking one. The kind of type he often saw walking around the city, not much different from even those currently around them. Pretty bland come to think of it.
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Izanami Tomoe


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PostSubject: Re: That Sunny Kind Of Sand~!   Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:46 pm

Hearing the voice more clearly now, Izanami wasn't hard pressed to believe that the person was a guy. She cocked her head to the side and furrowed her brow. Beyond his bizarre appearance, the guy was a total schizo apparently.

"There's nobody there..." She called, though she figured she would regret opening her mouth to the person at all. Oh well, too late. At least it was interesting. Maybe this was just something else different with the world now. Maybe Pierre was invisible. WAIT! MAYBE HE WAS A GHOST!

A shiver went down Izanami's spine at the thought of a specter being at the beach. She hugged her knees to her chest with a small 'eep' and stared wide eyed at the chair that Azazel claimed Pierre to be. "Please don't hurt me Mr. Pierre, I'm sorry I said you weren't there!"

Izanami bowed with her head down to the sand.
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PostSubject: Re: That Sunny Kind Of Sand~!   Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:55 am

Oh, now this was quite interesting! Never once had Azazel been graced by the presence of one who took part in his 'psychotic delusions' as most would call them, just as he had put her into the boring category of people he met for saying that no one was there. His curiosity was now somewhat tempting him into further interactions with this one, though his doubt in reaching the pinnacle of interest he often longed for with others lingered. Still, he was always up to try new things!

"Oh come now, woman!" He exclaimed, leaping off of his chair as he did so to land in front of the bowing girl on one hand and his feet in the air. It dug into the shifting sands as he attempted to poke her on the head with his free hand. "Who could you possibly be talking about?"

He'd ask while looking at her with a sort of confused expression. It was one that most often saw on the faces of those who questioned the actions of others in bewilderment, but was he truly baffled? I mean it was only a moment ago he had been talking to no one, and now she was doing it too?! Man... This world just seems to be full of crazies!
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PostSubject: Re: That Sunny Kind Of Sand~!   

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That Sunny Kind Of Sand~!
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