A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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     The depths of Zexus

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    Genin-Level Member

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    PostSubject: The depths of Zexus   Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:14 am

    Name: Zexus

    Class: Necromancer

    Power source:

    Nether: Nether is the material that makes up the Underworld and the Nether Realm and drains life essence. Nether is not visible to the physical world for it is from a different realm entirely. The only way nether can be seen is if it is mixed with the physical world, which is most often darkness. Nether exists wherever death is able to occur. It is more than just the source of energy that drains life essence, it is the power source for all destruction, disorder, disaster, and degeneration of matter, energy, and concepts. It also is the power that makes possible and ensures a soul leaves a body after death.

    Books of power: These ancient texts withhold the spells to unlock beasts and creatures of all kind from the darkness of the underworld. The owner of these books can conjure all the ancient creatures locked away in hell's deepest reaches, but the texts are scattered throughout dozens of hidden necromancy temples. Each book allows the user to unlock further control over the underworld and it's creatures, each having a different chapter on creature and understanding.


    Ethereal summon: the summoning of ghosts and apparitions is a lower class spell that allows the user to conjure up spirits of the deceased to obey their whim. They can fight for the caster or provide information and support. The spirits leave a trail of ectoplasm wherever they travel unless the apparitions posses animals to attack or scout, but they must disband the living being once the caster dispels them or the spell is broken. The spell consists of nothing but the correct Latin. After the short chant the user can summon up to 3 apparitions at once depending on the variation of the spell used.

    Ectoplasm manipulation: Ectoplasm can exist in many physical forms. Usually a deep black viscous goo, Ectoplasm can be a fine incredibly strong fabric, raw energy, or a thick vapor like mist. Ectoplasm is a very vital and multipurpose tool for necromancy. With the manipulation of this substance Zexus can harden the black goo and move it at his will like water manipulation. He can change the physical form of Ectoplasm at will so if it would be able to get on a target he can restrain them with the strong fibers or simply envelope them in a thick fog.

    Ectoplasm production: Zexus can shoot out Ectoplasm in all forms from his hands. In raw energy form of Ectoplasm can be used for spells, recovery, or repulsion in blasts.
    In web form the Ectoplasm envelopes the target continuously like a spider's web would but the Ectoplasm is very durable being difficult to cut with standard blades.
    In vapor form it is simply vapor but can change forms while around the battlefield.
    In plasma form it can simply shoot out in globs or streams. But this liquid is able to be made solid by Zexus' manipulation so the goo can be turned into weapons, spikes, or any other solid object.

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    PostSubject: Re: The depths of Zexus   Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:47 am



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    The depths of Zexus
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