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 Abilities of the General

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the General
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PostSubject: Abilities of the General   Tue Mar 25, 2014 9:23 pm

Powers of a Multiversal Singularity
the General is a being known as a Construct. Constructs are being that have complete mastery over the Real Hologram System. Complete Mastery grants the Construct the ability to manipulate matter, energy, force, anti-matter and various other supernatural forces at will. Such manipulation is only capable by fully utilizing the Real Hologram System. Being a Construct Also makes the General a Multiversal Singularity. This means that there only is and ever will be one the General, unless the General himself deems there to be more, Example: While in Data-Link mode other versions of the General are forced into other realities, dimensions, timelines... ect. Being a Multiversal Singularity also allows the General to traverse all forms of dimensions freely.

Dragon Decapitation Strike
After seeing King Erik and William's ability to Ascend and use Ki, the General became hell bent on doing the same. It wasn't until after the General created Data-Link Mode that the General finally was able to Ascend... or so he thought... the General driven by his insane desire to Ascend would become tainted with this insanity and instead of ascending he would False Ascend through madness and insanity rather than emotion and desire as King Erik and William did. While attaining False Ascension did what the General wanted to it also rendered all of his technology useless thanks to the Real Hologram System becoming corrupted with the insanity the False Ascension form granted the General. The False Ascension manifests itself as a massive red upwards flame-like aura of flowing energy that appears to generate from the General's usually dormant chakra network. This makes it the ONLY ability the General possess that uses his OWN natural human chakra to use.  At time's the Aura can be seen taking the form of the General's Chinese Zodiac, a Dragon. Because of this the General has nicknamed and now calls his False Ascension, the Dragon Decapitation Strike.
The Aura
While the General is using the Dragon Decapitation Strike, the General is surrounded by a massive aura of compressing force that is always crushing at his body. This force also causes anything that comes into the aura to be subjected to this crushing force. It is also thanks to the Dragon Decapitation Strikes, Strength Augmentation that the General is able to withstand the crushing force himself.
Disintegration is a passive The Aura gives off, it cause anything that cones inside of it to be subject to a matter, energy, force and supernatural consuming power that makes it so getting caught inside the aura would be deadly.
Things caught within the aura are gradually drained of what ever power them. On top of that, matter that has been broken down by Disintegration is converted to power for the Aura.
Concussion Strikes
Each punch, kick, or physical strike that is made while using the Aura is followed by a massive shotgun style blast of the Aura that moves at supersonic speeds.
Thanks to the Dragon Decapitation Strike the General is gifted with strength, while not as strong as even normal King Erik, the General is still considerably strong.

While not as fast as while he wore the Tachyon Accelerator the General is still fast.

Material Ki[spoiler]
Spiritual ki/chakra/chi is the natural energies that flow through our bodies in a network of channels.

Elemental Material Ki
Elemental Material Ki is a basic form of spiritual ki found coursing through the bodies of all living beings. When channeled in the right ways this ki can be used to form Elemental Material Ki attacks that have the properties of any element they are infused with. When the Elemental Material Ki becomes infused with it's elemental attribute it acts as the element but does not show signs of it being so. So if one tried to scan or manipulate it they would always see or feel it as basic spiritual ki. Th amount of damage is based on the attacker's magic effectiveness and the defenders magic resistance. Upon hitting the defender the Elemental Material Ki will disperse across the defenders body acting like metaphysical damage but with one difference, the point where the attack hits is where the most damage occurs.

Raw Material Ki
Raw Material Ki is the ability to expel one's own spiritual ki in the form of balls or beams of crackling energy. This is different from Elemental Material Ki in the way that it does not embed itself with elemental properties. The balls cause less damage, fire faster and can be spammed, the beams fire slow, move slower and cause greater damage.

Organic Material Ki
Organic Material Ki allows the General to generate and regenerate living tissue, organs and body parts including nerves.

Nature Material Ki
Natural material Ki allows the Genera to generate and grow plant life.

Soul Material Ki
Soul Material Ki is a type of spiritual ki that allows the user to transfer a portion of their soul into a physical object to animate that object into performing the will of the one who transferred it. This ability only works on something that is non living and that does not already have soul or soul Ki flowing through it.

Construction Material Ki
Construction Material Ki is the ability to transmute other carbon based substances into another substance of the users will. This is like Soul Material Ki in the way that it reforms things. However this Ki form does not embed the users soul into the object. This allows for the more risky attacks and defenses to be used.

Destruction Material Ki
Destruction Material Ki is a type of energy that allows the user to send destructive Ki from their body into other non living objects in order to try and demolish them. This can be used for shielding oneself or taking out enemy weapons. (K this is not a godhack I'm invincible and you can't touch me thing. Note that it says TRY)

Bio-Destruction Material Ki
Bio-Destruction Material Ki is the same as Destruction Material Ki only that it works on living things. This has enough power to seriously damage a lower ranking opponent but costs a lot of Ki to use.

Mental Material Ki
Mental Material Ki allows the General to directly attack the targets soul, doing so causes the target to move slower and have less of a reaction speed, making them easier to hit and such.

Space and Time Material Ki
Space and Time Material Ki allows the General to use his Ki for warping and bending time and reality, for things like temporal wakes and portals.

Special Ki Attacks
These are attacks that use one type of Ki but are much stronger than normal due to their high Ki output.

This a charged shot of Raw Material Ki that fires out in a 1 meter wide beam of dense Ki that grows infinitly stronger the longer the General fires the beam.

Combination Material Ki
Combination Material Ki is any of the above Material Ki's combined into one new ability. The list is here:

Fusion is a combination of Organic Material Ki, Mental Material Ki and Soul Material Ki. Fusion allows the General to fuse organic and living creatures together. Once together the two minds, bodies, abilities, ki/chakra and souls become one and a new warrior is formed.

Buster Cannon
Buster Cannon is a combination of Raw Material Ki and Destruction Material Ki. It has the ability to completely ignore defenses and shields, living defenses and weapons and damage the opponent.

Imperial Buster Cannon
Imperial Buster Cannon is a combination of Elemental Material Ki and Destruction Material Ki. It is meant as the same style attack as the Buster cannon but can be embedded with Elements for an added elemental effect.

Decimation Disk
Decimation Disk is a combination of Elemental Material Ki, Bio-Destruction Ki and Soul Material Ki. It forms a razor thin disk meant for slicing and dicing, it also has a homing effect controlled by the General.

Multiform is a combination of Organic Material Ki, Mental Material Ki and Soul Material Ki, it allows the General to create up to 4 clones of himself, but cause his power to be divided evenly between the 4 clones.

Supreme Imperial Buster Cannon
Supreme Imperial Buster Cannon is a combination of Raw Material Ki, Elemental Material Ki, Destruction Material Ki and Bio-Destruction Material Ki. It is the ultimate attack in terms of offensive. It has the power to critically damage an opponent ignoring all defenses.

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PostSubject: Re: Abilities of the General   Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:27 pm

Now, I know you've got a lot of experience of suppressing the abilities of your characters who seem to be above Genin rank. What I want you to do is use the striking feature while editing to cross off all of the abilities to put yourself at Genin rank. I'm not saying you have to delete anything, just cross it off until you reach a rank you see it fitting. Do this for your weapon list as well.
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the General
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Genin-Level Member

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PostSubject: Re: Abilities of the General   Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:31 am

Brought back the handy little chart for the weapons and abilities, the one ves hated so much, lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Abilities of the General   

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Abilities of the General
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