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 - Hydrokinetic Serenity

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PostSubject: - Hydrokinetic Serenity   Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:38 pm

Hydrokinetic Water Release Properties
Principle Name: Shape
Jutsu Description: Prescilla's first principle of her mastery of the water release is to employ her natural chakra control to change the shape of water in her vicinity into something else, by invoking this talent Prescilla's abilities allows her to command the water to maintain that shape near-indefinitely. At its most basic, this ability allows her to shape her water-based attacks into the shape most suited for the situation. However, when combined with her other abilities it blesses her with a tremendous amount of diversity and versatility; most commonly manipulating the moisture in the atmosphere in order to attack opponents unerringly with powerful consecutive attacks whose force are often likened to that of a tidal wave. Prescilla's mastery of this principle is enough to allow her to perform a wide array of enormous feats, all from shaping hyper-pressurized lances of water fit to pierce their way through even the strongest of materials and defenses to summon forth massive tidal waves fit to cleanse entire villages.

Principle Name: Mass
Jutsu Description: Known as Prescilla's Second Principle, Mass doesn't have the immediate power and endless potential that the three true Principles have, but in spite of this Mass is an extremely powerful ability in that it provides a foundation for some of Prescilla's most dangerous Ninjutsu techniques, which while they're not nearly as destructive as those provided by the three main principles are still much easier to control and employ successfully. This ability is achieved as a cross between Prescilla's impeccable chakra control and his abnormally strong affinity with the element of water, granting her the unique ability to alter the physical mass of water. This allows Prescilla to actually compact a huge amount of water (hundreds to thousands of gallons) into a much smaller form, typically being manifested as hovering sphere of water of moderate size. While not in combat, several of these water spheres orbit around Prescilla's form endlessly - ensuring that She's always capable of defending herself if attacked. These compressed spheres of water serve as some of the most powerful offensive and defensive applications of her mastery over the water release, in that Prescilla may instantly release the compressed water from it confines at the slightest provocation, causing a shockwave of immense pressure to be unleashed from the sphere along with a sudden torrent of raging water, any Shinobi other than Prescilla whom are within close range of the sphere when she expands it in this manner, will have their bodies pulverized by the immense pressure and force which results when such a massive body of water tries to instantly escape an impossible confinement. Aside from this use, when a large body of water is compressed - it creates an vacuum of great power centered around the growing water sphere itself, this vacuum, empowered with immense attractive forces is powerful enough to create a potent gravitational pull which if not properly responded to may easily throw any nearby individuals off their feet and have them be dragged towards the sphere at high speeds.

Principle Name: Flow
Jutsu Description: Prescilla's third principle is considered to be more advanced than the previous two, and even with its most fundamental of applications, Prescilla has the power to influence the direction and the manner that a liquid flows; at its most basic - the ability manipulates the flow of Prescilla's water according to her wishes, allowing her water to move with the same versatility and grace as that of natural born dancer. The movements being controlled entirely by Prescilla's mind and chakra control, allowing her to manipulate the flow of water remotely and without even the slightest movement; these attacks strike with unerring speed on their own, but if she directs the water by hand motions it reaches speeds capable of keeping up with Shinobi of exceptional mobility. Through the use of Flow there is no way that is impossible for the user in regards to moving the liquid bodies at her command, exemplified by Prescilla having shown the ability to manipulate the waves of water in erratic and chaotic manners which would be improbable to outright impossible to achieve otherwise. Despite its great combative use however, Flow's real powers is only fully realized when it is combined with Prescilla's other Principles; and by channeling chakra through the water naturally present in the atmosphere, along with manipulation of his conjured clouds its possible for Prescilla to manifest whirling columns of water which moves along the length of Prescilla's area of influence; creating environmental hazards for her opponent - Nagare remains one of Prescilla's most powerful principles, being so powerful that it when combined with her other Principles allows Prescilla to enact extraordinary influence on the environment around her, as well as affording her a significant amount of power over the weather.
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PostSubject: Re: - Hydrokinetic Serenity   Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:43 pm



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- Hydrokinetic Serenity
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