A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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Aliyah Rozalyn
Timeless Child of the Moon :::: Yoruichi
Timeless Child of the Moon :::: Yoruichi

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PostSubject: Do you remember?    Tue Aug 11, 2015 8:53 pm

Just as many would do, she appeared out of nowhere with all the haste of someone impatient. As such, she wasted no time in moving right into the fountain after kicking her shoes off. The pure water tickled her porcelain feet and brought small giggles from the girl. One would think that she were contaminating the water, however she was pure in bothbody and soul. Even without her own resonance with water.

"So...I just wait. He won't keep me waiting long."
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Aliyah Rozalyn
Timeless Child of the Moon :::: Yoruichi
Timeless Child of the Moon :::: Yoruichi

Posts : 7

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PostSubject: Re: Do you remember?    Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:39 am

She frowned. She felt his energy but it wasn't approaching her own. With a sigh, she glared in the direction of his presence. "So he doesn't remember..."

The girl would have shed a tear if she were the her that the memories she held came from. However, she was far beyond the age of the previous her. Her fragmented soul had been repaired and there was no reason for her to let grief over take her. Instead, she simply made a clone, forming from a black substance that leaked from her arms and chest. It formed a perfect replica of the girl before vanishing to find him.

"Will you remember if you see me...Jaden Yamada?"
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