A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 Accepting things for what they are...

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PostSubject: Accepting things for what they are...   Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:24 pm

Name: (Mathias Elegy)
Age: 31
Species: Projective Musician/Summoner/Novice Necromancer (Human)

Elements: Sound Chakra, Dark Chakra.

Personality: Always in good spirits. Cool, calm, and collected. Has a tendency to let his imagination/perception guide him into trance-like states, demonstrated by musical efforts. He hates being guided through things when he is competent. He loves when his efforts are rewarded with applause because that is all he ever wants. That spotlight.
Appearance: See Avatar Photo.

History: As a boy growing up in a world where his musical talents guide him into a well ushered lifestyle, Mathias never really held an unpopular status. His name stretches a small, surmountable bit of Mylania. His parents were two musicians who played until their deaths.

From a very young age, Mathias mastered plenty of instruments. His tastes lies with the violin, however. There is just something about the way the notes carry their way into his soul, which is why he would have to hold it above all of the others. His parents could also play multiple instruments separately. It was such a grand sight to see that their son took after them, and had such a strong pull on his ancestral heritage at a young age.

Mathias is a guy who knows that everything has a reason for happening. What he does not know yet is that there are some things that are happen for no reason at all. Like the Spiritual.

He has a dormant, dark chakra which sits inside of the pit of his soul which thumps inside of him like a healthy, pulsing vein. This is his Darkness chakra. This chakra was passed down into him by his grandfather, Fineas Elegy. Fineas was known as a wild necromancer. Word was that he was cursed, being forced to sneak into the camp to see his grandson, Mathias.

He and Mathias were really close. Some would say even closer than his parents were to him, but we all know that can be easily misconstrued through a matter of perception. Fact was, Fineas and Mathias were thick as thieves. As he grew older, getting into the age where he was ready to see what else what out in the world, he and his grandad took their time with exploration, honing skills. Together, they became smarter and smarter until they were ambushed and captured by soldiers from home. As they were brought home, Fineas was put to execution for the threat of taking Mathias against his will, even though Mathias pled and confirmed otherwise.

This crushed and confused Mathias for a long while, but eventually, he began to accept that it was the way things needed to be.
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True Uchiha :: Tsuchikage
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PostSubject: Re: Accepting things for what they are...   Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:44 am

Thank you for following the template. Approved.


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Accepting things for what they are...
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