A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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     Ode del acente

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    Alraune Rozalyn
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    Genin-Level Member

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    PostSubject: Ode del acente   Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:47 pm

    Arc Limit: Clockwork

    Just as her sister, Alraune has control of space and time to a certain degree, however, as a genin, its very bare minimal. As of now, Alraune is able to freeze time from 5 to 10 seconds at a time and only within a 30 meter radius of herself. This is the only use for this ability at the moment and more won't be unlocked until she regains more memories and also reaches Sp. Jonin.

    Spacial wise, Alraune is able to summon forth knives from an unknown pocket dimension. She can infinitely draw these knives, but carries multiples on her person at all times just in case.

    Living Construct: Alraune is a living construct. She is able to take the form of a weapon or vehicle, however as a genin, she is only capable of turning parts of her body into bladed weapons.

    Precise Wavelength

    Just like her sister, this is a wavelength that allows Alraune to have pinpoint reflexes, mental capabilities and accuracy. She is able to use her wavelengths physically as well to loosen or tighten her muscles at will, giving her high defense, high speed, high strength, and even high flexibility. A product of this is her Soul Flare technique which allows her to concentrate the wavelengths just enough to precisely deal damage to the opponent. Allows her to easily be able to move her wavelengths to the precise level of the opponents to cancel them out.

    Mentally, the precise wavelength allows Alraune to have complete calm and focus, down to the most precise detail within her own thoughts and of the world around her. Alraune's intellect is great enough to comprehend over a million different minute details in a situation in a fraction of a second, allowing her to be the best Maid in the world.

    Flowing Wavelength

    A wavelength that allows Alraune to easily resonate, as well as adapt to the opponents energy/aura/wavelength etc. If she intakes the opponents wavelength, she can circulate it throughout her body, coupling it with her precise wavelength to instantly and precisely mold it to her own wavelength. While doing this, the effects of that wavelength are weakened, not canceled, depending on the strength of her opponent. She is then able to take on the traits of the wavelength herself, making it even harder for the opponent to use that wavelength against her. This also allows her to eradicate and become immune to certain types of poisons, energies, and wavelengths used against her.

    Anti-Precise Wavelength

    The inverse of her precise wavelength at her disposal makes it so as long as she is exuding her wavelength and the opponent is within either her line of sight, or in distance of an ability used for sensing or tracking, their accuracy is almost non-existent when trying to hit her. However, as a genin, this ability effects Alraune as well, taking away all of her precision and not allowing her to use the Precise wavelength at the same time.

    (Alraune focuses on hand to hand combat over abilities as of now)

    Water Bending: Alraune can control and create water, using either Ki or Chi. She can not create resonating water as a genin.

    Water Seal-Needle Storm: Alraune makes a puddle of water with a seal in it. Once the opponent either steps in it or comes close, the water shoots at the opponent like needles.

    Great Flowing River: Alraune spews a lakes worth of water to swamp the area, maneuver, attack the foe, or to create cover. Expends an alarming amount of chakra as a genin.

    Great Flowing River Prison: After succeeding with the GFR, or by having the opponent in or on some form of water, uses another hand sign to trap the opponent in an orb of pressurized water. Only with enough chakra to equal or exceed the pressure can they escape.

    Great Flowing River Collapse: After the prison has been created, can create one last hand sign to have the pressure increase and crush the opponent inside.

    Heart of the Mermaid: Allows Alraune to become water and move great distances in split seconds while in water, almost as if teleporting. Can also be used between different bodies of water.

    Une Abilities

    (Locked until story progresses and she reaches at least Sp. Jonin)

    Dead Forest: Alraune turns the entire landscape into a black forest that conceals the path ahead with utter darkness. Illusions appear in the forest drawing from the foes memories and nightmares, draining them of their life force over time.

    Soul Thorns: A valley of dark thorns covers the lands, wrapping around the foe when they experience, fear, anger, confusion, or pain. The thorns suck out their emotions as well as their memories and chakra, killing swiftly but more painfully than the dark forest.
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    Dente Wolfheart
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    Solidum Furor :::: Reijikage

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    PostSubject: Re: Ode del acente   Thu Oct 27, 2016 2:05 am

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    Ode del acente
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