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PostSubject: Weapons of a King   Weapons of a King EmptyWed Mar 26, 2014 2:41 am

Gaian Hammer/Miller WarHammer
The Miller WarHammer was originally a small box built as a container for the Red Kydarin Crystal. This small box allowed the Sanctity Treaty to safely extract the Red Kydarin Crystal's Cosmic Force and convert it to usable energy. Seeing this as an opportunity to make the ultimate weapon, King Erik stole the box and created the Miller WarHammer. Not stopping at just a new weapon, Erik decided that he fuse part of his soul to the weapon allowing him full control over the Red Kydarin Crystal, something even the Constructs of the Sanctity Treaty had been unable to do. Erik now uses this hammer to liberate worlds colonized by the Sanctity Treaty, returning them to the glory they had before human interaction, even if the humans did nothing to harm the worlds they colonized.

The Red Kydarin Crystal is a one of a kind Kydarin Crystal that is unique in a way that makes it unreplicatable. It was reverse engineered from the original Kydarin Crystal. Like the original Kydarin Crystal, the Red Kydarin Crystal draws in energy from the cosmos. It stores this energy inside it's own dimensional pocket. To tap into this Cosmic Force, Erik requires the Miller WarHammer.

Gaia Wrath
After fusing his soul with the Red Kydarin Crystal in the Miller WarHammer, Erik was gifted with the essence of all the wrath of the Planet Earth that humans so carelessly abused. Erik is able to tap into a planets Gaia force and control and need it to his will. He can do anything from grow plants to create wall of diamond. Listed below are only the most powerful of his Gaia Force attacks.

Gravity Well
By manipulating a planet's Gaia forces, Erik can create gravity hotspots that appear 100 meters into the ground and rapidly expand to pull anything around them and above them inwards. This has enough force to compact large objects into marble sized balls of carbon.

Gaian Warrior
Erik is capable of creating Gaian Warriors using pure Gaian Force from his Hammer. These Gaian Warriors are directly connected to Erik and can be augmented by Erik by siphoning elemental energy to them.

Gaia's Cannon
At the start of each battle a feint humming sounds begins, and with each passing second this humming sound grows louder. As each passing second goes by the power of this attack grows and grows. This attack when used causes a massive beam of Gaia Force to shoot upwards from the planet to engulf the target. The size of this attack always varies depending on the targets and regardless of the size of the attack the power output is always the same. It is one of Erik's strongest attacks, depending on the length charged.

Infinite Growth
Infinite Growth is an ability that is activated at the beginning of battle. With each passing second Earth's Gaia Forces inside Erik's Miller WarHammer are pulled into Erik's body gradually increasing his overall stats and power. The longer a battle drags on the quicker the opponents defeat will become. At any point after 16 posts/turns Erik can release the seals which lock in Earth's Gaia's rage to unleash the true rage of Earth's Gaia, even in this form Erik's power continues to grow.

Earth Gaia Rage Form - Ascension
Weapons of a King Pbucket
The Earth Gaia Rage Form, is an ability Erik began to look into after William Suwhenzetie first Ascended. Because of William Suwhenzetie's Ascension, Erik became fixated on having such power. Many attempts brought Erik to False-Ascension, but only one brought him to full Ascension. Erik, to Ascend, had to combine his energy, soul and mind, with the rage of Earth's Gaia. This granted Erik the ability to Ascend and also to use Ki.

Material Ki - Gifted to Erik after Ascending

Tachyon Accelerator Alpha "Wings of Bereavement"
A Tachyon Accelerator Alpha also known as the Wings of Bereavement is a generator that outputs very harmful Tachyon Particles. The Tachyon Accelerator was originally developed as a particle accelerator by the United States of America to see what would happen if particles collided. Similar technology would be used at a later date as a star ship power source by The Unites States of Earth. Further development would lead to the Alpha prototype Tachyon Accelerator known as The Wings of Bereavement, the Tachyon Accelerator Beta and finally the Eximus System Accelerator. Operation of the Tachyon Accelerator is virtually invisible to such methods of detection as Infra-red search and track, radar and most human made tracking systems. Unlike the Tachyon Accelerator Beta the Tachyon Accelerator Alpha is not used in conjunction with a Tachyon Blanket. The Tachyon Blanket is a special filter used to prevent the Tachyon particles from damaging living organism caught within the Accelerators radius of output particles. Unlike the General's Tachyon Accelerator Beta, the Alpha until does not posses Fin Funnels and the various types of advanced shielding.

Harmful Tachyons
Because the Tachyon Accelerator Alpha does not posses a Tachyon Blanket, the entire systems releases tachyons that are harmful to living things. These particles effect nervous systems, brainwaves, energies and even slowly cause the atomic structure of living organisms to break down.

The Tachyon Accelerator Alpha has the Ability to Quantize. This is literally its own form of teleportation. It does this by adding energy from the Tachyon Accelerator Alpha into the orbits of the electrons of the atoms of space around it and in it allowing the Tachyon Accelerator Alpha to jump to a higher energy level, called an excited state. Quantizing allows the Tachyon Accelerator Alpha to jump into the Kydarin Crystal's Void. The longest distance one can Quantize is around 1 billion light years and the longest a person has ever remained inside the void is 0.5 seconds.

Data Link Mode
Data Link Mode is a system that temporarily removes the 'limiter' on the Tachyon Accelerator Alpha. Under normal operation, the limiter reduces the output of the Tachyon Accelerator Alpha while the system itself stores up any excess Tachyon Particles created inside the Tachyon Condensers. With the limiter deactivated, the Tachyon Accelerator Alpha can then operate at its full power by releasing all of their stored Tachyon Particles instantaneously. These stored Tacyon Particles saturate the Tachyon Accelerator Alpha, air around the Tachyon Accelerator Alpha and Erik's eyes to give it a Red hue, and the abilities of Erik are increased times 3 while the system is active and speed is increased to the point of mach 5. His energy use is reduced by 90%. However, this boost in performance is only temporary as once all the released energy and Tachyon Particles dissipate, the Tachyon Accelerator Alpha must replace the spent energy causing the Tachyon Accelerator Alpha to lose functionality until the energy is replaced.

Real Hologram System
The Real Hologram System is a system that can construct, manipulate and replicate matter, as long as the desired molecular structure is on file. Only a few select people have absolute control over it. These people are known as Operators. The Operator is also known as a Construct because a Real Hologram System has been fused with their body essentially making them immortal while the Real Hologram System is active within them. In the History of the Sanctity Treaty only 4 Constructs have ever existed. (King Erik, the General, Revil, and Faith). The Real Hologram System works by rearranging subatomic particles, which are abundant everywhere in the universe, to form molecules and arrange those molecules to form the objects. For example, to create steak, the Real Hologram System would first form atoms of carbon, hydrogen, etc., then arrange them into amino acids, proteins, vitamins and cells, then put it all together into the form of a steak. The Real Hologram System has allowed the Sanctity Treaty to rapidly expand their empire by almost 98% in less than 50 years. With the Systems ability combined with the Kydarin Crystal it allows the Sanctity Treaty to instantly summon fleets and cities even construct planets with enough Systems. This has also ended humanities era as planet and resource sapping beings and has let humanity live as one with nature.


The Real Hologram System is the most important piece of technology in the Sanctity Treaty, the Real Hologram System is used automatically provide people and living beings with the essential nutrients and vitamins as well as medicines and treatments, thus eliminating the need to stock provisions and medical supplies. The Real Hologram System is also used to provide breathable air on ships and colonies (and to disassemble the carbon dioxide exhaled by the crew and people), thus providing an endless supply of oxygen and eliminating the need to carry air tanks or environmental suits. The technology is also used for the automated repair of any Sanctity Treaty technology that is within range of a Real Hologram, which makes it possible to repair most ship damage without having to return to a space docks or colonies. Other applications include the creation of robots as well as everyday objects such as toys and souvenirs. Sanctity Treaty safety protocols prevent unauthorized replication of dangerous objects, such as weapons and poisonous substances. Replication of any medicine is restricted to medical personnel bearing a valid identification code and dna sequencing. The Real Hologram System can also convert matter into Fake Kydarin Crystals. Following that principle, the device can dismantle any object into subatomic particles. The ensuing energy can then be stored in Fake Kydarin Crystals for future use or immediately applied in a subsequent replication. This process is referred to as "recycling", and is applied to everything from dirty dishes to damaged colonies. By virtually eliminating material scarcity, Real Hologram technology plays an important role in the moneyless human economy within the Sanctity Treaty.

By using the full capabilities of the Real Hologram System, Erik has gained complete and absolute control over his own being, allowing him to manipulate his shape, density or size. He can also be solid, liquid, gaseous, or pure energy if he wanted. Erik is capable of shapeshifting to any form that he can imagine. This does not mean Erik is immune to external alterations, but is does mean he can change back instantly, rendering such efforts meaningless.

After the Real Hologram System was used to make humans immune to viruses, bacteria, infection and sickness, slow down the aging process allowing humans to live up to 210 years of age, and a plethora of other things, the Real Hologram eventually became essential and it was suggested one be put into every newborn baby. The first to be put to this test was Samual Lyon. With the Real Hologram as part of his body as well as the programming it held, Sam eventually reached the age of 50 where the Real Hologram System slowed his ageing down and eventually stopped it making him nearly immortal. After this had been discovered King Erik and Supreme Representative Sywyk both agreed that this technology held more negatives than positives and made it illegal as well as changed the programming so that any humans with the Real Hologram System would not become immortal and would age like any others. Despite making this law and programming Sywyk and Erik used this technology to become immortal. Erik and Sywyk began referring to humans who used the Real Hologram for immortality as Constructs. Samual was eventually killed by King Erik. Along with immortality, a construct also has full control of the Real Hologram System allowing them to override programming and limitations the system would have on humans. Unknown to Sywyk and Erik, the Real Hologram System has also made then a Multiversal Singularity. In the History of the Sanctity Treaty only 4 Constructs have ever existed. ("King" Erik Miller, "the General" William Sywyk, Abraham Noah Revil, and F.A.I.T.H.). Revil is the only Human Construct who has allowed himself to age while using the unrestricted system.

A Construct is a Multiversal Singularity. This makes a Construct unable to be mimicked, copied or replicated. This ability makes a Construct absolutely one of a kind preventing them from being forcibly replicated/cloned, having powers mimicked, or being mimicked by Shapeshifters and Illusionists. In addition to this, no one can ever mimic a Constucts voice, hand writing or their skills/movements or weapons. They possess a physical, psychic, and empathic trait that marks them special, so even if someone tried to disguise themselves as a Construct, people who know the Construct would notice the ruse. There aren't even other Construct's in alternate realities, realms, universes and dimensions. A Constructs weapons and abilities can only be used by other Constructs using the Real Hologram System. They can also be used if a Construct allows another to, but the given weapon or ability must have differences from the original. When a construct dies, their spirit and being is sent to another dimension and as soon as it is they learn the ability to dimension hop

Holographic Universal Display System
the Holographic Universal Display System or HUDS was designed to interface with the everyday soldier's eyes allowing for such things as, Telesopic Veiw, Radar, Range finding, calculating the composition of matter, and Night Visions. All of this data and types of viewing are then relayed to the processor of the Holographic Universal Display where the data is processed at instantaneous speeds and relayed to back to the eyes of the soldier.

The Types of Vision Provided By The HUDS
Optical Telescopic View
Optical Telescopic View is a visual digital magnification system that can focus and magnify images up to 44,000 meters away.

Radar is an object-detection system that uses electromagnetic waves—specifically radio waves—to identify the range, altitude, direction, and speed of both moving and fixed objects such as aircraft, ships, spacecraft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather formations, terrain, magical abilities, elemental attack and more. the soldierKs HUDS transmits pulses of elector-magnetic which bounce off any "object" in their path. The "object" returns a tiny part of the wave's energy to the soldier's HUDS.

Laser Range Gated Imaging
Laser range gated imaging is a form of active night vision which utilises a high powered pulsed light source for illumination and imaging. Range gating is a technique which controls the laser pulses in conjunction with the speed of the detectors. The detector integrates the light pulses to form an image.

Thermal Vision
Thermal imaging perceives thermal radiation and does not need a source of illumination. It produces an image even in the darkest of nights and can see through light fog, rain, illusions, magic, dust and smoke. Thermal imaging makes even the smallest of temperature differences is visible.

X-rays are like light in that they are electromagnetic waves, but they are a higher frequency and lower wavelength so they can penetrate many materials to varying degrees. Since human, rocks, steel and other masses all absorb X-rays at different levels, the data transmitted to the HUDS virtually allows the soldier to see through objects.

Sub-Quantum Analyzer
The Sub-Quantum analyzer is a system that is used to analyse energy, life, atom, matter, soul and all the things that make up the universe. It does this by sending out Seltron Waves. Seltron Waves are a higher form of gamma radiation that does not have an effect on anything and can not be detected without a Sub-Quantum Analyzer. Seltron Waves work by being transmitted from the HUDS, bouncing relentlessly off objects then quickly returning to the source where the data collected is analysed by the HUDS. This means that the soldier is able to see things not visible to the naked eye as well as see things far off. It also vastly improves his HUDS' other views.

Using all the data from all the other types of visions the HUD can filter out things, such as walls or smoke so that they appear as gone when needed. This also works for holograms and illusions.[/spoiler]
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Weapons of a King
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