A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 Half Hallow

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PostSubject: Half Hallow   Mon Nov 07, 2016 4:34 am

Name: Aura
Age: Unknown
Species: Lich Mamono

Elements: Darkness, Lightning

Personality: Usually calm, she lets off a normal, yet somewhat cold, aura. She is fairly monotonous and blunt, though her sense of humor shows itself when least expected. She is devoted to the teachings of The Necromancer, though she isn't fond of being completely evil. She is in it for the research, usually shutting off her emotions to reach a result.


History: Aura isn't from Mylania. The realm in which she hails from is known as Iris as well, however, in which the world is mostly populated and dominated by different species of women known as Mamono. Aura was initially human. However, she was slain by a powerful Mamono while young. Her soul entered into the spirit realm in which she sought knowledge on the living and the dead. During her studies, she began to imbue her soul with magic only learned from the spirit realm. Her curiosity grew over the centuries she spent in the spirit realm and eventually she was able to resurrect herself. Finding her body had decayed, she tried to reanimate it as best she could as a spirit and thus became a Mamono variant of a Lich.

Mamono Lich are powerful human sorceresses who have changed into the undead. They possess much greater magic power than they did while among the living. They are terrifying high ranked undead that can freely us various spells such as 'necromancy' and 'eromancy', which manipulates lust and heightens pleasure. Most of them have a strong fixation with and a thirst for knowledge, which Aura had while among the living. As a Mamono she also has a strong lust for sex and the knowledge of pleasure.

Most benevolent Lich Mamono become so immersed in their studies that they tend to stick to themselves away from populated settlements. They rarely come before people in general. HOwever, because of their strong sex drive and curiosity, they will kidnap and rape men and women every now and then. The person is usually never heard from again as they are used as test subjects afterwards.

In Aura's case, she barely spent any time as a Lich within her own world. Only after 20 years of being resurrected, she was pulled into the current world of Iris by an unknown power. Here, she was able to watch the rise and fall of a woman known as the Necromancer. Enthralled by the woman's work, Aura followed the Necromancer from the shadows for all of her natural life, taking notes and studying everything she did. She became enamored and would even admit that she probably could not match what the woman had done if she had remained within her own world.

When the Necromancer was killed, Aura lost hope and hid away from the world for almost 500 years. However, during those 500 years, her research led her to a way to revive a human turned Lich without the need for spirit training. She spent several years developing a cult dedicated to the Necromancer, steeling her emotions to allow for sacrifices. It was all for the better of humanity to her. After several more years, a sect of her cult finally found a way to revive the Necromancer without the need to use all of their members spirit energy, including Aura's. Aura sent the cult members to the Crimson Angel Cemetery to perform the ritual. She would hide in the shadows, still shy of meeting her hero.


The ritual would succeed and the cult members would be sacrificed, as she knew would happen. The small guilt that hit her faded the moment she saw the Necromancer. As she watched the woman taking in the new world, she tried to muster up the courage to speak with her. However, another woman appeared first and began to speak to her idle as if she were her equal. The rage Aura felt was shadowed by the trembling power from the woman as well as from the Necromancer. Her anger soon turned to curiosity once again as the new woman interested her now. However, first and foremost, she awaited the moment to introduce herself to her hero, and hopefully her new master.
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PostSubject: Re: Half Hallow   Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:40 am

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Half Hallow
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