A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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PostSubject: Necrophilim    Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:33 am

Judgment Spark- Aura is capable of channeling the power of Hades himself within her lightning spells. She is able to cast and control tendrils of black electricity, as well as shoot black lightning, that is imbued with so much dark magic and tainted spirit energy, it is able to corrode the body, mind, and spirit. However, doing so leaves nothing behind for her research so she tries not to use the technique too often. The lightning's static can linger on a surface or within a being. For those of a weaker mind and spirit, the only way to cleanse the effect is through Lethere. Others with a strong enough will and spirit can cleanse themselves over time.

Animate Dead- Aura obtained the knowledge to raise the dead. However, after spending so much time within the spirit realm, she refuses to pull the spirits of the deceased back into the living, not wishing to rip them from either their eternal happiness or eternal punishment. Therefor, she can animate a corpse of her choosing within 100 meters of herself. After performing the spell once, she is able to animate 2 corpses from then on every post, up to 40 corpses at once. The corpse will only retain its abilities up to 1 rank lower than itself and its movement capabilities will be stunted upon its first turn of revival. If the corpse is able to survive up to 4 post, it regains its own cognitive functions and rank.

Convert Memory- Aura is able to extract the memories of any recently deceased being. The memories are recorded within her grimoire and can be sent into any prepared body to act as the person or creature up to their point of death. The animated being will have free will up to the extent that they cannot hurt or disobey Aura or anyone she assigns them to assist. The memories of the person only last for 24 hours and once they are used up, they are gone for good.

Dark Bonding- Aura can resonate her dark energy with those who also have dark energy. While doing this, Aura not only amplifies her own dark prowess, but the resonated persons as well. The two become capable of casting each others spells and any unique attributes of their abilities feed off of one another. Any undead raised by Aura will also be under the control of the bonded and any buffs gained through this transfers to the undead as well.

Presence of Lust- Aura has imbued her new body with a growing enthrallment spell from her section of eromancy. She has the ability to instill a growing lust within those of weaker minds within a 20 foot radius of herself. The lust is generally directed towards her, making people eager to please her.

Grasp of Sensuality- Branching from her presence of lust, if Aura touches the skin of a being while purposefully channeling her presence, their mind will be filled with an intoxicating lust. Their body will heat up to the point where they can barely move and their sensitivity for pleasures will reach new heights. If Aura were to kiss the being, they would immediately lose their mind to ecstasy and become incapacitated.

Heightened Senses- More or less a trait with Lich’s in general, Aura has the ability to see in the dark and hear up to 80 feet with ease.

Shadow Slide- Aura can move through shadows in an instant.

Dark Bending- Aura can create and control darkness.

Lightning Bending- Aura can create and control electricity.

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