A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 Fighter's Heart Mage's Soul

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Xia Xenoverre
Yamiichi : Terran Genin
Yamiichi : Terran Genin
Xia Xenoverre

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PostSubject: Fighter's Heart Mage's Soul   Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:39 pm

Name: Xia Xenoverre
Age: 18
Species: Human

Elements: Earth, Fire

Personality: She is often aloof until spoken to in which she will act in a somewhat curt manner. She will act flirtatious to get something she wants if need be. She occasionally forgets to be serious, or gets too comfortable around certain people, allowing her real personality to show being that of a somewhat bubbly and very friendly girl.

Born in a small village, Xia adored her parents and what they did. They were powerful mages who loved to show their child the power of magic and even teach her some of the spells they knew such as how to make earth tremors and fireballs. They were surprised at how quickly she could learn them and how powerful she could make them. She even began dreaming about becoming an amazing sorceress herself until one day her parents showed that being good at something didn't mean being invincible.

One day their remote village was visited by a stranger shrouded in black. Xia couldn’t see any of the persons body, their limbs being covered in wraps and light plating. The stranger said he was looking for the most powerful people all around the world, to test himself. He was letting off a foreboding aura, letting many know he was not a simple wanderer. Being the strongest in the village, Xia’s father stepped forward. The battle was short lived. Every spell her father seemed to cast was easily dealt with by the shrouded figure and his blade. Xia’s father began to cast his most powerful spell in the form of a huge fireball. However, the man dashed forward, shrugging off the attack and in an instant, cleaved her father in two in front of the whole village.

“A simple cut is enough to end you? That was pathetic. You had no power.”

The booming voice of the man was followed by him channeling energy into his blade.

“This was a waste of my time. Begone from this planet, insects.”

Knowing what was about to happen, Xia’s mother grabbed her and ran. Xia could do nothing, still in shock at seeing her father mercilessly killed in front of her. Only when a tear from her mother hit her face did she look up. In that same instant, the town behind them exploded into a dome of light. Before the man was completely from view, Xia would see his shroud fall away. She would see his face clearly and etch the memory of him within her mind. Right before she lost conscious.

Xia did not regain consciousness until the following day. She found herself on the back of a horse drawn carriage with her mother. The woman was asleep. Looking to the front, Xia saw a man that appeared to be a monk driving. She figured he had saved them. Instead of bothering him, she began to silently cry and contemplate what had happened.

For three weeks her mother and herself were in the care of the Monk, camping and only stopping in small outpost. Xia hadn’t spoken a word to either her mother nor the Monk the entire time. Overhearing a conversation, Xia heard her mother tell Monk what had happened and the Monk explained that he had met the man once as well. He had fought the man and drawn with him in battle.

That made Xia realize several things. Her daddy died because he was weak, physically. If he had been like the Monk, at least somewhat versed in the martial arts, he would be alive. He could have dodged the blade when the fireball failed. She had lost her father due to his lack of foresight...but she would not lose her mother. Xia’s mind darkened slightly and the Monk paused mid conversation to look at the girl. He could sense her energy and knew what she was thinking.

For several days, Xia stewed in her emotions until finally the Monk pulled her aside. He offered to teach her meditations and martial arts to calm her raging spirit. Xia didn’t want to at first, however, the memory of her father made her realize that it was the best course of action. For several more months, Xia and the Monk trained together. He taught her how to utilize her ki instead of chi for her martial arts. Through her meditations, she unlocked her Arc Limit. Apparently she held a natural affinity for ki as well as chi and didn’t need to focus on just one. However, Xia forsake her teachings as a sorceress, much to her mothers sadness. She didn’t want to end up like her father.

“Unfortunately, young lioness, this is the end of our journey.”

The Monk pulled the carriage several hundred yards from a large village seeming to be set at the end of the desert.

“This is the Night Terran Village. It is a village for only woman and should be a haven for yourself and your mother.”

“B-but sensei! There’s still so much I need to learn!” Xia begged.

The Monk shook his head. He knew Xia was a wonderful student, yet she still held the thorn of revenge within her heart. That was something she would need to deal with on her own.

“Grow stronger from here. Find me on Roku Island once you are ready and we can continue your training into Enlightenment. Seek a path for yourself first and foremost, or you will not be able to ascend your limits as you are now.”

With his words, the Monk departed, leaving Xia and her mother at their new home. For the following few years, Xia and her mother lived in relative peace, though her mother seemed to constantly grow more and more distant. Xia didn’t know why and every time she asked, her mother would give her a fake smile and say everything was alright.

Unfortunately, Xia’s mind was mostly elsewhere anyway. The thorn in her heart had only grown along with Xia’s power. She would not lose sight of her goals.

1.Become a Master martial artist
2.Ensure her and her moms safety
3.Avenge her father

4.Become a powerful sorceress?

Last edited by Xia Xenoverre on Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:57 pm; edited 3 times in total
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Palest Shadow of the Moon :::: Yorukage
Palest Shadow of the Moon :::: Yorukage

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PostSubject: Re: Fighter's Heart Mage's Soul   Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:39 pm

Doesn't make much sense. Please edit it with the suggestions I pm'd you.
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Xia Xenoverre
Yamiichi : Terran Genin
Yamiichi : Terran Genin
Xia Xenoverre

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PostSubject: Re: Fighter's Heart Mage's Soul   Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:55 pm

Edited! Smile
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Palest Shadow of the Moon :::: Yorukage
Palest Shadow of the Moon :::: Yorukage

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PostSubject: Re: Fighter's Heart Mage's Soul   Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:38 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Fighter's Heart Mage's Soul   

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Fighter's Heart Mage's Soul
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