A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 The Current Path

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Kyo Kusanagi

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PostSubject: The Current Path   Wed Mar 26, 2014 5:17 pm

Name: Kyosuke Amaterasu Ivalice De Kusanagi
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'11

Just as always, the different branches of time, space, and reality bend and weave throughout the finite lanes of existence. Only at their ends, where the sole 'creator' resides does one find a singularity to all. However, in this existence, though few and far apart, the 'creator' is but a fallen man.

In this world of ninjutsu and magic, inhabited by shinobi and sorcerers, the Ivalice Clan, more often referred to as the Phoenix clan, and the Kusanagi Zaibatsu, did not fall into war as they had in most other realities. The two clans thrived together in harmony, having the head of the two clans, Kokonoe Izanami Ivalice and Ookami Izanagi De Kusanagi, give birth to the first ever child that should have both of their bloods. Kyosuke Amaterasu Ivalice De Kusanagi was born from powerful union between the two clans. The child was extraordinary, having both Arc Limit bloodlines of the clans, and also a brand new one that would not have been possible otherwise.

Kyo was raised lovingly by his mothers clan, while also learning of the art of assassination and drug trafficking through his father. He was taught the way of the shinobi as well as the way of the arcane.

As Kyo grew older, he began to understand his father's view. That the strong survived while the weak either supported the strong, or perished for trying to overthrow them. Though his father was not an evil man, as shone by his love for his mother, he dealt in matters that would ultimately deem him as a cruel person. The Kusanagi Zaibatsu went as far as traveling through time to assassinate patrons of either the past or the future. On Kyo's 8th birthday, he was allowed to travel through time himself for his first kill

Kyo wound up travelling far back into the past, entering a hidden clan estate and meeting a young girl by the name of Hinata. The girl was 10 years old and was shunned by her family for her shy nature and meek attitude. At first, Kyo was slightly infatuated with the girl. However, she was also his target. She would eventually grow into a powerful young woman whom would not back down from a challenge. She would rise so powerful that she would lead her clan to eventually destroy the bond between Ivalice and Kusanagi, leading to the civil war that would wipe both clans out.

The infatuation the Kyo had for her was quickly moved to the side. As well, he knew that his feelings for her were only based on other Kyo's within similar dimensions, in which they may have fallen in love with her and helped in the destruction of Ivalice and Kusanagi. This Kyo, however, had already known where his future would lead. So without any more hesitation, he struck down Hinata and created yet another time displacement that would yield horrendous results thanks to the blind Kusanagi clan. (The future of that timeline would eventually lead to Kyo meeting a woman named Kiddo, having a daughter with her, but killing Kiddo off. Or so he assumed. Kiddo would awaken, albeit in a different dimension known as Vescrutia, while her daughter whom had also survived left the dimension and entered Vescrutia just bit after.)

After his first successful assassination in time, Kyo would quickly become the best at what he did. His powers allowed him to not only travel through time, but to also manipulate it to his any liking, even getting to the point where he could connect several past timelines to the current timeline he was living, leading to countless rewrites of history. However, his arrogance which was founded by his father, did not let him see that his actions had caused the world to become unstable. Slowly but surely, the world was eroding in time. (Events to come.)

Kyo's mother, seeing the down spiral of her sons insanity, pleaded with both her son and husband to stop what they were doing and to return to a peaceful life. Hearing his wife's pleas, Ookami abided, disbanding the Kusanagi Zaibatsu as a criminal organization. However, Kyo did not want it to end. The power that he had over destroying others and manipulating space and time had corrupted his embodiment of flame. He would go back in time and erase the point where his mother had begged them to stop, and manipulated time to make it so that she slowly enjoyed what they did.

Kyo's father saw what Kyo had done and became outraged. He attempted to fix what Kyo had done, but Kyo had burned away the reality in which the time line's connected. It was an area in which only Kyo himself could manipulate now. Falling into despair at watching his wife kill with glee, Ookami attempted to flee the lanes of time. However, his own wife, Kokonoe followed, thinking he was abandoning her. Kokonoe swore hellfire onto the Kusanagi Zaibatsu, and showing the true power of Ivalice that even Kyo didn't know existed, she raised the entire clan, including her husband, with the power of the Phoenix Goddess Udia. Imparted with her life, Kokonoe became a force of absolute destruction, her despair over losing her husband as well as her sanity driving her to split the earth in half, creating the two continents known today as Mylania and Vale.

The death of Kyo's father snapped Kyo back to his senses and he begrudgingly did what was necessary for the rest of the world. He struck down his own mother, using all of his ability to do so. Seeing the charred ashes of both the Kusanagi Zaibatsu and the Ivalice Clan, Kyo finally realized his mistake and went into hiding for several decades.

Through his time observing the world, Kyo knew he would not be able to remain as he was. He loved power and being in control. He loved killing people and the deaths of his family would not change that. He was far gone and even the amount of remorse from knowing he was the cause of the world almost being destroyed didn't change that. Stepping back into the lanes of time, Kyo once again began to build the Kusanagi Zaibatsu.

Though he wasn't as powerful as before, Kyo was still a force to be reckoned with. He pulled together a group of assassins made up of both shinobi and magicians. One of these shinobi turned out to be the Solona Ca'vone, otherwise known as Kiddo. The last almost humane part of Kyo remembered the love his mother and father shared, and looking into Solona's eyes made him once again feel something he never thought possible anymore; Regret.

That regret for his parents slowly mended his mind a bit and turned into love. He fell in love with Solona and took her as not only a disciple, but as a lover as well. He treated her the best he could in mind, body, and spirit.

Unfortunately, Kyo's insanity was not quelled with Solona's love. Their love was powerful, yet the insanity that festered in Kyo was infectious. Solona's love became just as insane, leading her to kill unremorsefully in Kyo's name. This power he had over her made him crave that insane type of love even more. Soon, the caring Kyo Solona had managed to awaken was slowly put to sleep again, and the broken Kusanagi showed his true colors. Just as Ookami had done to Kokonoe, Solona attempted to flee from Kyo, no longer able to deal with the life he had imposed on her.

And just as Kokonoe, Kyo attempted to slay Solona. In his rage, Kyo had not realized that Solona was pregnant. Only after the deed was done did he feel the signs of life within his thought to be deceased wife's womb. Sorrow overtaken him, completely purging his insanity for the moment, Kyo used a hefty amount of the true embodiment of flame to try and revive Solona and their child. Unfortunately Kyo's embodiment of flame had become so corrupt, it could only save the unborn child. Or so Kyo thought. (Thus leads into Kiddo's tale of revenge.)

Taking his daughter from Solona's womb, Kyo once more disbanded the current Kusanagi Zaibatsu as well as Solona's faction 'Deadly Shadow Blade'. He moved into seclusion just as before to raise his daughter away from the mass destruction and murder he had always caused.

And just like before, the insanity would not stay away for long. Already beyond corrupt, with a past blacker than the darkest shadows, Kyo's thirst for destruction and power returned on the eve of his daughter's 6 birthday. The loving father that Kaitlyn Ca'vone knew died and in it's place the Kyo that caused the death of his parents and wife appeared again. For two years, Kyo trained Kaitlyn in the same way he trained her mother.

At the age of 8, Kyo assigned Kaitlyn her first assassination job. She was to go back in time and kill another incarnation of herself, Nia Ca'vone. Upon meeting the her that was to be born to another Kyo and Kiddo, or perhaps even Kyo and Hinata, even more likely Kiddo and Sevyn, Kaitlyn found herself unable to commit the deed. Her father, enraged by the weakness in Kaitlyn, appeared and slew the Nia that would have eventually came to be in the current timeline. (Kyo merged several timelines together that were not ever supposed to connect.)

Dragging his daughter back to the present, Kyo spent the next 5 years not only training Kaitlyn, but ensuring that she knew that kindness was weakness and would result in her death. With his daughter's training complete, Kyo now aims to create the Kusanagi Zaibatsu once more. Completely unaware of his wife's survival and transition to Kage status. Completely unaware of an even more powerful Kyosuke's existence in the timeline as well. Completely unaware, yet not defenseless. The evil of Kyosuke Amaterasu Ivalice De Kusanagi would rise again.
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Solona Ca'vone
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Divine Vengeance :::: Blistering Goddess

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PostSubject: Re: The Current Path   Wed Mar 26, 2014 5:32 pm

Just going to say I love this story!!!
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The Current Path
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