A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 Abolishing the Past

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Gemini Rose
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PostSubject: Abolishing the Past   Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:01 am

Name: Gemini Simonova Rose
Age: 17
Height: 5'1
Personality: Stoic, blunt, extremely brash, somewhat motherly, sometimes violent; Quiet and dedicated when pissed, always speaks her mind.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Heterochromic (Crystal and Pink)

It's not a secret that the Imperial City of Grande is heavy on segregation. The city was built with slavery in mind, and even though there is no outright ownership of living beings anymore, mentally slavery is a thriving business.

The slums of Grande, otherwise known as the first tier of the city, was her home. Gemini lived with her mother, Amelia Rose, whom was a maid for one of the 'royal' houses within the top tier of the city. As such, Gemini spent a lot of time alone in the slums.

Whenever her mother would come home, she would be exhausted and drained mentally and physically. It was obvious that the noble families of the higher tiers talked down on the less fortunate.

Gemini did not like seeing her mother in such a state and swore she would do something about their situation. Unfortunately, Gemini didn't have a lot of options to begin with, and ended up joining a gang within the slums of the city. Gemini helped the gang steal from the 2nd tier families, mostly pickpocketing but sometimes breaking and entering to loot homes.

Amelia didn't question the little extra money Gemini was bringing in until she started hearing about robberies occurring more frequently, especially during the times where Gemini was supposed to be home alone.

Gemini got into an argument with her mother, telling her that she was doing it for them, so that they wouldn't need to live like rats that only lived for the scraps that the noble families dropped down to them. For the first time ever, Amelia slapped Gemini.

In a rage, Gemini ran away, leaving her mother and the city of Grande behind. However, with no money, Gemini quickly became stranded in the desert of Vale.

After a week of wandering and suffering, Gemini was saved by a passing caravan of red hooded people. The caravan took Gemini to Malycio, however, instead of letting her go in public, they escorted her to an underground facility where more children her age were being kept.

The people whom had saved her were actually a cult. They were followers of the 'Blood Baron' and were moving into their Walpurgisnacht, or Witches Sabbath ceremony . Gemini was going to be a sacrifice to their god during the celebration.

When she was brought before the crowd, in the nude, Gemini knew her life was over. The only thing she wished for was a chance to apologize to her mother. She prayed, for the first time ever, that some deity save her mother from the grief of her daughters death as well as the pain of living in poverty.

Just as the cultist's blade made to pierce between Gemini's breast, a bright light emitted from her body. Her bonds were shattered and the blade burned away. A freezing gale swept through the room and the cultist began to drop dead one after the other. Only the one whom had held the blade was able to stay standing before fleeing the room.

Gemini's body became pure light before vanishing all together.

A week after the event, Gemini found herself in the monastery on Roku Island. She had no memory or recollection of what had happened after passing out in the desert some time ago.

With no way to return home at the time, Gemini began to help at the monastery and soon began training with the monks.

It was found out that Gemini could no longer use magic nor ninjutsu properly for some reason. Though her chakra showed signs of both, and even of having the four primary elements of wind, fire, water, and earth, she could not manipulate them outside of her body.

Eventually, she was told that she would have to go out into the world and accomplish her own feats before she would be allowed to continue training. She had not proven herself yet, and therefor, her temporary home on Roku Island could not be sustained.

Not wanting to send the girl out empty handed, a monk presented her with power gauntlets and grieves, capable of channeling her chakra as both chi and ki, allowing her to unleash burst of her elements. However, they required chakra ammunition, which she would have to restock on her own.

After bidding farewell to the monks, Gemini made her way to Mylania. She was worried for her mother, but she knew, somehow, that she was doing fine, if not better, without Gemini. So deciding it time to take her life into her own hands, Gemini set off to prove herself to her monk brethren, to regain the missing part of her memories, and to eventually change the Imperial City of Grande all together.
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Abolishing the Past
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