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 Chronos Limitation

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The Masked One

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PostSubject: Chronos Limitation   Sat Mar 29, 2014 7:28 pm

Chronos Limitation

Description: The Chronos Limitation is the usage (the amount of chakra used is scaled with what he is sending to and from, or what he is manipulating) of chakra in tandem with time manipulation and reasoning, to send all objects to a different timeline or into Ceodore's own pocket dimension, that is dictated by his own sense of time. A strong example is Ceodore's ability to send all of his sword strikes into another timeline of when he actually had close distance with an opponent and unleashed the strikes in that timeline. With that, he can actually "cut" through that timeline and have the slashes appear to the opponent ahead if time (if they were farther away from him) and have them strike all at once. The reasoning behind this ability, is that the possibility of all outcomes in the different timelines. If it exists at any one point of time, then Ceodore can manipulated it to his own being. Even with all of this power, Ceo's area of influence only stems to his own body, attacks and any projectiles let loose by opponents.

When used on his own body, Ceodore has the ability to "phase" through time or attacks (this can only be used once every 10 posts). An example is that if someone tried to stab Ceodore through, his body would bend into a timeline of where the opponent didn't strike him whatsoever and effectively making the attack done on him ineffective. During the activation of Chronos Limitation, Ceo's own body is enhanced in both speed and strength. He grows increasingly faster, able to keep up with the fastest of opponents without breaking a sweat and able to lift or take hold of things vastly larger than himself.

God Slayer Winds

Description: Ceodore's aura infused winds that give him complete dominance over his own wind abilities. These winds are black in coloring and prove to be more destructive and deadly than most forms of wind manipulation.


Vector Control: All moving objects have a vector. A fireball for example, will fly through the air and attempt to hit its intended target. In this case, Ceodore has the ability to alter the course of the fireball into an arbitrary direction (note doing things like these will require Ceo to use more chakra than what the opponent put in to successfully move the object).

Infusion: Swipes his hand across his blade and infuses it with Black Wind. This acts like a gauge for what he can do afterwards (sets up for other attacks).

Vicious Claw: With a vertical swipe of the blade, Ceodore sends out nine vertical black wind strikes that can shred through defenses and barriers (easily avoidable by staying carefully between the strikes. Can be used once before consuming an entire Infusion).

Crescent Slash: Slashes across the air and creates a large horizontal or vertical slash of wind towards an opponent. The strike is very fast, usually crossing distances within split moments and the power behind it can trump ill prepared defenders. When stricken by the initial attack another will come out in the form of multiple wind strikes that riddle the opponent's body (can be used twice before using an entire Infusion).

Omega Barrier: Ceodore covers himself in a semi-large barrier of Black Wind. The swirling of the barrier can exude the Vector Control over any attacks or projectiles thrown towards it, granted if Ceo wishes to put in more chakra to do so. The barrier is initially strong enough to ward off weak attacks and projectiles without the extra chakra usage. Should an opponent physically touch the barrier, they'll be slashed and cut to bits.

Punisher: Ceo grabs an opponent and erects a quick Omega Barrier to viciously slash at the opponent, before palm striking them with the Black Winds, to send them flying and badly damaged.

Bestial Abilities:

Description: Ceodore's ability to transform into a large nine-tailed wolf and manipulate his black winds. Ceo uses all wind moves described above, with the exception being Punisher. Crescent Slash can be used up to nine times as well, if each tail were to use an attack.


Transformation: Ceodore goes through the procedure of becoming a large, black, nine-tailed wolf. In this form, his strength is dramatically enhanced and is still quite fast even with his build. The nine tails are extremely durable, with one requiring multiple strikes before severing or being taken out of use (Ceodore will always have nine tails, even if one is severe, whenever transforming back into this form).

God's Force: Ceodore will spread out all nine tails like a fan, with the tips in front of his muzzle. He'll build up a large amount of Black Wind and unleash it into a powerful beam of God Slayer Winds. This beam is large and encompassing, able to reach up to several hundred miles and destroying everything in its path. This takes up a wicked amount of chakra and is likely used as a last resort. Can easily shred through any defense and can damage even the most sturdiest of gods.
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Shadow Uchiha
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True Uchiha :: Tsuchikage

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PostSubject: Re: Chronos Limitation   Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:29 pm

I'm contemplating if I like the Nine Tails transformation for the soul purpose that is unoriginal. Your Ninjutsu is fine. Find yourself something a little more original as a transformation and you will be approved.
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The Masked One

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PostSubject: Re: Chronos Limitation   Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:27 pm

You're going to have to give a better explanation on what's unoriginal about it. If you're saying I took this straight from Naruto, you're only 5% right. The idea and concept behind the nine-tailed fox influenced the transformation, but the acquiring, history and other ideas put into my transformation are 95% original. Just the fact it has nine-tails shouldn't give it the stamp of "unoriginality."
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PostSubject: Re: Chronos Limitation   

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Chronos Limitation
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