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 Formation: Gemini

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Gemini Rose
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PostSubject: Formation: Gemini   Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:22 pm

Arc Limit

God Hand: Gemini mixes her ki and chi before circulating it throughout her body through a seal of unknown origin within her soul, breaking her physical and spiritual limitations. Gemini becomes near invincible, able to take on the mightiest of foes, even beyond Kage. However, as a genin, this form only lasts for 5 seconds. As well, once the form ends, Gemini loses consciousness. Gemini's ki and chi become locked for 24 hours after use, only allowing for her martial arts.


Salamander Techniques

Flame Tag: When Gemini punches or kicks an opponent, they are sealed with a flame tag. The flame tag acts to draw more and more heat onto the foe's position to the point where the foe will slowly burn alive. (Works when blocked as well, even on shields and armors.)

Flame Tag Burst: Gemini can activate the flame tags on an opponent to cause a small explosion on their person. She can ignite the tags one by one or all at once.

Blast Point: By channeling a decent amount of ki into her gauntlets or grieves, Gemini can cause a powerful explosion when she attacks at point blank range.

Undine Techniques

Heavy Rain: Gemini strikes with chi based water that weighs down the opponent the more they are drenched.

Splash Flow: When Gemini attacks, she utilizes moisture and condensation in the air to predict her foe's movement during her attack. During the rain, Gemini is able to see complete patterns and combinations before they even happen.

Whirlpool: Gemini can channel ki based water into her gauntlets and grieves and unleash it to create a large whirlpool around herself, used for defensive purposes. Offensively, the technique can will draw in the foe, disorienting them, before expelling them randomly away from Gemini.

Gnome Techniques

Tectonic Punch: Using the same tectonic energy that causes an earthquake, Gemini will strike the foe and cause their entire being to quake. At its weakest this attack will heavily disorient the foe and loosen their muscles, making it so they cannot stand or even raise their arms for a few moments. At it's strongest, using ki will quake the foe into a bloody pile of goo and with chi it will shatter the foes soul.

Diamond Dance: Coating her gauntlets and grieves in ki based diamond, Gemini attacks with kicks and punches able to break through the strongest of defenses. Blocking does not work against these attacks.

Seismic Slam: Channeling seismic energy into her gauntlets or grieves, Gemini strikes the ground and causes a magnitude 8 earthquake in the immediate area.

Sylph Techniques

Tailwind: Gemini's attacks are followed by a powerful whipping tailwind that allows her attacks to strike faster and stronger. The tailwind will follow through the attack as well, adding force and pressure.

Flight Pattern Alpha: A whirlwind escapes from Gemini's gauntlet and grieves, allowing her to fly for short periods of time.

Oxygen Deprivation: When using chi in her strikes, every strike Gemini does will take the air from her opponent. After several consecutive strikes, the foe will lose all ability to breathe, causing them to pass out. If Gemini strikes the opponent while they are passed out, their lungs will shrivel and they will certainly die.

Rakshasha Techniques

Ninefold Rakshasha (Jonin): Gemini performs nine consecutive punches and kicks that cleave through any and everything within a twenty foot radius of herself. This can also be used defensively.

Bloody Baron Fang (Sp. Jonin): Gemini attacks with a powerful kick that unleashes a concussive blast of ki. The ki settles into the foe and knocks them back. 2 seconds following and the ki explodes with concussive force and sends blades of ki out in a short radius, cutting into foes all around, as well as shredding the attacked foes ki and chi coils.

Demonic Beheading: A powerful attack utilizing two strikes, one infused with ki and the other with chi. If Gemini makes contact with the two hits, the opponent becomes unable to use their ki and chi for 1 post.
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Formation: Gemini
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