A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 Festival of Wind

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PostSubject: Festival of Wind   Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:20 am

Arc Limit

Trance: Saiya's mind fades away and she becomes a being of 'instinctual concept'. In this form, Saiya's mind cannot be invaded or messed with as she is not technically conscious. In this form, Saiya loses the ability to use ki all together and can only use her chi in the form of wind magic. Her magic prowess is concentrated to the point where her spells have perfect control, have longer lasting effects, and become extremely powerful. -----Saiya can only Trance randomly when she is in grave danger until she learns how to control the power. The Trance form only last for 4 post, starting from her first spell cast in the form.


Fuuton: Kaze Yari no jutsu (Wind Style: Wind Javelin Jutsu): The user exhales a drilling blast of wind the size of a basketball and the length of a yard stick at the foe. It has great speed and power, able to pierce through non-tangible objects and break stone. However, it cannot change direction or be controlled once fired. The wind does blunt damage.

Fuuton: kazeha no jutsu (Wind Style: Wind Wave Jutsu): The user flaps their arms like wings to send out a powerful wave of wind like a small tidal wave. This move only works in front of the person, as well as having a small range. This move is used to blow the opponent or their attacks and projectiles away. It deals no damage.


Piercing Wind: Almost like the Kaze Yari, the user unleashes a stream of drilling wind from their mouth. However, the wind is slower and instead of blunt damage, it pierces. The user can control the wind for ten seconds. Secondary Effect: If the foe suffers a cut from this attack, the user can cause a twister of piercing winds to erupt around them from the wound, dealing even more damage.

Enchanted Sigh Marking: Almost like the kazeha, the user flaps their arms like wing to send out a wave of green wind. This wind spread out in all directions over a 100 foot radius, however, and marks the locations of all sentient and transient beings. (So ghost and zombies as well.) For the next 4 post, the user will always know where these creatures or people are.

Enchanted Sigh Reduction: Instead of marking creatures, the user uses enchanted sigh to make the foe more susceptible to the secondary effects of the casters magic. The sigh also makes the foe more susceptible to status magics as well.

Aero Sphere: The user chants a small incantation to cause a cluster of wind to form around the foe's position and deal light wind damage. Lasts 3 seconds. Secondary Effect: The wind sucks the foe in with a light vacuum effect and even works on projectiles.

Firefly: The user creates a ball of light above their hand so that they can illuminate dark places.

Purify Water: The user cleans the impurities from water, making even the most dank wells drinkable. Works to turn alcohol into water and to remove poisons from water as well.

Windy Lullaby: The user makes a soothing wind blew up to twenty feet in front of them, putting enemies to sleep for 1 post.

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Festival of Wind
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