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PostSubject: Bloody Manipulation   Bloody Manipulation EmptyWed Mar 26, 2014 12:28 am

Arc-Limit: Battle Lust

Description: A mode that Marcelle enters when in the heat of battle or after ingesting a certain amount of blood (except her own). Doing so enables her to access a greater degree of her skills and a small regen effect on wounds that are relative to scrapes, bruises and small-medium cuts. Any blood stolen from an opponent heals her larger wounds. During this state, Marcy is significantly stronger and shows control over her powers.

Blood Manipulation: Marcelle's born ability to control her own blood, infect another person's or assimilate other sources of blood to suit her situation. This ability is free-form, allowing her to form most blood constructs out of her own imagination and within a reasonable ratio of her energy pool/usage.

Control: Marcy fully controls her own blood with it being bound to her will. She can use it in all manners of attack or defense and is often seen using it to trap opponents. The consistency, mass, density, chakra/energy signature and temperature are all under her control.

Infection: Marcelle can pump her own blood into a person's blood stream and have it directly affect their body. Marcy can create a necrosis of the bones, muscles and the death of blood cells in areas of the body that had been bitten, slashed or otherwise infected through any means. There is no sort of antibody for the infection, as Marcelle fully controls the blood and if enough of her blood makes it into a part of the body, it will begin to express dominance over the afflicted area. Psychologically, the blood can infect a person's mental state and begin feeding them false images pertaining to their surroundings. People suffering from the psychological aspect are generally given a searing migraine that numbs their body at first, signifying the attack on their psyche.

Assimilate: Marcelle can pour her blood into bodies of water, another person's dripped blood, etc. and begin to assimilate it. When assimilating another person's blood, the make-up will be identified as that person's blood, allowing Marcy to freely drink from it and feed her Battle Lust abilities. When consuming blood, Marcelle's body will quickly and efficiently filter out the opponent's poisons or other effects (this even includes unique chakras/energies), through the use of her own blood assimilation power. This guarantees she always has a safe drink when performing the action.

Absorption: By drinking any amount of blood, Marcelle helps replenish her health and gain a little bit more chakra in the process (gain is on a ratio to how much she has drunk), while fatiguing opponents at the same time. The effect starts out negligible. Usually as a farce that allows the opponent to go into a sense of false security as she continues to drain them of blood, if they're hit by any of her blood related techniques.

Idle Hands: Marcelle constructs four large hands that are attached to her back. They have sharp and bloody barbs along the fingers, palm and arms that can easily shred through flesh. These hands are strong enough to support Marcelle's frame and can lift up to a few tons with minimal difficulty. The barbs can add to the infection effect of Marcelle's blood

Visceral Claws/Fangs: Rakes an opponent with large claws capable of infecting opponents with each strike. The fangs, if bitten anywhere near the neck or jugular veins of an opponent, will dump a large amount of infectious blood into their system and the psychological effect will being immediately. Blood taken from an opponent in this manner, grants a greater yield of health replenishing and chakra absorption.

Those That Bind: A trap that takes the form of a blood puddle changing to the color and consistency of water. When stepped on by an opponent a tendril of blood will shoot out and wrap around their limb. The blood is very thick and sticky coupled with a decent amount of durability. Multiples of these traps can be set up and even used as weapons should the need arise for them.

Beady Pins: Marcelle releases a bunch of small, bloody droplets that float around the young girl for a moment, before turning into tiny pins and needles and charging towards the opponent to stab into them. When making successful contact with an opponent, the blood will seep into their body and begin to afflict them with an infection.

Blood-Thirst Concierto (Battle Lust, large chakra consumption): A large lake of blood will set itself up as the new battlefield for one post. After the set up, a heavy rain of bloody lances and spears will shoot up from the bloody field and attempt to skewer the opponent and shred them to pieces. The attack is telegraphed by the growth of the bloody lake and slow spread of its influence. Infections can occur during the onslaught of this attack

Lucifel's Hand (Battle Lust, large chakra consumption): A large, bloody hand will raise itself from the bowels of Hell and will attempt to both slam down upon and grab the opponent. Touching this giant mass of blood will cause opponents to stick to it and will set them up for the grab. Should the hand successfully grab an opponent, it will drag them down the very hole it came from, form mouths on it that will bite into their flesh and eventually release them, by throwing them out. Getting attacked by the second part will guarantee an infection and start up of the psychological attcks.

Ice Manipulation:

Solidify: Through Marcelle's touch (this includes touch from weapons held in her hand) any liquid-like material becomes frozen. The size of the liquid being frozen determines the speed at which it will freeze. Small amounts of liquid are normally frozen immediately, medium sized take a minute or so, while large sized bodies of liquid are typically frozen after a repeated amount of contact with her. Another factor relies on how much Marcelle or the opponent puts into freezing the liquid faster or preventing its spread, respectively.

Lance Surprise: Marcelle freezes the water molecules in the air and condenses them into a large lance of ice. She can hurl it with an amazing amount of speed and power. When in her control, Marcy can detonate the lance in mid-air into a batch of tinier icicles that aim to skewer the opponent. Alternatively, should she strike her target, she can have the lance explode and freeze a decent portion of the opponent's body to the ground

Deep Freeze (Battle Lust, large chakra consumption): Marcelle gather's moisture from the air and releases it in the form of a large AoE that covers a large radius (Up to several hundred feet). It starts off as a translucent bubble that eventually explodes and spreads its the instant freezing ice over its span. At the same time, it releases shards of ice that fly off in all directions in attempts to stab into the opponent(s). The surrounding area also gives off an aura of Solidify, freezing liquids and people alike as they attempt to enter the icy domain.
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Bloody Manipulation
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