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PostSubject: Some personal stuff    Some personal stuff  EmptyThu Oct 27, 2016 4:34 am

Basic info

Name: Bluenote ClawBreaker

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Birth Place: Kilimagroth Mountains

Race: Werewolf

Height: 5'9

Weight: 160lb

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Silver

Skin Tone: Light brown

Bust Size: D's

Waist Size: 36-37

Affiliation: Black Order

Rank: Pre Rank

Clan: ClawBreaker & WolfHeart

Village: ?


Bluenote's personality is very iffy in a since, given how she was brought up and stuff, she's not to shy about things or scared to speak her mind, which is one of her more noticeable traits. Other then that, Bluenote is very outgoing for the most part, she's always doing something to someone, and is always yelling out random stuff.

Another trait, she shows respect to no one, and the reason behind that logic is simple, respect is earned not given, she doesn't care who you are or what you do.

Much like her race implies, she acts more animal like then human like, she'll eat anything put in front of her, she hunts for her food most of the time. She has little to no table manners, since she eats with her mouth open, etc... You'd think she was a guy, based off of her personality.

Which is why she was called the woman, so manly she wasn't allowed to even be a woman, she was a tomboy for life.

Lastly Bluenote hates the WolfHeart clan to the core, and will never accept that half of herself, she's long sought revenge on the WolfHeart. For what that did to her family, friends, and elder of the clan.


Her pup, herself, hunting, sleeping, taking long walks, drinking, watching tv, running, saying random stuff, hitting people, cats, looking at the moon, being alive, candy, food, sex, etc.


Mana Wolfgang, Rainfall Wolfgang,Ceodore Wolfgang, Shadow Wolfgang.


Gust ClawBreaker (Father)

Aya WolfHeart (Mother)

Sora ClawBreaker (Friend/Pup/daughter)

Op ClawBreaker (GrandFather)

Sara ClawBreaker (GrandMother)


Growing up in the ClawBreaker clan, was just about as fun as watching paint dry, everyday something was going on with the clan. The elder sought out power and control, which lead to a lot of bad things, the clan was starting to become crazy, taxes were raised beyond high. Families were broken apart, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and much more were taken from their homes, and forced to join the Claw army.

And among these people, were rookies who'd never even seen real war, but that mattered little to the elder, since all he cared about was power. After gathering up all the new bodies, it was time to train them in the art of combat, and the one overseeing this was none other than Azuna ClawBreaker the strategist of the elder. He was told to make sure the men were in tip to shape for the war, and boy did he push them to the limit past the limit, the training went on for days, and on the last day of training, only half had made it threw the training course.

Soon after that task was done, the elder wasted no time in sending the new people into battle, for he'd been fighting a small war with another small village, and was in need of more soldiers. And though their training was rushed, they had one of the best minds backing them up along the way, which was none other than Azuna.

But during that small war, one soldier stood out the most from the others, and that soldiers name was Gust, he was the best of the best. The soul reason the war was fought so long was because of him, and his skill with a sword. But even with his skills, and Azuna's brains at work, the war was still lost..

After the battle was lost, the soldiers retreated back to the village, and went back to their families, but Gust however did not have that chance. For he was called to a meeting with the elder, because he had been informed of Gust's actions during the war, and wanted to praise him for his hard work.

Elder: I heard you were the reason why my army lasted as long as it did.

Gust: I wouldn't say all that, but each soldier helped out in their own way Sir!

Elder: Ah don't wanna take the credit, I like that, but there's no need for the "Sir" just elder.

Guest: Ok Sir, I mean elder.

Elder: That's better, now let's get down to business, since you did so well during the war, I need you to sneak into one of our sister clans.

Gust: May I ask why elder?

Elder: Spying.

Gust: Spying? On what?

Elder: Not what, who. I want you to spy on a member of the Wolfheart clan, she goes by the name of Aya. And report back anything you see, for she is one of the strategist, that works for Rainfall Wolfgang.

Gust: As you wish elder.

After getting his task, he sat off for the Wolfheart village, but one thing he forgot to ask, was where was the village located, and what this Aya person looked like. By the time he noticed it, it was too late for he had already split from the village, but he didn't care to much about it.

After a few hours of walking down a narrow path, he took a break under a big tall tree, because his feet was killing him for some time now. During this short break, he thought about many things, mostly having a family of his own one day, but soon those thought put him to sleep for a bit. And while help slept under the tree, someone just so happen to pass him by, and this person gave a slight yell.

Unknown person: You know sleeping will get you robbed.

Gust: Huh?

He woke up, only to find a girl standing a few feet away from him, and he only heard half of what she said. He gave a yawn before standing up, and looking at the girl up, and down.

Gust: What did you say?

Unknown person: I said, you know sleeping will get you robbed.

Gust: I'd like to see someone try, Gehehehehe.

Unknown person: My, my. You're pretty sure of yourself.

Gust: I suppose so, oh damn! I need to get going.

Unknown person: Hmmm? Where is it you're going, if you don't mind me asking.

Gust: To the Wolfheart village.

Unknown person: Hahahaha! You do know you're going the wrong way right?

Gust: ..........

Unknown person: Oh my god! You're so lost, but it's ok because I'm heading there anyway, why don't you join me.

Gust: Ok.

This was it, he was about to go to the Wolfheart village, and it was all thanks to this random girl he met, he smiled a little. As the two started to head out, Gust thought it'd be nice to ask the girl her name.

Gust: So may I ask your name?

Unknown person: Oh my name? It's Aya, Aya Wolfheart.

Gust: Oh my god, how lucky am I, to have ran into the person I'm suppose to spy on.

Aya: And what might your name be?

Gust: It's Gust.

He knew if he gave out his last name, some problems might get brought up out of the blue, but in any case his mission was a go. After a few more hours of walking, the two came up to a big tall gate with guards standing in front of it, Gust looked shocked for few seconds. "Was this the place?" He thought to himself.

Gust: What now Aya?

Aya: Just wait, guards open the gate.

Since thew knew who it was that stood at the gate, the guards quickly opened up the gate to let her inside, once the gates were open for the two. Aya took gust by the hand, and she took off running inside, upon his first look he was shocked that this clan had so many people inside it, but he wasn't there to sightsee or so he thought.

Gust: Well this may not be apart of the mission, but it'll still be important to the elder.

Rather than just spying on Aya, he thought it'd be good to take notes on everything he saw inside the village, and boy was there a lot to take in. Since for some reason, Aya took him sight seeing around the village, but little did she know, he was spying. After flying around from place to place he was beat, and it was also getting late, so he gave his byes before heading back to his own village.

After returning to the village, Gust quickly went to see the elder, once he got there he told everything he saw, but that wasn't enough for the elder he wanted to know what Rainfall was planing, and had Gust go to meet up with Aya everyday, for about five years, and over those years he slowly gained feelings for her. But he knew they couldn't be together, but still he told her how he felt about her for some time now, and she was shocked about it, because she felt the same way.

Aya was still in the dark about the whole spy thing, but Gust thought it best not to tell her anything, since they were both happy with each other for time being. Day after day, he went to see Aya, and she brought him to the village, and he gather up information, then went back to his village to tell the elder.

One day during their meeting with each other, Gust told Aya his last name, and was she shocked yes for the most part, but she wasn't mad in the least bit. She knew that something like this, was hard to just come out and tell someone, but she was happy he came clean with who he really was. But that wasn't all the news he had to tell her, he popped the question like it was nothing, and he got a yes from the future wife, but all of this was kept on the down low.

No one knew of this, and that's the way they kept it for a long time, and over that time period stuff started to change, and Gust didn't wanna spy on the Wolfhearts anymore. So he went to the elder, and told him he was threw with this whole spying thing, and that it was wrong.

Gust: I'm done.

Elder: Done you say, I don't think I said you were done.

Gust: Well I'm saying it.

Elder: Well you see, theres two types of people in this world, there's strong people like me, and then there's weake people like you

Gust: Whatever man, this is messed up.

Elder: Fine then, if you wish to stop, then I'll replace you.

However that wasn't the case by a long shot, and soon Gust would find that out later on down the line, but for now all he wanted to do was be with his wife. A few more years passed, and wouldn't you know it, Aya was pregnant with the future of both clans, and maybe peace could be brought, if the clans saw a mixed blood line.

Azura: Ahhh, so that's what you've been hiding.

Unknown to either, Azuna had been doing a little spying of his own, and came across this little thing going on. He quickly informed the elder of what he saw, and the elder was not happy at all.

Gust: So what's the name gonna be?

Aya: Bluenote, and will let the baby chose who's name it'll take on.

Gust: Ok, sounds good.

Nine painful months later, the baby was on it's way to being born, and one day during a full moon, Aya gave birth to a small baby girl. That is till, the joy was ripped from them by the elder of the Claw, who wasn't about to allow the blood lines to mix at all. So he sent out his best men, to go find both Guest and Aya, then kill them both, and with those orders, they left.

It wouldn't be too long before Gust caught wind of the orders given, nor was he shocked by them in any way or form, but he was worried about his newly formed family. And so he finally came clean about everything, and boy was Aya pissed off beyond pissed, she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Aya: I can't believe you! You 've been spying on me, and the Wolfheart! Do you know what type of chaos you could cause!

Gust: I'm sorry, but now I know what I was doing was wrong, and now all I wanna do if be with you, and the baby.

Aya: Be with me, and the baby! Not only will you not be with me, you're never going to see this baby!

Gust: You can't do that!

Aya: Last time I checked, the baby came from me not you!

Gust: I won't allow you to take away my child!

Aya: Try anything, and you'll be long dead before your elder even gets to you.

Gust: Tch....

After a heated fight with one another, Gust and Aya took the baby and left, each going back to their village, but as the two parted ways, doom loomed over the area. As the two headed back, they would be stopped by none other than the ClawBreakers, who were sent to kill them. Both being high upset at one another, would.

cause them to lose focus, since fighting while angry only leads to more problems, and this would be the sole reason the two lost this small fight, however each died for a different reason. Gust died trying to rage threw everything, and this only made it all the more easy for the ClawBreakers to pick him apart, and later on kill him. Aya died protecting her child, nothing more.

After killing both Gust and Aya, the baby was brought back to the village, and give to the elder.

Elder: So this is the child huh? Doesn't look like much, but still it must die!

Azura: Elder wait, I think this baby could play a big role in our plan, to take over all the clans.

Elder: What do you mean Azuna?

Azuna: Think about it, this baby is half Wolfheart, so in other words.

Elder: A spy! But how do we know, that this child will obey?

Azuna: Just leave that to me.

Elder: Don't fail me.

(20 very long years later)

20 years had passed, and baby Bluenote was now grown up, and during those years she was used as a spy, but only due to Azuna's raising her. And boy did she get tons of information, which in turn made the elder very happy, but at last he had enough on the Wolfheart clan, to finally put them in the ground.

Days before the second war.

Before the great war took place, Bluenote, and Azuna went out for a walk in the woods.

Bluenote: Oldman Azuna!

Azuna: For the last time, I'm not your father.

Bluenote: Then who are my real parents?

Azuna: Well I'm not sure, but what I can tell you this, now that you're grown, I think it's time you knew the truth. You're parents were killed by the Wolfheart clan.

Bluenote: Tch...

After hearing that, she grew angry, and punched her fist into her hand, but she quickly got her emotions back under control. She wasn't sure why her parents were killed, but she knew revenge was going to be got.

Azuna: Good! Now that you're mad, let's work on your take over ability.

Bluenote: Sure thing.

After that, she got into her training lessons with Azuna, and soon after that was done, she left.

World war II

The day had come at last for war, the elder couldn't wait anymore, he pushed the due date up to now, and the village was put into war mode. Soldiers were reading up, and it was like a beehive, that was whacked with a stick. Soon enough, the army was ready to march out, and go to war with the Wolfheart.

Elder: Lets those who stand in our way, fall before us! To war!

Soldiers: Yeah, woooo!, etc.

Azuna: Bluenote I want you to stay here.

Bluenote: Wait! Aw hell no, I'm fighting in this war!

Azuna: No you'll do as I say, and stay put!

Bluenote: Don't do this to me!

Azuna: I'm sorry, but even if I allowed it, you're appearance would only blow your cover as a spy. So please stay here.

Bluenote: Tch... Fine, but don't die on me ok, you're all I got left.

Azuna: Don't worry, I'll come back.

Demise of the ClawBreaker

The army was ready, and would now be heading out to end it all, but on the other side, everything was going just fine. No one even knew the hell, that was coming to end their lives.

Elder: We attack at nightfall.

Soldiers: Yes elder!

As the day turned to night, the troops began to move out, and soon came upon the Wolfheart village, the information that Bluenote gave was spot on. And in one quick burst, they attacked the village like wild lions, killing anyone who stood before them, this was indeed a battle the elder thought he would win. Just as victory seemed within his hands, he noticed something about the village, that seemed different.

Elder: Men wait! No one's even here, these are just one of Mana's tricks! Quickly pull back, pull back at once or you'll die, but it was far too late for that. See what the Claw elder didn't know, was that Mana already saw threw his plans long ago, but he had no idea about the Bluenote girl.

But aside from that, it was over for the ClawBreaker elder, and from the shadow came the Wolfhearts, Fang blades, and Wind howlers.

The were all united as one, and would finally put an end to the ClawBreakers, and from there all hell broke out.

Prelude to Apocalypse

The war went on for days, and days on end, neither side willing to give up on the fight, but the Claw elder was holding his own against all the other clan elders. He was really kicking ass, and his army was also pushing back, with everything they had, but as the days came to an end the elders of each clan was starting to become fatigue, and were very low chakra.

And both side armies were very low, as in bodies were dropping like bugs, but even with all of this happening, neither side was willing to stop. This was it the last stand, it was the ClawBreaker elder vs Mana Wolfgang.

World's End

Both the ClawBreaker elder, and Mana Wolfgang were about to use their last attack, and this would be the end of a long war, whose attack would win? Who would lose?

Elder: This ends NOW!

Mana: We finally agree on something, this will end!

The elder gathered up all the energy he had left, and Mana did the same... Now it was time, they both fired off their strongest attack, and they clashed, but it seemed the Claw elder was winning. And with everything on the line, Mana asked for everyone's energy, so that h could beat the Claw elder once and for all.

And that's what everyone did, they gave him their energy, and Mana was able to push back the elder's attack, and finally end the war by killing the elder.
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And then she suddenly ended up as a genin on Mylania. lol

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