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 Friday the Thirteenth Fairy

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Friday Malfortuna XIII


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PostSubject: Friday the Thirteenth Fairy   Sat May 10, 2014 11:21 pm

Name: Friday Malfortuna XIII (A.K.A. Friday The Thirteenth)
Age: Near 700 years old
Origin: Dream World
Weight: Variable
Height: 5'5
Species: Witch, Baku
Race: Faerie
Family: Unknown
Abilities: Phantasmagoria (Dreams and Nightmares), Malfortuna (Bad Luck/Luck), Hypnotism, Dream Eating/Dream Flowing, Owl Control.

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown


A very complex thing to describe... The anatomy of a Baku. We'll start from the top down. Friday's hair is purple in color, made into two horn-like points thanks to some bands that tie it at the top. Friday's eyes allow her to see in the dark and easily through any farce or illusion, as well as allow her immunity to Genjutsu and anything that involves tricking the mind. She can also see dreams and sometimes even the thoughts of others if she concentrates. Friday is also able to see through solid objects with ease as if they were X-ray vision. She can also alter her vision from thermal, x-ray, 'dream,' spirit and even more than that. Her eyes see all, one can say. Friday's skin is very pale, almost gray, but at the same time it still is rather vibrant. Her voice is able to be thrown around like a dreamy fantasy, as she has a bit of control over sound and a masterful control over her own vocal cords. She can mimic the voice or sound of anyone and anything she has already heard before. Friday's ears are just as good as her eyes, able to distinguish many things from another, such as white noise, voices, minuscule sounds and the like. She can even forcefully block out sound, if she wishes. The inside of Friday's body seems to be nothing but a dreamy haze, or what would seem to be space itself. When she is cut, this haze comes out and she becomes weak, however at the same time, she can use this haze to her advantage to make dreams and illusions into reality to a certain extent, so it's a double-edged sword. Friday can also control her weight easily, becoming as light as a feather to as heavy as a rock, or even heavier. It is a very useful thing. This comes from her natural ability to defy gravity, as her body is not of this world and does not follow some of those laws, such as the effects of gravity. Granted, gravity does affect her, but not if she doesn't wish it. Friday's touch allows her to enter the thoughts and dreams of other people, as well as quickly put them to sleep or influence things negatively (cause bad luck). In addition, she can drain the thoughts, dreams and memories of people just with a touch, as well. She can walk on the atmosphere as well, if she wills. She can also hover in the air for a moderate amount of time, yet she cannot fly for some reason. On Friday's body there are 3 tattoos of sacred owls embedded with power that can take the form of a living creature if she so wills. On her right shoulder blade is the Nightmare Owl, on her left shoulder blade is the Dream Owl and on her stomach is the Demon/Omen Owl. Each Owl has its own attributes and powers, as the Dream Owl is associated with dreams, the Nightmare Owl is associated with Nightmares and Nightmare Energy, whilst the Demon/Omen Owl is associated with Bad Luck and Negative Influence.

Friday is adorned in nothing but black and purple, wearing skin tight clothes for agile movement. Her clothing is mostly striped with this same black and purple pattern, but she does were a very long, well-fitting garb as a sort of 'main clothing' for her torso. On her arms, hair and ankles are black metal bands that are able to expand and capture things for her, as the metal that they are made of is called 'Dream Metal' and robs whatever they come in contact with of their consciousness so that they can contain them without effort. Not only that, but these cuffs serve as mental disruptors and can release a pulse that disrupts mentality to make the mind weaker. She wears knee-high steel-toe boots for powerful kicks, and inside the soles of these boots are mental disruptors similar to the ones that are in her cuffs, however they are more powerful and are able to disrupt brainwaves that try to get to the nerves. Her most notable piece of clothing is a specially made robe made out of the finest materials in the Dream World as well as embedded with a continuously open portal to the Dream World itself. This is Friday's Dream Robe. This robe is for entering the Dream World at will, as the underside to this cloak is the continuously open portal, whilst the top side is like a normal robe. With this, Friday can have things instantly enter and exit the portal to and from the Dream World. The robe may also be used as a weapon, since it can extend itself and alter its shape into a few different things, these things being a sword, a claw or even an infinitely long sheet of dreams or darkness. The Dream Robe has many uses and is extremely versatile, to say the least.

Friday's personality is a bit... off. She finds bad things to be fun, happy things to be boring and overall, likes dark things and has a general disdain anything that brings good fortune or happiness or anything positive of that sort. She's a sweetie, but just a little bit deranged and insane, but that's nothing that can't be dealt with. Her favorite thing to do other than entering and eating dreams is to... well... Cause mischief via bad luck. Hahaha. (More to Come Later)

Friday the Thirteenth
Friday the Thirteenth. That's my name. That's when I was born, as well. The Friday the Thirteenth of the Thirteenth month. You ask how is it there is a Thirteenth Month? Well, simple. I am not of this realm. I am a witch from a long line of magical sorceresses that live in the Dream World, and as such, there are 13 months. I am the 13th of these long lines of witches, and my name is Friday. It's only natural to be called Friday the Thirteenth, right? Well. Regardless of all of that. You all are probably wondering why a witch from the Dream World would be here in this realm, right? Well, let me explain myself. I want dreams. Nightmares. I want power. I want to cause misfortune and bad luck. That is all. I can't help it if I'm a bit hungry and the dreams of this realm are most delicious... I'll take them all for myself. But for that, I require power. And that's what I shall achieve. Power. Dreams. Nightmares. And then spread a wonderful misfortune throughout this land. Don't you think that's totally awesome? I do, too. Hee hee~!
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Mylania Matrix

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PostSubject: Re: Friday the Thirteenth Fairy   Mon May 12, 2014 10:12 pm

Hmm. There seems to be a major deduction of abilities based on the rank in which your going into.
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Dente Wolfheart
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Solidum Furor :::: Reijikage

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PostSubject: Re: Friday the Thirteenth Fairy   Thu May 15, 2014 4:59 am

Pretty interesting character idea. Now we're just waiting for your skill list and weapon list before we can get approval going.

A side note, your character's anatomy seems to be much like you're describing her skills, whatever she can do already. Can I ask that you move the anatomy to the skill list and probably separate it into paragraphs so that it's easier to read?

Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Friday the Thirteenth Fairy   

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Friday the Thirteenth Fairy
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