A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 Enter Kamui: Dimentional Lineage

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Shadow Uchiha
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PostSubject: Enter Kamui: Dimentional Lineage   Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:01 pm

Deep within the heart of the Elysium Kindgom on a star struck night, none other than Shadow Uchiha himself could be found in his very own laboratory deep beneath his home, The Uchiha Fortress. None knew the existence of this place aside from Ken Aburame, his Chief Engineer, and a former apprentice of his. Sitting behind a large throne like chair, Shadow would be rapidly typing on a computer hooked up to a massive monitor that was displayed in the center of his lab. Multiple Shinobi in order of power and threat ranking would be sprawled across the large monitor as he continued conducting his pre-analysis of these various people. Across the dark room illuminated from the light radiating from the monitor, Celti, Shadow's AI system and closest friend, would be working on the synapses timing on one of Shadow's dusty vehicles. Smiling to himself, Shadow would continue to type on the keyboard for a few minutes before making a statement that no one but Celti would be used to.

"Gee, Celti.. Why work on things I'll rarely ever use..? I'm sure I don't need to remind you, I created my own dimension so I can properly teleport from place to place.. Why put in meaningless effort? The last thing i need is for you to be over worked.. Believe it or not, but you're my only friend.. the rest are subordinates and co-workers.......and enemies, of course."

A playful vibe would spread throughout the laboratory as Celti responded to Shadow. Leaning back in his chair, Shadow would contemplate some pretty absurd thoughts. Would she be enough for me..? Of course she would be! So that just leaves one of two paths to take...

"Well, if you must know, Shadow.. it virtually pains me to see you not take care of your possessions just because you have some Jutsu. You know.. a day may come when you won't have access to your Uchiha lineage or all of your other abilities, for that matter. What then, Mr. Know-it-all? In your perception of reality, my efforts are meaningless, but in my perceptions of reality, that is a very possible outcome. What say you?"

Averting his gaze from the monitors to Celti, Shadow would smile softly as he scratched his head. Feeling the burn from Celti, he would avoid her questioning and switch the subject up.

"Speaking of pain..and other emotions and feelings.. that's something you would know absolutely nothing about. I want to fix that. What if I told you that it would be theoretically possible for you to get a physical body all your own?"

Pausing for a moment, Shadow would have a devilish grin smeared across the canvas known as his face. Standing from his chair and walk slowly towards The Hood display case without making eye contact with Celti. Feeling her icy yet admiring gaze on him, Shadow would put his hands in his pockets and continue to peer onto his armour. Crimson ruby eyes would reflect off of the display case glass as if they were illuminated in the darkness.

"A.. a body.. of.. my own?"

Stopping her calibrations while she pondered what life would be like if she were to accept, Celti would begin thinking. While thinking, She could stay in the same statue-like position for minutes or hours. It all depended on the information being crunched. Looking from Shadow's position to the rest of the surroundings around them, Celti would continue to remain in a state of processing. In this state, Celti can process information and outcomes at the speed of 100 super computers. She is, after all, Shadow's AI that maintains and operates 99% of all his technology within and outside the walls of his Mannor.

Averting his gaze from his armour to Celti once again, Shadow would instantly know what was happening with Celti and let out a deep *sigh*.

"Damn.. I don't know why I expected a quick answer. Always with the calculations, huh Celti? Well, I guess I'll just g-"

Without warning, Shadow would begin to feel a feeling he's never felt before. Someone was using a technique that was incredibly similar to his signature Kamui. In fact, that's exactly what it was.. but how? Falling to one knee, Shadow's left Sharingan eye would begin to bleed tears of blood, a sign that someone has indeed found a way to manipulate an aspect of his ocular abilities. BUT HOW!? Looking towards the display case yet again, a look of anger and determination would be upon his face. Wiping the blood from his face, Shadow would activate his left eye and enter the Kamui Transport Dimension.

"Well, to be honest, Shadow. I don't know how I feel about your offer.. Shadow? SHADOW!?"

Performing a quick scan of the Kingdom, Celti would rapidly come to the conclusion of two things. Shadow Uchiha was no longer in Elysium.. and The Hood's Armour and weaponry was gone from it's display case. She knew that this meant serious buisness because Shadow only dawns his armour when one of two things happen.

"Okay..He's either on a mission where his identity can't be known.. or he's going to assassinate someone of an elite stature.. both of which he said he'd stop doing! Damn it, Shadow.. "

~The Hood's Armour has been dawned once again.~


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Enter Kamui: Dimentional Lineage
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