A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 Emergence into the Crystal Forest

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S. Archer Maximo
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Genin-Level Member

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PostSubject: Emergence into the Crystal Forest   Sat Nov 05, 2016 5:20 pm

- The New Terrace is home to one of Mylania's finest nature anomalies, the Crystal Forest; it reaches over a large portion of the eastern district of New Terrace. To new travellers and tourists, the locals of New Terrace speak of The Crystal Forest lore. Deep within the Crystal Forest lie the Voltic Caverns; an area completely energized by electronic essence. It is also said that the crystalline woodland carries a quite powerful petrification aspect that completely encases any and all that stay too long. Late at night, the magnetic waves and electric molecules emitted from the Voltic Caverns react with the clouds and particles in the sky and create massive amounts of energies ranging from magnetic to electrical. -

- As the ferocious storm raged on, large amounts of wind carrying crystal and wooden debris would flow through the forest. Large strands of electricity would begin to expand in all directions and seemingly travel endlessly in the sky before being sucked back into its point of origin. As all of the electricity was absorbed, all of the winds and energized particles in the area would seemingly nullify for a brief moment. Within this brief moment, a small but intensely blinding sphere of condensed plasma would levitate and shine light in the sky above the forest and on the land itself like a miniature sun. Seconds later, the ball of Plasma would shoot a massive bolt of lightning onto the Voltic Cavern. If one possessed a camera that could capture the speed of light and recorded the impact area of the blast itself, they would be able to see a boy within that blast landing onto the closest 'static zone' for miles. Upon 'landing' atop the Voltic Cavern, S. Archer Maximo would stand up straight and stretch his arms and legs. From where he was standing, he was at the highest point of the Cavern so he had quite a grand view of most of The New Terrace. -


"This place.. it feels... amazing!!! There's electric in the air, tonight!!"

- Taking a deep breath and letting the static charge quite literally soaking into his pores, S. Archer would begin to give off a feint radiance around his body. The energy of this land would surge throughout his body and completely rejuvenate his own energy and life force, this was his Plasma Drain ability taking affect. As he did this, surges of electricity would coarse through his eyes as if the plasma was charging every cell in his body and giving each of them an electrical charge that connected each one on a deeper and much stronger magnitude. -

"..Come to think of it.. where exactly is here? I guess I'll just have to find out myself."

- Calming himself down and ceasing his plasma drain, the cyan electric aura would die down completely before focusing a small portion of highly pressurized plasma onto the souls of his shoes. Crouching slightly, Archer would close his eyes and let out a breath. His mind was moving faster than he could possibly ever hope to be as he began to comprehend the calculations his mind was coming up with. *Given the topographic alterations, erosion, notable landmarks even.. all different..? Fascinating!! Upon merging with the Plasma Force, one is able to access a certain inter-dimentional wormhole with seemingly zero limitations! Noted, I do not yet possess the capability to control when and where I turn up... but that's besides the fact. From what it seems.. this is the most beautiful dimension I've visited yet.. if that counts for anything, that is. ~Hehehe~ Well, I guess this potentially unpopulated area could be made into a home.. but to be honest with myself here, I think I'd miss the special treatment a little bit. This world's docket includes the following:

1) Locate this region's leader and talk about business regarding the purchase of this land he stands on now (Voltic Cavern). And learn about how this world works and operates.

2) Open a Business

3) Unknown*

- Opening his eyes, the energy that he focused onto his feet would disperse just as his aura did. Leaning back and taking a seat on the ground, he would decide to wait until the sunrise before taking any action. -

~Gurgle gurgle gurgle~

*Damn.. I could really go for some breakfast, too..*
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Emergence into the Crystal Forest
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