A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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PostSubject: Creation from the Universe   Creation from the Universe EmptyWed Nov 19, 2014 5:24 am

Name: Nani Desai
Born: April 18, 1995
Birthplace: Unknown
Age: 19
Height: 5'5
Body Type: Curvy, Slim
Eye Color: Emerald Green, White (Possessed)
Skin: Pale (can become very cold)
Hair Color: Red

Bio: Nani is very calm and collected. She can vibe just about anywhere. She is very spiritual and believes in the study of energy and the universe. She is outgoing but is always relaxed. She rarely loses her composure. She can be polite but never passive. She doesn't allow people to walk over her. Sometimes she is put in awkward positions but she can handle it. Nani's aura is a rainbow and her soul is indigo blue. Nani has five tattoos. One on her spine (symbol), one on her neck (symbol), one on her wrist (symbol), one on her shoulder (symbol), and a big one on her thigh of a dream catcher. She is very close to her family and is grateful that they found her. Pratima took her son Rohan to the park and found Nani abandoned there. She was no more than about 3 years old. She actively searched for Nani's parents but no one came and she couldn't trace her back to anywhere. So she took Nani under her wing. As time went on, she began to love Nani as if she was her own. She started to see Nani was a special child and believed that it was fate that she found her. She was afraid of someone one day coming to find her, so she moved to Italy. They traveled all around the world periodically until they settled at Pratima's birthplace, Barbados, when Nani was 8. Nani was excelling at her witchcraft soon after she learned it at the age of 6. Her older brother Rohan taught her and her younger sister Kalyani how to get better with their physical and mental abilities. You can officially meditate with the family when you hit the age of 5. Surprisingly one day when Nani was 6, she began to float during meditation and in that moment, Pratima knew that Nani was truly a gifted child. Ever since, they help her grow to the best of her abilities and test her limits. Since they are unsure of exactly where Nani comes from, they test to see if she could do everything. In the present tense, Nani is very confused. She knows what she wants to do with her life but she doesn't really know who she is. Outside of the witch skills she has learned since was a child, Nani has developed a new power that she is afraid of. She figures this out when she is 14 and finds herself slipping into her younger sister's daydreams. At first she panicked but she relaxed and began to test things out. Once she feels comfortable, the next time she slips into someone daydreaming on the beach and she tunes in and begins to control it. She's been unconsciously and at unexpectedly lucid dreaming some days. She has been testing her abilities so that she can control them. But one day, something strange happens and she passes out. She wakes up feeling like someone else. She is in her body but not in control. She is in possession of overbearing abilities that she can't sense or produce when she is not in that state of mind. She then travels back to Mylania to discover who she is and hopefully find the answers to the questions about where she's come from and who she's turning out to be.


Pratima Desai is Nani's adoptive mother. She is a 5'6, 44 year old woman with short black curly hair. She has milk chocolate skin and gray eyes. Her aura is the color of lavender. Pratima was born into a powerful family of witches. She is the daughter of the first elder on her island. Her family owns a large portion of the island that they use for their family. They are very friendly and their communities love them but their family is close knit and not many families of supernatural live on the island. Pratima is very loving and caring. She is a teacher and very intelligent. She is a mother to her children but also a good friend. She taught Nani how to do magic when she was 6 years old. That's when she knew Nani was really a special child. She wasn't even sure if she was from a family of witches but she knew that she was gifted. Pratima is looked at to be the savior of her family. She was not only the eldest child of the first elder, but she gave birth to the first boy to inherit supernatural powers and he is very strong. Everyone in the coven is gifted but he was raised as "The Gifted Child".

Rohan Desai is Nani's adoptive brother. He is 23 with creamy brown skin. His aura is Ivory with a golden glow. Matching his hazel-golden eyes. He has shoulder length curly black hair. He stands about 6'3 in height. He is built so solid and toned because he trains his physical, mental, and supernatural abilities on a regular basis. His mother and grandmother are his teachers and he is Nani and Kalyani's mentor. He is a very strong and gifted boy. He is the first born in his family of witches to inherit the supernatural power. Only females received the gift. He was raised like a prince and given so much special attention. He was grateful that everyone took care of him but he did not enjoy it. Rohan is very friendly and lovable but he stays to himself. He is very protective of his mother and his sisters. He knows that they can take care of themselves but he has to step up and be the man of his family because his father is missing. Rohan feels a huge burden of responsibility because his family believes that he will be their savior but he doesn't know how. He trains hard and is very serious about being able to control his abilities and strength. While still maintaining school and making sure everyone is okay.

Kalyani Desai is Nani's adoptive sister. She is an energetic and eccentric 17 year old. She is 5'3 with bronze skin. She has hazel eyes. She has a light pink aura. She has big curly dark brown hair with auburn highlights. She colors a portion of the back of her hair a different color every few months. She is in her last year of high school and is pleading with her mother to allow her to study abroad. She loves to travel and learn new things. She can be childish at times but overall she is growing into a mature young lady. She looks up to her big brother and seeks him out for advice all the time. Nani and Kalyani are close in age and grew a strong bond over the years looking out for one another. Ever since Kalyani was two years old, her grandmother arranged for her to marry a boy named Jonas from the prominent supernatural family in the Saint Michael parish. She is not happy about the decision but she has never fussed about it outside of her mother, Rohan, and Nani. She and Jonas are good friends. Kalyani loves her powers but she would love to experience being normal one day. She daydreams on a regular basis because she is so big on the idea of being and falling in love. She is keen on to who she could really believe is her true love. She believes that he is somewhere across the sea waiting for them to find each other and when the time comes, she will have to convince her grandmother.

Akili Desai is Nani's adoptive grandmother. She is a very wise 89 year old woman. Her aura is silver. She has dark brown skin with hazel-gray eyes. She has long flowing white hair. She is still very healthy and strong with her power. She is the first elder because her family was the first of supernatural to ever land on Barbados. She fell in love and married the richest man in Barbados. Her family was wealthy themselves but her marriage created an empire. They had 6 children together. One passed and another died at child birth.They bought a large portion of their parish for the entire family, even distant relatives. They allowed tourists and people to be on the land in different time periods but after a certain time, security lock up and secure private property.The family can't risk being exposed to the people so they built walls to separate themselves.They believed in developing and training their special abilities. She loves her family to pieces and wishes the best for them. She develops strict rules but she can also be lenient because she has a big heart.

History of Barbados: There are eleven families of the supernatural and they live in different parishes. There are 11 parishes and on each one they own a piece of that island to hold for their entire family. They are prominent families on the island but can't be extremely open about who they are because over 50% of the country is Christian. In history, the Christians burned innocent people they claimed to be of a supernatural race. They tried to wipe out everyone. The prominent families survived to grow strong and others faulted and that's why there are people of the supernatural who live in parishes with the Christians and pretend to love religion in fear of being discovered. The prominent supernatural families on the island knows the supernatural people in hiding outside of their family and safe walls. Every year they have a big and very private event in honor of themselves.
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PostSubject: Re: Creation from the Universe   Creation from the Universe EmptyThu Nov 20, 2014 11:08 pm

Very nice. Approved.
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Creation from the Universe
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