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 Eve's Fury

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Eve E.


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PostSubject: Eve's Fury   Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:34 pm

Arc-Limit: Eve's Fury

Evelyn when under extreme duress will cry out and super-charge her body with extreme temperatures of heat. This heat is jampacked with destructive ki energy, that allows it to burn away at all manners and forms of energy that enter her domain (roughly 30 feet in radius). Eve's body will also condense and harden beyond the point of where it takes extreme amounts of pressure and impacts to even scratch her. She can only remain in this form for a minute at a time and is rendered exhausted of all energy until proper rest has been attained.


Ignite: Eve focuses on the area around the person and concentrates on the oxygen in the air to create flames that will set fire to the clothing and body of the person standing within her gaze.

Excuse Me!: A sneeze that lets out a large explosion of fire, that blows away both Evelyn and any potential targets that stand around her. The flames from the sneeze are intense enough to melt skin and metal, as well as set fire to any sort of flammable substance around.
Pee-yew!: Evelyn will gather all methane and oxygen in the air and condense it into high levels in a large area. This causes a gassy odor to fill any rooms or surrounding area caught in its radius (she can also focus a cloud of methane to surround the opponent if she concentrates enough).

Kill it with Fire!: Evelyn lets loose a volley of 15 medium sized fireballs that have the exploding capabilities of a clusterbomb. These fireballs, once exploded, will leave behind a goopy, orange, paint-like substance that will cover the area where the fireballs exploded and can trap and melt away most forms of metal and flesh caught in it.

Trap it with Fire!: Evelyn creates a small dome of fire around her and the opponent, which is made of the same goopy substance as her grenades.

Bubble Surprise: Eve blows out several large-sized bubbles out from her nose. These bubbles will float around aimlessly on the battlefield, but will occassionally hover over to the opponent when they least expect it and attempt to envelope them. Opponents trapped within be burned for a few seconds, before the bubble pops with a large explosion.

Firecracker: Eve digs in her nose or ears and flicks out debris from them. This debris is super heated, flies as fast as a bullet and works like an explosive/incendiary bullet.


Super-strength: Eve's Alphonian heritage, plus her being a clone of Eve the Golden One, grants her the ability to lift several tons even as a young girl.

Resilience: Eve's body, bones, organs, and mind have all been strengthened thanks to her heritage and therefore, it takes more effort to harm her and impose genjutsu on her mind.

Heat Immunity: Due to Evelyn being an Ember-type Eve clone, she has immunity against all forms of fire, heat, and magma. She even has the ability to swim through magma without a single scratch on her body.

Cure: Eve's constantly heated body causes most, if not all poisons to become diluted and ineffective when entering her body through any means. She can also use this to purify contaminated waters and purge any poison's from a person's body, through circulation of her own heat into the object or person she touches.
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Jaden Yamada
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PostSubject: Re: Eve's Fury   Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:37 am

Approved for rp.
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Eve's Fury
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