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 Dr.Liche's DNA

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Kimono Liche
Elysian Jounin
Elysian Jounin

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PostSubject: Dr.Liche's DNA   Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:20 pm

Name: Kimono Liche

Age: 30

Chakra natures: N/A

Ark Limit: cellular manipulation: Kimono is able to control the placement of his organs and chakra points along with the chemical and physical capabilities of his body. He can also control his size, shape, appearance, and stretch his body in any way possible. He can ultimately change his genetics to make himself anyway he pleases including splices in genetics.


Chakra scalpel: Kimono can make any limb on his body a scalpel including his fingers these scalpels are very sharp and can cut through flesh and organs much easier that swords and most blades. The scalpels are also bigger than Kimono's limbs. They are solidified chakra blades that extend a good eleven inches from Kimono's limb of choice. These scalpels also drain chakra which can heal all of Kimono's ailments and loss in chakra allowing him to seemingly heal with every cut he delivers.

Copy cat: Kimono with his keikki genkai can manipulate his voice, appearance, attitude, and genetic code anyway he pleases.

Aura shot: Kimono can send a blast of his bodily aura out and repulse the enemy either being used all around Kimono for a total repulse effect or out of his hands and feet to repulse in concentrated blasts.

Cellular manifestation: Kimono is able to create cells by having them divide on command. This is very useful for many situations such as healing or growing in size. This ability is involuntary allowing him to have a healing factor that lets him heal at almost instantaneous speeds.

Chakra system- Nano Fibers: Kimono was born with an abnormally large chakra system. This system of fibers is intertwined with every cell and vessel in his body. These fibers allow Kimono to channel chakra to any point he forms into. The system is the main source for Kimono's form being that they are the only thing that he can't fully influence within his body. The fibers are a lot like chakra strings but have a strong coating around them that develops a hardening effect with each year that passes by. Now that Kimono is 30, his fibers cannot be cut with any standard blade even with some chakra infusion. These fibers are so well infused into his body that if a lesser blade were to hack off a limb, it would retract and heal as if nothing had happened at all.

Chemical control: Kimono can change the chemical compound of his body by releasing certain hormones. This would make him impervious to pain, have immense bursts for strength, speed and energy. Kimono can never get tired because he can make his body release hormones that would give him more stamina. While this ability is voluntary when it comes down to bursts of strength and speed, he can never feel pain. He is a superhuman-being that never needs to eat or sleep.

DNA vision: based off of Dr.Liche's (Kimono's) DNA manipulation, he has the ability to view other organisms genetic code. He has altered his own DNA to a point where at a simple glance can tell if an organism has a mutation or abnormality. He can read a person's genetic code so easily that the coding in one's DNA can be recited at the drop of a hat.

DNA Alteration: Kimono has the ability to directly influence his own DNA as well as others. However, it is much easier for him to manipulate his own DNA than others. With time and consideration Kimono can completely change a person's genetic code down to a tee but it takes well over the allowed time for him to use in a fight. Although, if used on an animal or false human it could be almost instantaneous how he changes the genetic code, but he needs direct contact for any of this to be possible.

Bodily Influence: Dr.Liche can control the shape, size, state of matter, and placement of every inch of his body. This ability allows him to harden his body at times of great impact or turn into a liquid like form. His influence of his cells allows him to make them hard or soft. When he makes himself into a liquid like form he is basically untouchable. His organs and bones all turn into putty in his hands once he takes this form. He can directly influence which parts of his body move and change form for increased maneuverability.
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Shadow Uchiha
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True Uchiha :: Tsuchikage

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PostSubject: Re: Dr.Liche's DNA   Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:19 pm



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Dr.Liche's DNA
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