A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 B is for Behemoth

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Ken Aburame
Ken Aburame

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PostSubject: B is for Behemoth   Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:44 pm

-Walking through the threshold of the entrance of the Black Lagoon, Ken would be wearing a black leather cloak and black jeans. His hair would sway ever so slightly from the slight breeze whistling through the Lagoon. Shoving his right hand into his pocket, he would pull out his pack of cigarettes and put one to his lips before shoving the pack back into his pocket. Continuing deeper and deeper into the Lagoon, there would be no signs of life, but Ken knew for a fact that there was.-


-Approaching a black pool of liquid, Ken would stop and stand before it and admire. His DNA was coarsing throughout the Black Lagoon and it's entirety. Sparking his cigarette, Ken would continue to look it over. Let's see what she has to offer me today.. -

-About half way through his cigarette, the tranquil black liquid would begin to bubble and seemingly start to boil. Black fumes would begin to emit from the lagoon as Ken dragged his cigarette. Exhaling deeply, Ken would ash the end of the cig and the ash would hit the ground silently. The lagoon would begin to rumble as well as the earth around and beneath it. Ken would remain motionless aside from occasionally dragging his cig.-

Master Ken.. I, Mother Lytch, bestow upon you the ability to create The Behemoths.. Honor the Lytch by using these creatures to obliterate your foes.

-The Leech that was flowing through his veins was the exact same as the Leech (black liquid) that filled the Lagoon. He would be able to feel the fluidity of the Leech and he would kneel before the lagoon. Without anymore words, the Leech in the lagoon would seemingly jump upwards and onto Ken's face. Filling every single opening on his head, the Leech would flow down his neck and cover his entire body from head to toe. It began to fill him rapidly.-

-Remaining motionless and silent, one would think that Ken had been through this type of ordeal before. As he took it all in, Ken would gasp deeply as the Leech had fully made it's way into his body. Suddenly, he would be would feel something like a second subconscious within himself; Something within the foreign Leech that merged with the very Leech within him made him recognize that there was an even further potential for himself. Continuing to ponder in silence, Ken would lean back in his crouched position and look upwards, staring into the blackness above. Indeed it was night, but the fumes that were being emitted from the Leech seemingly continued to linger within the air, suspended. He would think to himself. ...the true potential of the Leech and the Lytch coexist amongst one another.. if that truly is the case, then why haven't I came to the same conclusion?-

-Suddenly, the image of a gigantic behemoth would seemingly be burned into his mind. Snapping back into reality, Ken would collect himself and stand to his feet. Looking over The Black Lagoon once more, Ken would turn his back and begin his trek back home.-


B - Behemoth:
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B is for Behemoth
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