A planet which is built on the dreams of Shinobi and Magicians. A coexisting world which has its ups and downs even to this day. A Region based roleplay.
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 Rabid Wolf

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Damien Rose
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PostSubject: Rabid Wolf   Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:08 pm

Arc-Limit: Rabid Wolf

Description: Damien focuses his aura to the very center, condenses it, then freely flows it through the rest of his body, after releasing it. This helps his body grow stronger (gains higher physical and magical resistances), enhances his overall movement speed (adrenaline rush helps slow down all things in his perception, allowing him to see most attacks that come at him) and grants higher strength. Harnessing his aura in such a masterful way grants him the ability to broaden the range of his attacks. Example being that one of his punches just grazes the opponent, normally they'd have thought they dodged, but his condensed and solidified aura would have come in and added to the range, punching them right in the face and sending them flying. He can let loose fist and kick-like projectiles towards opponents in this form.

Taijutsu: Damien is completely new to the concept of ninjutsu and other magical bull-crap like that, so he's a taijutsu heavy brawler. Down below are a list of his moves.

Rose Techniques:

Dragon Punch: A one-inch punch move that has Damien stab the opponent in the solar-plexus with his fingers and quickly delivering a powerful punch that knocks the wind out of the opponent and sends them flying with force.

Earth Splitting Heel: A powerful heel-drop with the ability to quite literally split the ground between the opponent and Damien. Opponents guarding will feel a large amount of force upon their guard, probably either breaking it (if opponent is guarding with shield or barrier), or cutting the opponents flesh (obviously if physically blocked)

Rabid Techniques:

Epic 2, 3, 4!: A straight right punch fused with aura is thrown right to the opponent's face or body. The aura will temporarily paralyze the opponent, thus leaving them open to the 2, 3, 4 combo of the attack, in which the person will be assaulted with attacks to their body, with the fourth shot ending in a strong right-hook to their chin.

Half Moon Drop: An aura infused kick that aims to hit right into the opponent's stomach. Should it connect, the opponent will be temporarily paralyzed, leaving them open to be flipped upside down on his foot and subsequently heel-dropped on their head, into the ground.

Disarming Tactic: Works on opponents coming at him with a weapon (works in any situation, honestly). He'd catch the opponent by the wrist, twist it upwards, then chop it to break it. He'll continue to hold it, clip their forearm with a punch to prevent anymore movement from that arm momentarily and will then make an aura chop to their neck. This will either knock them out or put so much strain on the right side of their body, that they'll be unable to move it for a couple of posts.

Leg Twist: Should an opponent come at Damien with any sort of kick, he'll get a good hold of their leg, infuse his body with aura to make the grip tighter and will quickly fall to the ground, while twisting his body in order to pop out the opponent's knee and break their leg in several different places.

Parry: Infuses his arms with aura to harden them a great deal (able to stop sharp objects from cutting through him) and will quickly block away a direct attack, leaving them open to attack.

Swirling Kicks: Damien will use aura to gain a large amount of momentum by ducking and spinning on the ground, with his leg out in an attempt to sweep the opponent. Should the opponent be knocked off their feet, they'll be in a violent horizontal spin, in which Damien will quickly shoot back up and quick them three times in a random area (random because they'll still be spinning) and finishing it off with a fourth kick to their body and sending them flying.
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Rabid Wolf
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