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 Legacy of Both Beauty and Beast

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Snow Rozalyn
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Genin-Level Member

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PostSubject: Legacy of Both Beauty and Beast   Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:30 pm

Name: Snow Fell Rozalyn
Nicknames/Alias: Beast, Frost, Sodaiyuki
Species: Human (Living Construct)
Weight: 179 pounds
Height: 6'0
Weapon Form: Random Blades
Likes: Tactical RPG's, Crating Weapons, Training, Children, learning to cook with Kono, getting a little dirty, and secretly love stories.
Dislikes: Disrespect, absolute evil, absolute good, cheaters, uppity bastards.

Name: Kono Kiyaku (Snow's Living Construct Partner)
Nicknames: Koko, Kitsune
Species: Kitsune-Human (Twin tailed fox/Living Construct)
Weight: (Snow's afraid to ask)
Weapon Form: Execution Gauntlet
Likes: Animals, especially canine and feline, cooking, becoming stronger for Snow, and love stories.
Dislikes: Disrespect, laziness, dirt, and inaction.

Before we begin our tale, let's first look at the title these two have acquired. They are both known as Beauties for their grace, elegance, and sheer looks that make many swoon. However, they also hold the title of beast because of their innate rage and dealings with death. Only their true friends will know their Beauty while many enemies will see them only as Beast.

So what do you see? A Beauty or A Beast?

The Beginning

Many people have tragic backstories. They are the last living heir to some forgotten clan that was wiped out. They are the cast out son or daughter of some god or other powerful person. But Snow was simply a mistake.

Though somewhat tragic in nature, Snow's past was simply a lapse in judgment from two parties who did not truly love each other. Born in a mountain village somewhere deep within the Mylania Wilderness, Snow's parents met on in a tavern after a binge of drinking and of course consummated quickly. The man was a living construct, a human soul born with the properties of inanimate objects. The woman was a simple waitress who was enjoying her time off.

During this summer night that they shared in a hotel room, the last thing from their minds was a child. However, living constructs ability to reproduce is far greater than many other species. Within a matter of two days, the waitress knew she was pregnant. She was not ready for a child, as wasn't the father. However, neither believed in abortion and awaited the day they would have their son or daughter.

Within two months, the baby was born. Unlike most parents, neither were happy. The child would bring so many problems to both of them. The man was a wanderer, having stayed in town only long enough to complete the missions he needed to do. The woman, a simple waitress, did not have the funds to take care of the child. So even though the summer air surrounded them, their emotions were as cold as ice. Thus, the child was named Snow.

Though unwanting of the child, the parents were not horrible people. After several days of not knowing what to do with the baby, they decided it best to entrust him to the spirits of nature. They approached one of the many shrines that littered their home and began to pray. In time, a lone spirit appeared before them.

Kurama, the Fox Spirit of Prosperity emerged and without a word to the parents took the child. From here, the parents would never see their son again.

And the regret would continue to eat at them to this very day.

Two Beauties Meet

Kurama was a very caring spirit. With his wife, Kitara, they lived a somewhat nomadic life on the edge of the River Styx. They were a couple of high powered spirits who did not trust much in neither human, beastkin, or other spirits and gods. The last remnant of contact that had with others was within a lonely mountain town that sat as one of the gateways to the spirit realm.

As usual, Kurama started his day with a loving nuzzle to his wife and a caress of her six tails. His own eight swayed gently as his gaze lingered on the small kit nuzzled within it's mothers paws. Her swaying two tails shown that even as a newborn, she held great powers.

Yes, Kurama had become a father recently. Unexpectedly even. His wife had told him she wanted a child for some time, however, to suddenly give birth one day still shocked him to no end. Lovingly, Kurama embraced his new daughter, giving her the name of Kono, meaning "Everlasting Spring of Love". It was fitting as she was burn just before the summer and would make that spring one to forever remember and treasure.

A chime of a bell would alert Kurama that someone was praying to a shrine built to his wife. She was unable to go answer the prayers at the moment and Kurama himself did not like meddling in human or beastkin affairs. However, once he heard the prayer, his anger welled.

"What type of piteous human would abandon their child without even attempting to raise him?"

He growled to himself as he edged the spirit realm to enter the human realm. When he saw the two parents on their knees and the child before him, he felt their hearts and knew though they did not try they did care for the child. However, they didn't care for the child more than they did for their own futures. Instead of anger, Kurama pitied the foolish humans. Without a word to them, he took the child and returned to his home.

Needless to say, Kitara was extremely shocked to find her husband caring a human baby into their den. Her shock, however, was short lived as the baby was well received. Even more, when Kono awoke she curiously nuzzled the baby which in turn caused it to stop crying. Kitara and Kurama immediately felt the powerful connection the two children held with each others souls.

"Such innocence, my love. Is this not what can truly happen between us spirits and the human and beastkin?"

Kitara spoke to Kurama as they watched the children interact. Kurama simply remained silent and smiled with both his mind and heart at the two. It was truly something to see. A beauty that the world may never know...

Becoming Beast

Over the years, Kitara and Kurama were happy to see Snow and Kono become almost inseparable. Once Kono was able to take human form at the age of 10, it was priceless to see the blush that immediately adorned the 8 year old Snow's face. Kono was not lost on Snow's aging either, as the boy had become so in tune with his soul that his outward beauty was almost unparalleled.

Snow was raised as a child of Kurama and Kitara and learned all he could about the real world, spirit realm, and even about his abilities as a living construct. Kono in turn, decided that she two would attune her soul like Snow's. When a Kitsune spirit reaches maturity they can manipulate their soul to take whatever form they wanted. Kono decided to become a living construct as well.

However, her parents forbid it. If Kono would attune her soul to a living construct, she would be turned into a human and would lose a lot of her power that she held as a Spirit Fox. She wanted it so badly that her father accidentally yelled at her. Kono ran away, entering the living realm and getting lost easily. Before Kurama or Kitara could go after her, Snow did.

It was easy for him to find her as they were so attuned to each others soul, there was nowhere the other could go without the other knowing. When Snow found her, he explained why they didn't want her to do such a thing and that it wasn't a big deal. Kono would eventually have to become the Spirit of Prosperity and her power would be one of the driving forces that brought happiness to people who truly deserved it in the world.

Kono replied that she only wanted to be with Snow and that her happiness laid only with him. She knew that eventually Snow would have to leave the boundary of the River Styx and return to the human world and she wished to be along side him every step of the way.

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Legacy of Both Beauty and Beast
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